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Physical and spiritual wellbeing wayshowers

Physical and spiritual wellbeing wayshowers

Beliefs create reality

Theme Mottos for this page:
EVOLution is the only constant, natural and necessary process of an ever expanding UNIverse.
Everything is constantly moving, flowing, changing, evolving energy.
Everything that becomes unable or unwilling to change, adapt and evolve, both physically and spiritually, eventually self annihilates.

Why is it that we work so hard in UNlearning all the outdated, manipulated information we've been fed with, in every major area of our lives while clinging so hard to the old beliefs, traditions and practices when it comes to FOOD?

This page is dedicated as a vital call out to ALL planetary wayshowers in roles of physical and spiritual well being mentors, guides, professionals, shamans, gurus and rolemodels.

To all who hold the light of truth, love and healing for our planet and ALL of her children regardless of current form.

The PLANETARY, SPIRITUAL and PHYSICAL wellbeing effects of our actions and guidance for the masses are being explored at large through this page.

To resolve our planetary, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical crisis, we must search, recognize, acknowledge and change the ROOT CAUSE of our current problems and trace way back how things WERE DESIGNED and MEANT to be, while analyzing HOW FAR and WHY we have gone astray  from the original design and plan for us and our HOME PLANET.

At the very beginning, from both spiritual and physical perspective, things were much different even among oldest spiritual groups and everyone living on our planet. As with everything else in our world, the TRUTH about our real nature and origins has been distorted in order to fit some extremely dark agendas, most of us could never fathom to imagine but which are now making their way within our collective awareness and rememberance.

How did we get here?

As the world around us continues to awaken to the reality behind the reality behind the reality of what we’ve been all born into, so the awakening for those who are in the roles of guides, mentors, wayshowers, gurus continues to unfold.

It is a deep rooted, multilayered, extremely diverse aspect to all that we’ve come to know as “truth” and “reality”. Yet, the underlying of all diversity and current experiences, perceptions, both individual and collective there can’t be anything else but UNIversal truth created through Divinely created UNIversal Golden rules. Which stand the test of time and space, no matter what the current chosen experience and perception of each of us and of the current collective consciousness.
 As wayshowers, be it public or more private, having an audience of millions or of 10 people only, once we have made a conscious decision to hold the light, be of service and assist others on their physical and/or spiritual healing path becomes of paramount importance to transmit nothing of personal truth and only that of UNIversal truth. The karmic responsibilities and implications for doing otherwise can have a very deep effect on us and those around.

The greater and more public the role, the greater the spiritual, karmic responsibility of being absolute certain that we lead by universal truth example, meaning what we say, making sure that we don’t confuse, mix and transmit PERSONAL truths as UNIversal truths.

Walking our talks, fully understanding and practicing what we talk about becomes absolutely vital when we are choosing to hold the Light for others.

And so, here is not MY truth but the UNIversal truth/s which I have been blessed enough to rediscover and recognized timely enough for myself as well as for our world, with whom I humbly share it through my blogs.

The truths I have accessed and gathered through personal, collective, universal spiritual experiences, knowledge, observations and practices.

As my personal dismay at the level of amnesia and denial among the general population of our planet, before the global red pill has been taken was growing, little did I know or expect to encounter the level of matrix programming, still very deeply entranched among even the most awaken peers and wayshowers.

In utter fascination, I couldn’t help but observe with a sense of strange wonder, the level of matrix programming, still so prevalent among the spiritual and physical planetary wayshowers.

Astonishing facts
Did you know that:
VEAL is a byproduct of DAIRY industry which is a byproduct of the MEAT industry? And that if 7 billion people are directed from the industry farm obtained “foods” to “organically, humanely, free-range, wild foods” we’d instantly start the industry farm all over again due to the massive demand? See the “HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked link below for overwhelming proof.

According to the Nature Conservancy, every second of every day one football field of rainforest is being destroyed. Much of this forestland is being cut down to farm and raise livestock, which is then exported to the U.S. and ends up in fast-food hamburgers. According to the Rainforest Action Network, 55 square feet of tropical rainforest are destroyed to make every fast-food hamburger made from rainforest cattle. This is an area about the size of a small kitchen and it is gone forever each time one of these hamburgers is eaten. It is even worse because with each square foot of rainforest gone, up to 30 different plant species, 100 different insect species and dozens of bird, mammal and reptile species are destroyed. The rainforests are so important because half of the species on earth live in them and the forests are vital to the world’s oxygen supply.
Did you know that the meat and dairy industries use massive amounts of water, grains, fossil fuels and other resources to convert plant foods, which are naturally low in fat, high in fiber, and contain no cholesterol at all, into substances (meat and milk) that are high in fat, high in cholesterol, and contain no fiber at all...
 Livestock's Long Shadow

When it comes to environmental destruction, animal agriculture is the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge, confront, or talk about. Animal-based agriculture is the number one cause of deforestation, air pollution, water pollution AND greenhouse gas emissions (yes, greenhouse gas emissions—see below). Therefore, those people who still incorporate meat, eggs, or dairy products in their diet cannot claim to be environmentalists.
Here is a summary of how the production of meat, eggs, and dairy products takes a staggering toll on the ecosystem:

And much more on how each of our steaks, cheese slices and other animal derived foods devastate the very life of our planet

And why “humanely raised”, free-range, wild, organic obtained foods are not the solution either:
“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

Food and mental health

Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet

Planetary healing from the ground up

And how exactly one or all can distinguish CURRENT personal or collective reality, perception and current learning experience from UNIversal Truth, UNIversal Golden Rules and Principles?

It is easy. Once the heart and mind are ego free, open and willing to observe and absorb more, the truth has its magical way of becoming easily evident. Through instant recognizable, powerful, undeniable, resonant feeling and knowing.

It can also be accessed through and compared to the UNIversal Truths, UNIversal Golden Rules and Principles left for us by the well known spiritual Master wayshowers and powerful spiritual leaders: Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi.

It can also be accessed through and compared to the UNIversal Truths, UNIversal Golden Rules and Principles left for us by the well known brilliant minds of both past and current times which came here as philosophers, artists and scientists.

It is both WITHIN and outside of us, instantly recognizable by any open mind and heart. Once our inner channels are cleared and open enough, the inner stored UNIversal Truths, Golden Rules and Principles are instantly accessed and Higher Self guidance can be further received.

It is through the UNIversal Truth, UNIversal Golden Rules and Principles that this page is dedicated  to all wayshowers who have made a conscious decision to hold the light and offer to show the way for the rest of humanity and the planet.

In my current life and through a profile of 40 years of one form or another of activism, only recently realizing through  my first major episode as spiritual and human activist going back when I was only 5 years old, taking a brave stand defending my daycare peers from a most feared bully, it confirmed what I’ve always known about my current life’s role.

It went on with defending my 8th grade classmates in an all girl elementary school, from a male teacher preying on teenage girls, by exposing him to the school principle.
All the way into my adulthood and exponentially expanding throughout the last 16 years of my life, the type of global activism that I have come to embrace and pursue varied widely and reached large masses of people.

Unlike most current activists, my activities were not publicly recorded for various reasons.

For the past 6 years I’ve started to recognize and identify a monumental TRUTH aspect which is the very foundation of true planetary healing.

A universal truth so evident and powerful, yet the most overlooked one, by even the most awaken and by most amazing, contemporary physical and spiritual wellbeing wayshowers.

A universal truth so vital to be unraveled, rediscovered, acknowledged, shared and acted on, by as many of us as possible, for without which, no other planetary freedom and healing would be possible.

A universal truth so vital to be unraveled, rediscovered, acknowledged, shared and acted on, by as many of us as possible, for without we wouldn’t ascend.

Programming so deep, that when exposed, it triggers a wide variety of fascinating reactions from those with whom the truth is being shared with.

As we speak, the vast majority of people which hold by free choice, the light for humanity and would like to believe they are and lead on the right path, are sadly still half way through the rabbit hole, still defending the very system they truly believe they work on changing for the better. For themselves and those who follow their public work.
The vast majority of truthers and awaken are still in a semi awaken state. Still IN the matrix.  And not only they don’t suspect it but when having a glimpse into the truth, they suddenly start to act in a very strange, defensive, at times offensive way, which only proves the fact that they are STILL IN the system.

Remember how one of the major symptoms and tell tell sign that you are still IN the system is DEFENDING it? Using your most creative power to JUSTIFY IT and continue ON it?

The minute you stop desiring to learn MORE, you have decided to remain in the same OLD, CRYSTALIZED BELIEF system, created by listening to others more than listening to your inner higher self and by making a conscious decision to reject and deny ALL ELSE is outside of what you’ve already decided to accept as YOUR  truth.

And this perhaps wouldn’t be the most major problem, should you be on a personal physical and spiritual healing evolutionary quest.

This only becomes a major situation when you take your current personal truth, using your public position to promote it as UNIversal truth, inviting, encouraging, suggesting with confidence and conviction to many others that YOUR truth is THEE UNIversal truth.

Karmic, spiritual responsibility grows tenthfold and so that is why it is vital that what we broadcast is of universal nature instead of personal understanding, perception and choice nature.
Below is a series of materials addressed to both physical healing and spiritual wellbeing pioneers and current wayshowers.

There are a few very popular physical wellness public personalities who are also pioneers in exposing the Big Pharma business. They are widely known and have millions of followers.

Their names are not the center of this message but rather their message. Hopefully, this material will soon find its way in their sphere of awareness.

This is an invitation to them, of opening their minds and hearts further so truth, new and old knowledge can come in. Their audience and the public who looks up to them, depends on what type of truth they disseminate.

For most part, these BIG PHARMA exposing pioneers have done a tremendous, unparalleled, brave positive work for our world.

They offer extremely valuable inside information and knowledge.

Yet, for some mysterious reason, they can’t quite seem to grasp THAT LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Which, ironically, is more vital then the rest of the puzzle, to be able to come full circle.

They are 80% OUT of and 20% IN the system. Yet, they somehow miss that blind spot which can make a world of difference and changes the game all together.
In my 17 years of global activism covering a wide variety of areas and methods, my last 3 years have been passionately dedicated to veganism, for planetary saving reasons, as this is the one single method which encompasses ALL OTHER areas as the fundamental prerequisite to solve our most prominent and vital crisis: saving the very life of our planet, all of her inhabitants, world peace, world hunger and spiritual, mental, emotional, physical health and wellbeing of every soul co inhabiting our HOME planet.

9/11 truth, freedom from cabalistic rule, chemtrails, vaccines, mindcontrol, education, chemotherapy, drugs and everything else in between easily become second priority to the astounding rate at which each of our steak, hamburger, slice of cheese and all other animal derived “foods” devastate the very life of our planet, on a second by second basis, implicitly wiping off LIFE on this planet, which need to become our main preoccupation, in educating ourselves and take all necessary steps and action to spread these facts with our networks.

To my astonishment, the more truth about it all I’d learn about, the more I’ve realized HOW LITTLE anyone knows about it, including some prominent wayshowers from both our physical as well as spiritual healing movements.

Alternative doctors, health freedom pioneers and Lightworkers, promoting otherwise amazing information, news, materials and products, have remained, through some unexplainable phenomena, with the very same blind spot when it comes to the number one cause of planetary devastation, as any regular citizen outthere who is still indulging, whether knowingly or unintentionally, in what has clearly become our most urgent situation to deal with.
Through my inner and outer travels, observations and discoveries, a fascinating collection of one exotic reason after another, justifying the reason WHY they keep on promoting devastating ideas, beliefs, advices and products  for their followers, have come to the surface, for various reasons and motifs.
There are well known pioneers in the big pharma deceit exposure, ex vegan raw food-ists, self appointed spiritual, Light workers, shamans and various spiritual educators and networks creators who are:
-promoting and selling “humanely”, organic raised meat
-promoting “raw milk”
-promoting “organic” “free-range” eggs and dairy
-promoting consumption of WILD and RAW MEAT
-“self-sustainable” obtained animal foods
- promoting personal beliefs among their public followers such as:” the foods we eat don’t matter since the energy of our physical body does not affect our spiritual, mental, emotional bodies”

To them, this page is being dedicated, as a call out to awakening through spiritual, ethical and moral responsibility in revisiting some already known information as well as view some new one, in hopes of raising their much needed awareness, for their fans and followers as well as our entire planet depends on their SOUND, accurate advice, not only for karmic reasons but for all other reasons.

Our responsibility for the information we broadcast once we self appoint as any teachers, role models, wayshowers, guides and gurus is directly proportional to how large our audience becomes.
As it is, even if we were to share our personal insight and belief and experience as ULTIMATE truth to even ONE single person, we’d still be accountable for our actions.

It is just how the UNIversal laws operate.

UNIversal truth is truth regardless of personal or OTHERS’ momentary beliefs, experiences, interpretations and perceptions.
And so it goes, exploring one concept, idea, belief and advice after another.

Let us start with the PLANETARY situation, then SPIRITUAL and then continue on with the PHYSICAL, since that’s where we’ve all started before becoming biological vessels of our souls.
To any spiritual and physical wellness leader and role model, with any type of following and fans database, please read this entire material with knowing that we need to apply YOUR advice and guidance to an entire population of 7 billion and growing.

We are now faced with finding a GLOBAL solution to feed a few billions of people, and growing, in a TRULY PLANETARY SUSTAINABLE, HEALTHY way which also needs to include the ethical, spiritual, compassionate aspect.

Thinking and feeling the BIG picture is KEY element now.

Heart and mind storming real solutions for 7 billion of meat, dairy, eggs addicted population.

This, only IF you strongly believe that your advice, belief and guidance is CORRECT, fair, healthy and worthy of being adopted by ANY human being, not just a select few.

Let us just assume for a moment that since we are all aware of the industry farm holocausts practices, we now move onto promoting: BIO DYNAMIC farms raised, “compassionate”, “humanely raised”, “free-range”, “organic” meat, dairy, fish and eggs.

If tomorrow or within one year, our 7 billion and growing population, addicted to animal foods, would MOVE AWAY from industry farms sources of “foods”, to HUMANELY, ORGANICALLY raised “foods”.

Simply pause for a minute and ask yourself what would it be like?

Moving away from industry farm practices and grab guns and start HUNTING for WILD, NATURAL MEAT.
If our advice to a FEW is so great and good for the planet, it should be great and good for ALL, right?

Let us explore further this aspect and what type of ramifications our advice to our followers would have on a large scale, IF, our great advice would apply to ALL people living on this planet.
And why “humanely raised”, free-range, wild, organic obtained foods are not the solution either:
“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked


This is not intended to cause guilt but only to serve as a powerful call to AWAKEning and HEALing ourselves and our beloved Mother Host Planet

let's understand, acknowledge and resolve this mystery as a crisis or at best a temporary, short lived unnatural solution for survival under OLD, PAST, absolute extreme harsh 3D conditions instead of viewing it as "normal", "natural", "selfsustainable" and in no way, something that can be even slightly considered a way of sustaining ourselves on our planet and future in the making world...

Just what is a parasite?

humans have devoured, tried, tasted, most every living being and lifeform on our planet
myriads of sea, land and air living beings...entirely or some of their body parts...
for a myriad of reasons, most of which had nothing to do with "survival" or optimum living conditions...

oysters, shrimp, small fish, large fish, dolphin and whale meat

large and small mammals, all kidnapped from the wild until some of them have been caged, artificially bred and called "domestic" animals

their internal and external organs and body parts

their fur, their feathers, their skin, their ivory tusks, their brains and sex organs for "exotic, extravagant, extremely expensive meals" 

large and small birds of all kinds, stealing their eggs, plucking their feathers and butchering their bodies

for food, clothing, shoes, belts, wallets, purses, more fashion,  furniture

for circus, zoo, "entertainment", for "killing for pleasure entertainment and travel", extremely cruel "scientifical" experiments, out of control breeding for commercial purposes

from shrimp to dogs and cats and anything else in between, domesticating now a NEW line of wild animals such as deer, bison, ostridge, converting them into NEW FARMS, moving away from the chickens, pigs, lambs and cows, starting the game ALL OVER AGAIN, only with different species...

wiping off millions of hectars of forested areas on our planet to make room for animal farms and required grains to feed their prisoners

devoiding the oceans of their natural lifeforms, shaving our planet into deserts, going after all animals living in their natural habitats and growing artificial  farming for some of them, humans have spared no thought, feeling and action in launching a war against our hosting planetary mother, of which we are all living cells, devouring other planetary living cells, devouring eachother into self destruction, self extinction...a parasite devouring its host, until it no longer has a source place to feed of and gradually self destroying itself

no, there is no such thing as SELF sustainable 
the very energy we breath is intelligent cosmic energy created by the one and only SOURCE intelligent sentient energy who has created ALL that is
we have to thank the SOURCE ENERGY of ALL that is, for it, for without it, we wouldn't exist

our solar panels creating self sustainable energy is created through SUN energy
we have the SUN to thank for it

our magnetic free energy technologies do not run of "free" energy but on higher dimensional energy created and provided for us through our CREATOR  
we have OUR CREATOR to THANK for it

the materials we build our houses with are from Mother Earth
to HER we ought to give thanks and GRATITUDE for providing shelter for us

the fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts as our natural GIFTED FOOD has been created THROUGH Mother Earth and her trees
to THEM we need to give THANKS whenever we nourish our selves with them and enjoy their amazing taste

ALL of our thinking, feeling, speaking, doing skills and gifts have been gifted to us by INTELLIGENT LOVING SOURCE ENERGY known by many other names
to our Mother Father Creator we need to THANK for our very existence

there is no such thing as SELF sustainable

we can only sustain ourselves through MANY OTHER gifted sources offered to us with UNconditional love and with no expectations in return, except that we take good care of them, use them wisely and with consideration, awareness, acknowledgement, pure consciousness and enjoy them without causing destruction around us

the real important thing in this case is to recognize that life itself had to be created and sustained through a Source infinitely greater than we can fathom through our limited current 6 senses and WHATEVER SOURCE we'd use and benefit from at any given moment throughout our eternal existence it should be done with reverence, love and without causing suffering

the only self sustainable way of existence is to feed and provide for ourselves through sources who can be REPLENISHED

the same soil and trees who have created our food, will next year grow more food if we properly take care of them

the animals, living forms whose lives we interrupt, cut short ahead of their natural time, cannot be replaced 

if meat, dairy, fish and eggs would be a natural food for us to eat, we'd have TREES growing them...

and they'd be called: meatTREE, dairyTREE, fishTREE and eggsTREE

let's call it for what it is...and come together to solve our parasitical style, non selfsustainable, nonliving crisis

PARASITICAL style living and eating
Imperialistic, dominant, supremacist, speciest, elitist

Just WHO is feeding off OURSELVES that we need to also FEED OFF OTHERS? AS A RIPPLE EFFECT…

SUPREMacism, ELITism, SPECIEsm, RACIsm, SEXism, how it all began

Our “FREE” will to eat what we want is not really FREE
World saving most powerful truths

The SPIRITUAL aspect:

Veganism is still exceedingly rare even among people who consider themselves spiritual aspirants because the forces of early social conditioning are so difficult to transform. We are called to this, nevertheless; otherwise our culture will accomplish nothing but further devastation and eventual suicide. Dr. Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet

Why Are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan?

 2. Book Review: Animals and World Religions, ed. by Lisa Kemmerer
Animals and World Religions is a very interesting and information packed book, which is written in an easily readable form and at the same time is serves as a text book and reference source of the historical and practiced way religions view animals.
Lisa Kemmerer coins the word "anymals" meaning no-human animals, and uses it throughout the book to simplify which is being referenced.
For us, one of the most interesting features of the book was the very thorough discussion on aboriginal religions, and how they all recognize that they and the anymals are spiritually created alike and deserve to be treated with compassion, which to us positively shows that all peoples, cultures, and religions really knew the truth. However, at the same time, aboriginal cultures created myths to justify the killing of the animals, as if the anymals freely give their lives to the human hunters.
Throughout the remainder of Animals and World Religions, we see that all the major religions also had their foundational belief rooted in this peaceful coexistence that was created to be between all the animals of the world, including the environment in which we all live. And as with the aboriginal societies, they also corrupted themselves to justify the exploitation of anymals, and they "hide" the fact about their foundational beliefs in their modern day teachings. The worst case of this distortion of the truth exists in the justification of factory farming and commercial fishing, which Lisa Kemmerer also discusses.
We highly recommend Animals and World Religions to everyone as a reference guide, for we all know religious people and need to be knowledgeable when discussing with other people the need for all of us to return to the golden age of peaceful living for all inhabitants of the world.
2012, Oxford University Press, $35
(reviewed by Frank and Mary Hoffman)

About the Author: Lisa Kemmerer (B.A. in international studies, Reed College; M.T.S. in comparative religions, Harvard University School; Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Glasgow, Scotland) is a philosopher-activist, artist, and lover of wild places, who has hiked, biked, kayaked, backpacked, and traveled widely. She is the author and editor of several books, and is currently associate professor of philosophy and religion at Montana State University, Billings.
Did Jesus approve of hunting?

Woe unto the hunters for they shall be hunted. Lo, every creature which God hath made hath its end and purpose."

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

Religion, Animals and VEGetarianism


 HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 


FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO


COMPASSION and Animals

Animals, 2012 and Ascension

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

The PHYSICAL aspect:
There are still a few well known alternative health pioneers and doctors who are almost awaken when it comes to what is truly healthy for our overall wellbeing except for a major, vital blind spot: for some mysterious reasons, they are still trapped into the old paradigm, that consuming dead, unhealthy matter is good for you as long as it is “organic,  free-range, wild grown and raw”
despite  proven through overwhelming, solid, sound scientific research and decades of real life experiences that regardless how “organic,  free-range, wild grown and raw” the meat, eggs, fish and dairy we’d consume, these are foods which are totally unnatural, unnecessary, harmful, for humans to consume and through the following links, such alternative health doctors, nutritionists and public figures are invited to study and are invited to consider starting to spread such much needed light and truth among their followers
and to seriously reconsider their advices with the notion in mind that THEIR advice and recommendations when it comes to “naturally” obtained “foods”, would be applied to our entire EARTH POPULATION and its effects on our planetary ecosystems as well as on our overall wellbeing and health, even if the ethical element of compassion and cruelty does not form an important part of their view, approach and perception

HUMAN OMNIVORISM myth debunked 

“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST







Science and Health

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

VEGAN nutrition

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle 

 Why Deficient Raw Vegans Become Meat Eaters




HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?





RAW food movement 

RAW foods on a Budget tips


Breatharianism (for those who perceive VEGANISM as being EXTREME)


Animal liberation WORLD rEVOLution




Growing Winter Organic Produce

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products

The effects of our actions on our planet and all of her inhabitants


World Peace Diet

Beauty and Longevity  

Human liberation WORLD rEVOLution

WHY VEGANISM is healing the world

Animal farmers awakening and healing

Veganism is not some new, diet fad
it is an individual and collective state of inner consciousness
it includes and embraces the realization of the fact that humans have been biologically and spiritually created as FRUGIvores
and of ONEness, ALL INCLUSIVE, non selective compassion way of feeling, thinking and living, between humans, the planet they are hosted by and ALL of her other living beings
Veganism is an inner/outer measuring frame and expression of spiritual advancement and evolution of both individual and collective
It is already well known that we don’t possess the anatomy nor the psychology of a predator, be it carnivore or omnivore
ALL needed nutrients for humans to thrive are in real food, freely offered by Mother Earth…in fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts
Through BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS, our bodies have been brilliantly designed to PRODUCE each and every needed nutrient to keep us WELL AND ALIVE from most anything, with no need to harm or kill another being in order to sustain our own life
This parasitical form of sustenance is not natural but a deteriorated, false, artificial, unnatural method of stealing OTHERS energy source resources to replace our own, which is lacking the proper connection to source  
Life is created to be LIVED not destroyed

If some of us have tried eating without depending for nourishment on feeding off OTHER living beings bodies and have not been able to feel satisfied it is not because they were BIOLOGICALLY different but only because at that moment, the difference was SPIRITUAL
If freely, generously offered real food such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds and derivatives have not been able to suppress your hunger it was because your hunger is not of PHYSICAL nature
it is only because your hunger and need of healing is of SPIRITUAL nature

ALL is energy including our food, thoughts and feelings
dead food is dead energy
craving dead energy is able to tell tell us of the type of INNERgy we carry and entertain withIN
fresh, LIVING foods are teaming with lifeforce
craving LIVING foods is able to tell tell us of the type of INNERgy we carry and entertain withIN

Veganism means a strong impulse to care, heal and save our planet from destruction due to massive, artificial, "modern", "food" production
Veganism means an irresistible pull to care, heal and save all billions of souls living in animal bodies who are regularly raised and slaughtered  for "food", in extremely cruel conditions
Veganism means a very powerful call to END ALL slavery: animal, human, planetary and to abolish and transmute ANY form of raising and killing OTHERS, as "humane" or "compassionate" as it may seem, for FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT, EXPERIMENTS, FASHION and all other reasons in between
Veganism means a huge desire to heal oneself and all others: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, through healthy, compassionate, natural foods we were designed to consume

The TYPE of foods one MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY craves at ANY given moment is always, always in indicator of WHERE we are on our personal spiritual evolution scale and HOW we are doing on a CONSCIOUSness level

So, if you try EATING LIVING, COMPASSIONATE real foods but your body and mind demands that you feed yourself with DEAD FOODS, there is YOUR personal indicator to HOW YOU are doing in YOUR spiritual EVOLution
it is YOUR personal, intimate story and situation to resolve and work on

it is not something to EDUCATE OTHERS about unless to help them too, understand such vital key elements so THEY can to start working on THEIR situation

the reason we are DIFFERENT at WHAT we "need" to eat is not in our standard nutrient requirement or biology but only in our psychology and spirituality

feeding off OTHER BEings is also known as parasitical form of living

whenever YOU crave OTHERS' energies and bodies and secretions (such as eggs and dairy) ask your INNER/OUTER self WHY is that

and to reinforce to YOURself the differences between NATURAL and UNnatural forms of eating, there's always the error proof test:

YES, VEGAN style eating may not be temporarily for EVERYone but is has absolutely nothing to do with the PHYSICAL/BIOLOGICAL/NUTRITIONAL part
the truth is WITHIN and in the NON physical

tens of thousands BREATHarians are able to live off LIFEFORCE, SUNLIGHT/prana/chi ALONE, many without even WATER
our bodies have been brilliantly designed to obtain and BIOLOGICALLY TRANSMUTE ANY needed nutrient from most anything or even "nothing" in order to keep us alive
why then, some can live off "air" for many yrs while in PHYSICAL BODIES and NOT LOSE WEIGHT and be in amazing shape with amazing energy levels
while others still crave OTHERS bodies and secretions to feel "full"?

the answer is in the mind, in heart and spirit

WHO else is feeding off YOUR energy to such an extent that YOU need to feed off ANOTHER?

the truth is, has been and always will be WITHIN

ask your HIGHERself for guidance, dig deeper into mind, heart and soul and you shall find it again

Additional helping tools:
RAW MILK, physical and spiritual health and well being
if milk was a natural, healthy food for ADULTS, we would have our internal milk production into adulthood.

veganism is not an experience but a natural way of living and being...the only way to live a truly sustainable live and to save our very home planet

and it is precisely for everyone right now and more and more, for environmental, spiritual and physical wellbeing purposes

EACH animal group eats specific foods, why humans need such a wide variety?

the high speed at which veganism is spreading, considering that in the last 5 yrs alone, hundreds of vegan restaurants have opened all around the world...meat producers go out of business, with 30% semestrial business losses (Tyson meats), 100 dairy farms going bankrupt this year alone in the US, with the astounding mass media campaigns, massive animal liberation movements, new technologies to be released INCLUDING FOOD REPLICATORS, abolishing any OLD agricultural practice...vegan permaculture, tens of thousands of breatharians as we speak, including breatharian pregnancy, more and more vegan pregnancies and healthy chubby vegan babies, children, countless stage 4 cancers and "incurable dis-eases" being cured on vegan raw foods, reverse aging, vegan bodybuilding, animal farmers awakening and becoming vegetables farmers...well...coming back on this planet 100-200 from now TOPS, we'll be surprised..."killing for living" concept will have been long abolished and transmuted...

for those who use the “plants have feelings too” argument debating and defending the meat eating, consider that the PRANA/CHI/COSMIC LIFE FORCE that we breath is intelligent consciousness energy...are we not to BREATH anymore? stop existing all together in order to save living atoms from being digested by us?
Or if the type of ENERGY FORM FOOD we ingest doesn’t matter, why not starting to consume EACHOTHER, since biologically we are CLOSEST to one another?

SOMETHING must give...while we require SOME physical food (except those 10,000 plus breatharians who are already changing the way veganism is being perceived as extreme:)...there is a huge difference between plucking a carrot from earth and picking an apple from a tree vs. cutting a life short, forcing the soul out of the body in an untimely fashion...

the animals and humans purpose being here is to anchor higher dimensional frequencies into the planetary body, through our physical vessels and help Mother Earth to return to her initial crystalline state before the accident when she was covered by rocky formations layers...

at the time when she has been hijacked by Annunaki  and their draco reptilians minions and throughout the 35 million yrs of galactic and intergalactic battles between the 2,000 other planets who have been affected by the luciferian rebellion, massive sheets of ETHERIC ICE have been formed within the 4 lower octaves of the 7 octaves of the astral realms, just above us...
thus, desert formations and ice ages in various areas...
and so, even where there are temporary extremely cold climates, there was still a NEED for BEINGS in PHYSICAL BODIES to live so they can anchor much needed higher dimensional frequencies
that's when the Inuit, Eskimo migration happened
by spiritual design
and so, SOME COMPROMISE had to be made when it came to food...
EXCEPTIONS have been made by spiritual agreements between some animals and humans living at those extremely cold areas
the ORIGINAL hu-man who came here was BREATHarian

as the planetary hijacking facilitated the introduction of many negative beings and through many more spiritual misadventures and experiments gone bad at physical level of creation, over a course of unspoken eons, humans have been corrupted by those who have cut their ties with SOURCE by free will, to adopt a PARASITICAL style of eating, aka THROUGH OTHER BEINGS...both animals and humans have become constant source of parasitical derived FOOD, both energetically and physically, for draco repto empire...

a story not so easy to digest for the faint at heart and mind...

SPIRITUAL communities such as natives and aboriginals have also been heavily infiltrated to depend on OTHER beings for feeding themselves BUT because they've remained somewhat spiritually connected enough, they've started to practice a twisted form of spirituality, by killing with "respect", guilt and using prayers and gratitude to mask their inner guilt...
sure, the animals souls understood these severe conditions and exceptions and perhaps to SOME extent played along

but the exception cannot make the rule...
a true spiritual person can easily live off CHI, indefinitely...
in these links there is much more to the stories we've learned here, on this very topic...showing that even those who believe they've got the whole picture, that there is far more to be unveiled...

SUPREMacism, ELITism, SPECIEsm, RACIsm, SEXism, how it all began

everyone's the same from a biological perspective...what makes us different are our habits, beliefs, consciousness state, addictions, personal will, conditioning, programming, social cultural traditional environments...

human biological body has been brilliantly designed to adapt and biologically transmute most anything we ingest in order to carry on its sole purpose: to KEEP US ALIVE...

Just because the Inuit have lived off dead foods it doesn't mean they did BECAUSE of it but DESPITE of it...

our biological vessels are brilliantly designed to keep us alive even when we poison them with drugs of all kinds, alcohol, tobacco, GMO, pesticides, fluoride, EMF polution, high levels of stress... and with years long KEEP US ALIVE at any cost...for as long as they possibly can...

turns out (as recently learned) that human bodies can actually LIVE OFF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS with NO PHYSICAL FOOD: 

since the "killing for living": reptilian agenda infiltrated the mass collective consciousness, of course we've probably never had any specific culture that WE KNOW OF, who have lived on 100% vegan foods...this is now changing and many who thrive on raw vegan foods for decades start to teach us that is very possible...

and since we are still, yet to create a VEGAN country or city, for a few decades in order to draw conclusions, why not accepting the overwhelming evidence we have SO FAR, that the LONGEST living people have lived MOSTLY off vegetables and fruits with very little meat...

thus, it wasn't the MEAT that was behind the longevity but the predominant non animal foods
and when natives will awaken to the fact that they no longer require dead foods and start experiencing their spirituality on LIVING, high vibrational foods, they would perhaps be blown away at HOW MUCH MORE they could become, besides what they already are...

but there is only ONE way to find out WHAT ELSE and HOW MUCH MORE we could be/come if we walk away from low frequencies dead foods...stolen from other beings, which belong to THEM, not to US...becoming REAL SELF sustaining instead of parasitical sustaining...

killing for living and clothing as EXCEPTION was and still is acceptable as TEMPORARY solution in extreme climates and that's about hat
our activism doesn't refer to such extreme conditions but to the 99.999% of the REST of the population who, DESPITE having optimal climate to grow real food and access to materials from non cruelty sources to cloth us, we continue to unnecessarily destroy this planet and BILLIONS sentient beings EVERY YEAR...

is very easy to talk about respect and balance when you are in a safe situation...put yourself in the victim's place..imagine living in a place where big beings would come around you and your family and "respectful" pursue you, getting you ready to die, to give up your life for and your family...HOW LIGHTLY would you take it? how GLADLY would you volunteer for it? have you tried it to know what it's like from another being's perspective?

TURNS OUT, we can now GROW ORGANIC FOOD, YEAR ROUND, EVEN IN WINTER, WITH NO, a REAL FOOD project for Inuit and Eskimo people is what we need, to GRADUALLY help them adopt and adapt to some much needed real food for their bodies but especially for their souls
Growing Winter Organic Produce (no electricity)

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products

and decades long of studies and research have proven that there is only one correct diet for all human beings (MATERIALS ALREADY PROVIDED ABOVE) 
we don't honor ANY form of life anymore, human all started out with the SPECIEsm and worked our way from there, devastating and becoming master breeders and life devouring...of course plants are conscious sentient beings who also ground high dimensional energies, but by design, with no legs to run, no wings to fly, no central nervous system for severe pain, with as little harm as possible agreements, again, compromise has been made so they can feed the animal kingdom (except those few isolated animal kinds such as carnivores and omnivores who have been genetically manipulated to live off killing other beings)  and later on, after we've stopped being breatharians, humans...
our bodies, at this stage, as we speak and starting with mid '80's, started to receive MASSIVE ENERGETIC DNA upgrades...
we're returning from carbon based to crystalline based...
many animal foods eaters grow increasingly distant from them...craving real foods...high vibrational fruits and vegetables...

people got to this extremely low level of consciousness because dogma has been times, it takes the same to undo the massive mind control programming...

if some of us employ harsher methods to help the masses to awaken is only because there is lots of mocking towards more sensible approaches of doing this sort of activism, thus, at times, one needs to grow a temporary thicker skin and do it somehow...

at the rate of planetary holocaust, gentle slow, shoulder padding, "take your time" style methods are not in synch anymore with the fact that we need to mature, grow up and become more responsible, getting out from the parasitical zombified state we've submerged and which has devastating short and long term effects for our souls, the planet and all other beings...

cutting through so many types of addictions to animal foods, would take many more millenia, if we didn't have internet and more and more activists...
meditating and chanting is amazing but to the oblivious, apathetic masses, we need to use a variety of methods to shake off the reptilian consciousness manipulation...

some self appointed shamans are now claiming that they are learning through bio dynamical farms and animal communicators that “animals are OK with giving their lives for us”…so, how do we know that this is not faux, "filtered channeling" and manipulated messaging from the etheric realms?

many channelers got manipulated but many others have brought forth pretty accurate info which has been reflected in real life events later on...

how can you prove/convince anyone that the answer YOU've got from the animals wasn't that of a parasitical entity, speaking to you on behalf of the animal?

if you're still not sure WHICH type of food is a more appropriate by far, NATURAL TYPE food for humans...if you say there is no difference between eating peaches, beans, bananas, potatoes, nuts, papayas AND cows, pigs, lambs, chickens, try this test:
The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST

and, material highly recomended to any Shaman
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

raw milk or not, WHERE do we see ANY OTHER being, consuming ANOTHER being's milk as ADULT?
did you ever stop and contemplate that ANY milk from ANY being has been produced by THAT BEING for THEIR OFFSPRING and nothing else?
what makes you think it is ok THAT HUMAN ADULTS should consume RAW MILK from a being?
have you pondered what would happened if 7 billion of DAIRY (CASSEIN) addicted HUMANS would EMBRACE the RAW MILK dogma?

what would become of the cows? will there be any milk left for their calves?
won't we start ALL OVER AGAIN the industrialization of milk production with all its attached horrors? the fantasy of raw milk organic farming will become all over again the industrialized dairy

NUT milks are the way...

this is some real food for thought, raw milk or processed...a true wake up call for all raw milk foodists out there...


same with hunters out there...if tomorrow industrial farming will become illegal and we'd all grab guns to hunt for "natural" food, what does your shaman intuition tell you about what would become of this planet? 7 billion of meat addicts, raiding our forests and wiping off anything and everything that moves and breaths...

it is no wonder why VEGANISM is the only truly sustainable way for this planet...
There is someone in the natural health field who went from many years of raw vegan to hunting and consuming RAW MEAT, advocating hunted and/or “organically raised” WILD, RAW MEAT and its  HEALTH BENEFITS…

if this is not a most extreme situation, then, I don’t know what is…

what if ALL 7 BILLION of us would follow his advice? will still be able to keep up with this romanticized "natural" living?
What’s good for ONE, must be good for ALL

WHAT ABOUT CHICKENS? the essence is that there is far more to chickens than initially thought...quite astounding:

SPIRITUAL health BEFORE physical health is a prerequisite...if our consciousness, mind and heart are clear of low vibrational frequencies from cruelty derived stolen foods energies, our bodies cannot but start to heal themselves with the help of pure intentions, clear consciousness and high aspirations along with balanced raw vegan delicious foods, good water, grounding, sungazing and plenty of time outdoors…
spontaneous evolution which is upon us, as overwhelming as it seems, requires spontaneous beliefs adjusting, creating NEW traditions and hobbies and views and habits, in accordance to where we are headed higher densities of consciousness existence...observing UNiversal laws, created for all beings to be respected and applied for all beings...UNIty consciousness, all inclusive, non selective, SUPREMACism, SPECIEsm free...

we are all perpetual students and educators to eachother and many more to come and go in and from our lives...we are also  students besides  educators so, keep your options and views as widely open as possible so you can receive more and you can give more in return...

FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO



The healthy tribes are not healthy because of their meat eating but because they ground themselves 24/7, live in nature, away from EMF pollution and also eat natural plant based foods
via resonance/morphic field, you'll be amazed HOW FAST the world is catching up on VEGANISM

those men and women still living in trees and caves who eat meat and are infinitely more spiritually connected in a fluid and natural way than we are, again, are more spiritually connected because they LIVE in nature, WITH nature, not because they kill to eat:) if they've been able to live a decent spiritual life while killing other beings, imagine how will they be able to become like, once they awaken and live off real foods instead of BEINGS and/or become breatharians...

The “JESUS ATE FISH” myth coming to Light, at last:
JESUS and the FISH story

 did You know that Jesus didn't eat fish? him and his twinflame, Mary Magdalene were our local UNiverse Alpha and Omega administrators, who came here to anchor higher dimensional energies through their bodies which could radiate an immense energy field...most of his life as described in the reptilian influenced modified version/s of Bible, as a lie...just like with everything else, religion has been created and used to manipulate the masses...Jesus REAL life was so different and shocking, most Christians will literally fall off their chairs once the truth will heat the main stream waves...which is very soon...someday we'll all be able to see our TRUE planetary, galactic history through accessing Akashic records (the real ones, not the ones who have been manipulated)...Jesus didn't need to eat physical food...he could easily live of prana...the original messages he and Mary left for humanity have been hidden and suppressed by the Vatican...soon, they'll become public...the ESSENE STUDIES go deeper into some of it...and this is the more probable truth about the JESUS and fish story
Religion, Spirituality, Animals and VEGetarianism

there are a continuous, ever expanding, 900 trillions of years in a constant making UNIverse/S worth of knowledge and insight that we are ALL yet to access, dear friend...the danger for our evolution is not our ignorance but the illusion that we KNOW ALL that there is to be known:)

we too can see and feel others energies:) and those who eat a healthy raw vegan diet, have a huge auric field with all chakras balanced:)
much better than any "organic animal foods" eater...whose heart, throat and crown chakras are greatly diminished...

we are ending suffering by awakening, educating and helping one another to reactivate our Divine innate comPASSION, through ACTion...not by meditation, wishing, waiting and herbal tonics alone...yes, life until now seemed to not be able to escape suffering, in physical realms...we now learn to transmute all the darkness back into Light and only remain with the lessons and experiences, using them in future co creating worlds, preventing it from repeating...

we'll forever remain STUDENTS of LIFE, no matter how much we know;)

calling veganism movement for planetary evolution a "dogma" is a state of denial of the already obvious
whatever TIMELINE you have blocked yourself in, on the other side, over in OUR timelines, things are very very much different...
study the BREATHARIANISM page above and you'll be surprised how many healthy beings have gone off with MANY years without touching physical'll help you understand why this is the time to go vegan for everybody and anybody who wishes to...

you can ground yourself bigtime without eating corpses or stealing other beings milk and eggs...

I too have seen pale looking vegans...I feel their lifeforce is very dim but not because of lack of meat but because of lack of RAW foods...and imbalanced inner mental, emotional spiritual energies

cows are Universal motherhood principle, I'm absolute certain they wouldn't mind sharing some of their milk with us if it was such a life and death, emergency needed thing...alas, they've been the most severely abused by humans and still unable to fight back...allowing us to steal the very food for their babies, for millennia…they are true saints, something humans could not soon emulate...but not every household on this planet is raising in idyllic conditions a cow, a bull and their calf in their backyards for a glass of milk...the holocaust we're partaking as 99.9999% of this world's population is what our movement and activism is aimed for...

we cannot use exceptions to set general rules...
someone suggested that: “ we should eat as different as our types of personalities”
this like saying we should follow 7BILLION  DIFFERENT type of diets, if, our individual diets should be as varied as our personalities:)
sure, throughout our many journeys here, we've joggled perhaps between eating more meat or more fruits and veggies but we cannot customize diet based on the types of personalities or energy frequencies, which are as varied as the actual # of us...

the same self appointed shaman called veganism a “ propaganda”
my response to it was: ”there is no such thing as vegan propaganda here...we are merely doing our mission, carrying on with our purpose, just like you are and everyone else around:)
yes, there is lots of disinfo out there...totally agree...
ourselves, as spiritual workers, wayshowers and earth guardians, we've taken our roles and embarked on our missions through life preview contracts to do precisely what we do now and we are on schedule:)
we are on a HEALING mission and BALANCE and TRUTH is every bit part of what we are bringing...

ALL life is with grace, causing least amount of harm is our mantra...while in a less than perfect world...
we seek world healing and permanent SPIRITUAL health which is followed and connected with all other health aspects...and  FEELING VERY GOOD about it, all the way up and back home where we're all headed:)

It was never intended for Humanity to be raising families and living in large cities away from mother nature dependant on processed food. If you look back even a few hundred years half the diseases you now carry were unheard off.  To put it bluntly you eat the flesh of dead animals, do you not realize that this is of no good to you. I hear some say but we need it for iron to build healthy blood cells. I tell you that this is killing your healthy blood cells and causing many cancers as your cells are mutating in those more sensitive to flesh.  It is time to listen to your bodies. You are eating foods that are not live. Remember your are a living being and you need living food to keep you healthy as well as living water which when consumed by you will begin to show in your general well being and alertness. This is why we need to begin the process of educating the people.

Message from the Earth Angels
~ Please, we implore you, be ever mindful of your treatment of the animals.  For as the saying goes, you just might be entertaining Angels unawares.  We speak of all animals, be they great or small.  They were the recipients of a powerful activation at the time of Gaia’s ascent.  They are the custodians of what is now Gaia’s new crystalline matrix, and this grid is very young and requires consistent nurturance.  The animals carry the vibrations of purity and innocence, the fifth-dimensional state to which the planet is returning.  They are the balancers.  Think twice before taking the life of one such as these, as never before have their numbers been so vitally important.  Do them no harm.  Cause them no pain.  Provide to them the shelter, warmth and sustenance that is so richly their due.
"Turning a live animal into pieces on a plate is an ugly, bloody, and violent act - whether he's killed in someone's backyard or in an industrialized slaughterhouse. And death does not come easy to those who want to live. Lighting incense or praying while killing does nothing to change that. It only assuages the conscience of the killer." - Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Author -

OLD traditions must change in NEW ONES
keep the cruelty free aspects of the old and replace the cruelty derived ones with new spirituality

our BOTH physical and spiritual aspects have been brilliantly designed to function at minimal levels DESPITE of the harsh physical/spiritual conditions of 3D living
despite the dead foods and all poisons/toxins

if we've been able to function at OK levels both physical and spiritual, imagine how much better we could do without the dead cruelty energies filled foods

we won't ever know unless we TRY IT

IF you've seen AURAS, ENERGIES AROUND EVERYTHING, HAD VISIONS, BEEN CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIANT, HEALER while eating cruelty derived animal foods, try you ESP abilities on a 6 months HEALTHY vegan and raw vegan the end of this experiment COMPARE the before and afters...then you'll know the difference

just because we've been able to use our spiritual skills at a satisfactory level with eating the old way, it doesn't mean that we cannot make use of MUCH MORE of our spiritual gifts, by ingesting high vibrational LIVING chi foods...

one will never know the difference unless trying it...
I'm sure the shamans could benefit from a change in their diet and an improved, cruelty free spiritual awakening and evolution
The Vegan Shaman

a true shaman never stops expanding his knowledge horizons

the native and aboriginal tribes, while living in a more enhanced, connected spiritual state comparing to those who have left nature behind, have not even scratched the surface to their true spiritual potential simply because of the harsh 3D conditions, poor diets and parasitical way of feeding themselves through other will never know it until moves away and starts living in true harmony with all beings around...walking the talk is the hardest in 3D...

yes, there are many people who despite eating low vibrational foods, still benefit from their ESP...after my 1995 car accident since mine have been reactivated, I ate meat, dairy, eggs for 13 years...all this time, I've had visions in both past and "future", sensed people's thoughts and intentions, continuously see lifetrons/prana, the etheric bodies of trees, hydro polls lines, my feet, people's shoulder's, heads, forearms etheric fields, bathroom tiles, wall pictures, had many premonitions, have accessed brand new songs from the astral realms, unheard of, uncomposed here yet via lucid dreaming, enhanced healing abilities, accessed some of my past lives, etc...while eating the old way...since I've gone vegetarian 4 years ago and vegan 2 years ago, all this has been greatly amplified...hence, my personal conclusion is that if someone has these spiritual treats activated while eating dead foods, wait until one clears his/her energy channels with high vibrational foods and then you might say "WOW!!!"...there is no limit to HOW FAR we can our 5D self, we have no less than 105 senses...from where we r now to where we r headed, is a long way indeed but limiting our options only because we are OK with how things worked for us in the past, is sabotaging our own evolution, expansion...

we are all here, now to do the greatest good for all
we have chosen our paths, missions, assumed our roles as wayshowers, guides, gurus and shamans for our world, i'm sure through live preview arrangements

we each carry on our mission in our unique way...there is not one way of how we can help, but endless ways...

once truly awaken, it becomes our spiritual responsibility to share with others whatever it is of value

once we know killing for living is not OK, we cannot continue to lay back, in a passive mode, allowing things to FLOW and take our time...
EVERY MINUTE, hundreds of thousands of sentient beings are being slaughtered for food and much more
this alone, besides all other ecological devastation and human against human wars, poisons the etheric realms above our planet and around us, slowing down the Ascension and awakening

for too long, humans have lived a parasitical life, living off animals
the planet could Ascend without us any moment...she's waited for us too long to awaken and the countless types and times of abuses, her and all of her natural kingdoms have endured from us and the dark entities we've allowed to dominate us, it is a miracle we r still around...

lately, i've noticed a new trend among the spiritual leaders, both grass roots and more widely known ones...the trend is to use their very own current personal belief, lifestyle, perception and experience and push it passionately as the ULTIMATE, UNiversal, IT truth

SPIRITUAL leadership and responsibility on behalf of anyone who has chosen a path of a guide becomes hundredfold more vital and a non deniable prerequisite for anyone who's filling in such huge shoes...needless to add the collective karmic responsibility for anyone who publicly and openly chooses the role of a leader, guru, shaman, wayshower, guide of both physical and spiritual healing, well being...

if we were to adopt your way of doing  and viewing things EN MASSE, most vegans will probably go back to eating occasional meat and dairy and all of the rest of billions will be deliriously happy that they can take their time most indefinitely especially that "killing an animal is actually doing a spiritual service to the soul of the animal"

thus, getting stuck into a non action, turtle pace evolution...

the speed at which things move all around us, this world is spinning at fast speed within the last very short years towards a cruelty free, planetary healing, free and peaceful world also known as veganism...

all we do now is help the process catch more momentum...

100 years ago, it was horse and carriage…now we have and will soon experience en masse,  ANTI GRAVITATIONAL, FREE ENERGY, PLASMA, MAGNETIC technologies of thousands kinds

it is one thing to share our personal views, beliefs, experiences, perceptions and a complete different game when we proclaim through our public roles of educators and guides as THEE truth, our only personal beliefs and experiences

the standard for our human, planetary, karmic responsibilities is definitely changing

words create reality, just like thoughts, intentions, feelings, actions

now that the veil is thinning and we've entered the 4D realms, ever more so, we create realities and worlds with merely uttering words...

in 5D realms, thoughts and feelings have instant manifestation power
we need to start learning, practicing on HOW we use and control our thoughts, words, feelings, emotions from this preliminary playground, should we strive to someday claim our Divine birthright as Co Creators because this is where we are now headed,'s called spontaneous evolution and it is the FIRST such experiment in Creation...

the LIFE on this a huge opportunity for us to practice on our future cocreators skills by simply taking care of, as earth guardians, tending to it with love, absolutely no harm, in balance

those new found Amazon tribes are caught up in a very distant timeline while on Earth...while I'm sure they do practice their own brand of spirituality, it is far from the UNIversal type which evokes UNiversal principles of DO NO HARM, Thou shall not kill, Do onto others what you'd want others do onto you, as timeless a back up protective mechanism for Creation

any tribe or person can experience 3D life for as long as they need them and it serves them...

but eventually, since everything evolves, they too shall...

darkness experiencing beings have also many psychic abilities...

it is how we use create or destroy...

no Creator creates with the purpose to destroy

while exercising our free will, generously and unconditionally gifted from our Father Mother Creator, there is always the causality/karmic tag that comes with it, with no exceptions...
so, if we can muster to live up to the karmic backlash we accumulate by our actions or lack of, on behalf of ourselves and of others (human, animals, lifeforms of any kind), then, by all means, experience, experience, experience...
so, someday, those tribes will too, learn their lessons and hopefully, return in a new life in a new place or back here, as a truly spiritual community...

sure, every experience ads up and culminates in reaching the UNIVERSAL TRUTHS someday...

the natives in North America have been under the blackmagicians attack for a very long time
Native Indians' spiritual purpose here was, to transmute the dark energies who have engulfed the planet

they've been in constant etheric battles with the dark powerful ones longer than with the European settlers who stole their land...

initially they didn't kill and eat animals

something happened in between and they've adopted a killing for living lifestyle, only with the added spirituality in it...

the tough work they had to carry on all levels, maybe even required a bit of low frequency foods to be able to match the extremely low vibrations of the dark ones while also holding on to their light...compromises of many kinds have been made in this respective

but, to take that and expand it for the entire earth population as the NORM, is completely out of balance...
most people were not and are not directly involved in spiritual etheric wars with the dark empires

for the past few years, the astral realms have been cleared out...the battles are almost over
the darkmagicians have been removed from this solar system, planet with the help of white magicians, natives and many other etheric warriors
we can see the after effects in how our planetary changes include major resignations and arrests of key people in the political, financial, economical sectors

we no longer need to keep our frequencies fact there is now a major crush between the high frequencies constantly pouring on our planet from higher dimensions since the planetary quarantine has been lifted, interdimensional stargates have reopened...and the extremely low frequencies foods we still eat...

the galactics are mesmerized at the lack of lifeforce in our foods

we r LIVING beings made of LIVING cells
it is PRANA FILLED foods such as freshly picked fruits and vegetables that we should eat
with ZERO harm to the planet and the trees and gardens

we need to explore what is already out there  and promote cruelty free versions of animal derived foods...

we need to speak out that which we know...becoming active not remaining passive, taking our sweet time and allowing things to happen under our noses...

for evil to prevail, good humans need  to do nothing
we r good humans and always need to do something...

the purpose of the way showers is to help people change, not to give them more reasons to remain at the same level or to encourage them/give an excuse to go back to the old ways
these are the perfect times to seize in the momentum and get off the master / slave animal sacrifice mentality...we ran out of reasons and excuses...

in fact, I'm working on a very exciting  project for native Indians on the topic 

if hunters/meat eaters  r being told that it's an honor for un animal to serve a human by being killed /they will start to eat and kill 24/7 to "help elevate more animals". We should motivate others to change not to stay the same or go backwards.

animals have families...whenever they are killed, they leave behind a parent, a child, brother, sister...
why humans should have privilege over them? the ONEness and UNity is comPASSION in ACTion
Ascension and killing consciousness energy does not mix...
and we are Ascending as we speak...

and it would be wonderful for us to unite our spiritual gifts and work in harmony with eachother...<3
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

 for the  HUNTING SPIRITUAL guru:

 There is no killing (hunting) in 5D where we are now all headed  

The purpose of the way showers is to help people change, not to give them more reasons to remain at the same level or to give an excuse to go back to the old ways (vegan)

Responsible leadership is directly proportional with karmic responsibility

master / slave animal sacrifice mentality (speciesm) is a sign of spiritual evolution resistance and physical food addiction…CRYSTALIZED beliefs

Hunters/meat eaters being told that it's an honor for an animal to serv a human  by “giving” their life, as it is, humans will start to eat and kill 24/7 to "help elevate more animals". We should motivate others to reclaim our EARTH GUARDIANS, life preservers and co creators roles,  not to remain the same or go backwords.

carnivorous animals only are not sustainable
they’ve been genetically altered by negative entities who have misused their powers
the majority of animals on our planet are herbivores
antilope was not created for the lions and is here to do planetary energy work as well as for herself
people claiming hunting being natural, they could experience first hand what is like to be a predator animal by living side by side with lions, tigers in african savannas and do what they do
a highly intelligent creator creating billions of planets, stars, galaxies, could only create beings upon beings feeding or each other ?
Humans who are way less intelligent than the Creator are really creative when it comes to self sustainability ideas, let alone a very intelligent creator.
Let’s recognize this is not natural or normal and we should not take it as model of living.
Why do we always take ISOLATED ANOMALIES standards to set examples from the carnivores instead of the big powerful elephants, horses, cows who thrive on grass and greens alone?
Why people learn from the aggressive beings instead of from the peaceful beings?
Why many raw vegans succeed and thrive for many many years while other don’t? A bigger picture insight:

We are energy before becoming biology
everything is energy: thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, actions, bodies, planets, galaxies, consciousness
everything has been created by the same source
Creator dwells in each of the beings he/she created
what each of us is doing affects the WHOLE through resonance effect/morphic field


Our original, natural, perpetual, primordial food is COSMIC ENERGY or CHI or prana, or KA or LIFE FORCE which enters our medulla oblongata continuously as many I’m sure know. Mainstream science says that without air we can exist for a few minutes…without water a few days…without physical food for few weeks…
Surgeons will tell us that the ONLY place in our body where they would never open is the medulla oblongata because instant death would occur
Why is that? Well, because our TRUE, ORIGINAL life energy supply would cease to feed us and within milliseconds we would be physically dead
Thus, CHI is the primordial food for us, even in PHYSICAL FORM
the type of CHI/ENERGY we GET IN, ABSORB, PROCESS (through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, words, actions), EMANATE, RADIATE, TRANSMIT and SHARE with those around us, both from the visible and non visible world/s determines the type of physical foods we need, process and crave, any given moment, fluctuating, resonating with, through and from the physical foods we ingest. Everything we ingest both physical and nonphysical as we know is ENERGY and affecting every aspect of our being, both physical and nonphysical

The type of foods we crave is directly proportional with the type of consciousness energy/ies we absorb, process, transmit, radiate at any given time
Science claims humans cannot live without physical food for more that 30 days or so
Turns out, as you’ll discover below, there are now many healthy looking feeling radiating YEARS LONG BREATHARIANS who are proving main stream science wrong
which proves right the theory that ENERGY is our actual primordial essential life sustaining FOOD SOURCE, even in our PHYSICAL BODIES
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

Nobody got cured or self healed by eating meat, dairy and eggs. But many have reversed their stage 4 cancers, diabetes, and other “incurable” diseases by adopting a vegan/raw vegan diet.

More and more people within the alternative, natural wellness field, now knows that before cancer manifests at physical level, it starts out as an energetic imbalance, be it at emotional, mental, spiritual level.  That cancer is triggered mainly by energetic blockages and unaddressed, unidentified, unresolved emotional, mental, spiritual issues. Be it in this lifetime or way back through past incarnations whose memories we carry with us within our energy bio fields and subconscious memories.

Absolutely we are exposed and constantly bombarded and invaded with and ingest chemicals, pollutants, toxins, be it environmental, food or energy related.
However, if our NON PHYSICAL bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual) are balanced enough at all times, then we’d be able to transmute all poisonous foreign elements entering all of our systems, including physical, enough that we won’t get very sick.

So basically, all physical imbalances and disorders start in the non physical first before they manifest at physical, palpable levels.

Then, could it be that those whose physical/emotional/mental health does not respond very well to such high vibrational foods such as raw vegan foods, MAY have blockages in their non physical? Stuff that lingers and is being attached to our current emotional, mental, spiritual bodies from God knows how many lifetimes ago and/or through our collective ancestral karmic baggage?

This is not as easy to be resolved unless one’s mind and heart becomes so widely opened that he/she doesn’t write off ANY possibility and starts genuinely exploring EVERY possibility.
  We are mostly water at physical level
when we eat sacred geometry foods such as fruits and vegetables, our water body molecules become as such
when we eat dead distorted energy foods such as animal products and cooked foods, our water body molecules become as such

Masaru Emoto water messages (or how is the frequency of our foods affecting us)

high frequency foods with low inner vibratory state create an energetic clash
if one's consciousness is troubled from current or past incarnations and  is not ready to receive high vibrational energy foods, the low vibration subconscious inner state body will not respond well
just like activating kundalini energy in a body/consciousness state that is not ready yet...too soon, too fast...creating massive side effects
which explains why many thrive on raw vegan foods after decades while others are failing...

BOTH the vibration of our foods and our inner state of consciousness vibrations must match enough to be able to adopt a vegan/raw vegan eating lifestyle
GENUINE, ALL INCLUSIVE COMPASSION is the key ingredient, way before the health and environmental aspect or else, it will not last successfully

BREATHARIANS are proof that even under these harsh planetary energetic conditions, humans can live off chi alone, for many years, if the inner state of being is properly balanced
Killing for living
as a life sustainability method cannot exist simply because the bigger stronger animal would destroy the one beneath until nothing else remains but himself

the definition of a parasite is:
and of a predator is
well, we've been existing like parasites and predators OFF other beings for too long
REAL SELF sustainability is to create OUR OWN SOURCE of LIGHT ENERGY FOOD to nourish ALL of our bodies
fruits and veggies, herbs, superfoods are the temporary agreed FOOD GIFT from Mother Earth until we remember how to live off CHI alone as we return to our SPIRITUALLY old selves, before we've got hijacked and manipulated into adopting parasitical attitudes in our food choices and predator like behaviors
I’m sure through your own spiritual journeys have discovered that there are many types of energies which people carry around, create, receive, transmit, radiate
We already know that our physical is tightly connected with the astral levels and within the lower octaves of the astral realms there are lower vibrations parasitical discarnate entities which are constantly looking and attaching themselves to physical human hosts in order to feed off the energy of their human hosts since their silver lining connection to higher dimension is temporarily severed/not functioning due to self chosen, free willed disconnection through spiritual malpractice
Thus, in order for them to survive they attach to our mental and emotional bodies, draining our energies whenever our energetic protective belt is weakened and lowered by a variety of reasons such as any negative, fear based emotions and feelings, use of drugs, overuse of psychedelic anything (mushrooms, herbs, etc), high, constant levels of stress, lack of genuine love, etc
Within our bodies, if one cell starts attacking another cell, it is by definition a parasitical cell
Within our planet, we are all planetary cells: if humans start attacking their fellow planetary cells (animals), we also, inevitably become parasitical
Just like a cancerous cell attacks a healthy cell within THE SAME BODY
So humans we have become the cancerous cells of our planet by attacking, destroying and mining every single category of lifeform
The time has come to go deeper in understanding how, when, why things got so out of control and take human and spiritual responsibility as mature beings for our host planet and apply/use the single safest method of real self sustainability
No Creator would intelligently design a creation where “IN ORDER FOR ONE LIFEFORM TO LIVE, ANOTHER MUST DIE OR BE KILLED”
If we were to create a “food pyramid” and human was on top of it with the moose underneath and under the moose is the wolf and under wolf is the fox and under fox is the rabbit and under rabbit is the mouse
Then, based on “physical power”, humans should not be on top but assuming man misusing his intelligence, egotistically and self centered  assigned himself on top, misusing his Divine inherited intelligence to design smart, dangerous weapons to harm and kill.
So, keeping this pyramidal arrangement, let’s assume there are no plants, fruits, vegetables seeds nuts to eat and only animals.
Well, the rabbits of the world would eat all the mice. The mice specie would go extinct.
Then, the foxes of the world would eat all rabbits. The rabbit specie would go extinct.
The wolves would extinct the fox specie.
The moose would extinct the wolf specie.
And then, here was the HUMAN vs MOOSE specie.
Which would destroy which first?
Well, based on physical power, man would stand no chance right?
Based on NATURAL kindness, moose would probably be slower than man.
But, man also is known to use and misuse his creative intelligence in order to create dangerous weapons.
In no time, with what we already posses, humankind would wipeoff the entire and only remaining living specie in our world.
Remaining just the US with OURSELVES or rather US vs OURSELVES
Cannibalism is the only remaining choice and with our flesh appetite, in no time, humans would feed off eachother, one by one, starting perhaps with the “freshest, most tender ones” such as babies, children, young adults and going all the way ‘til the deep dark end of self extinction.
This is why an Intelligent Creator could not have possibly designed a concept in Creation where KILLING FOR LIVING is sustainable.
This is why the majority of large animals are herbivores, living off Earth created/offered food AND CHI, instead of killing another being for “food”.
This is why fruit trees have been brought here, so humans can feed themselves. This is why endless seeds from endless planets, to grow endless variety of foods have been brought here.
When we eat these real foods, no tree is killed and the planet continues to thrive. Much more about this in a link below.
So, anyone who has formed a crystallized belief that in order for “one life form to exist must kill another or another must die” has the opportunity to rethink this belief.

we don't need to wait a whole generation to see if eating a certain way is the right way
a 20 yrs span is plentiful and self evident
Vegan pregnancies, vegan babies and children, vegan athletes and bodybuilders and even vegan pets are proof that HEALTHY living is possible after years of vegan and raw vegan foods…and that things are changing and EVOLVing





Beauty and Longevity

so if it’s possible to carry on successfully after a few years we should be able to continue on for many more, given that the inner consciousness state is in balance… countless reversing cancers and diabetes and many other dis-eases cases by simply eating a super nutritional filled plant based diet is more than proof
SPIRITual  EVOLution through FOOD  rEVOLution
 man does not poses the psychology nor the physiology to kill and eat other beings for food
a baby, given an apple and a bunny in his/her crib, he’ll play with the bunny and grab and eat the apple

it is out of our inner Divine inherited compassion, that we r not able to kill not because of cartoons we've watched as children
when we inwardly break ties with our truest source of existence, we lose touch with our Divine side and take a distorted form of truth path
when we overly use our intellect and neglect our feelings we create distortion within our mental, emotional, spiritual energy fields thus our bioenergy fields
left vs right brain
Food and mental health

if hunting was a natural thing for us, why the hunting safety classes, why all the disguise, armory?
why not going fearless, gunless, barehands , chasing on foot your prey and consuming it right there and then, raw, blood, veins and all, no cooking? Just like you eat a real food such as a fruit, vegetable, nuts, seeds, etc? raw, uncooked, right from the tree or from the earth

and as for the SPIRITUAL implications of our actions, how do you go about justifying the forced exit of a soul from his/her body through your bullet or arrow, way ahead its natural lifespan timing?

how will you go about THAT karmic debt?

you'd think that there is a reason why Creator created LONG lifespans for animals, and used much complexity in their shape, form, variety, for a very different purpose than only to become "food"
absolutely, every living form is consciousness and plants do experience feelings, that’s why after exploring deeper, turns out minimum damage compromise had to be made so we can temporarily self sustain our physical selves until we become once again the higher dimensional beings we once were, living off life-force alone, as the over 70,000 BREATHARIANS are now doing already
PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

Turns out, is not about RAW vs PROCESSED milk anymore but only about consuming MILK/DAIRY period, all together, regardless how “healthy” it may appear to be:


It is very surprising that those who spend much of their time in nature, didn’t observe this, with their nature observation skills
if all 7 billion+ people would go and steal RAW MILK from cows, what will remain for THEIR BABIES and what would become of this planet?

don't you find it suspicious and weird that humans are the only specie that steal another specie's milk AND all throughout adulthood?

we've been STEALING other beings milk for centuries
does it make it normal?

we've been having and living through wars for millenia
does it make it normal?

well, turns out, all the DAIRY propaganda is just that…we never needed it and here is a one of a kind insight about it which I’m sure many are not aware of:

dairy industry artificially breeds (rapes) cows for profit, thus the large# of them



humankind has lived by adapting themselves through wars, vaccines, chemtrails, commercial/pharma and non commercial drugs, smoking, energy weapons, fluoride, pesticides, hundreds of chemicals in personal body lotions, lies and deceit and consciousness manipulation...
does it make it NATURAL and NORMAL for us to continue to live under these conditions just because our bodies have been incredibly designed to adapt under most extreme negative conditions in order to perform their main function which is to KEEP US AS ALIVE AS POSSIBLE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE?
Should we not stand up and tell our warmongering leaders that creating war all these many years was and is wrong?
Conversely, is it possible that those indigenous tribes have also fell under the dark programming and consciousness manipulation, just like us, under the same powers to have been and they’ve been doing it the wrong way all this time?

the PURPOSE of LIFE is to LIVE not to DIE

some argue that we've ADAPTED to milk so we should continue to consume it...
now we learn dairy calcium in any form, be it raw or processed, is not a natural form of calcium for us and we can get our calcium through dark leafy greens and magnesium?
About natural calcium, bioavailable and easily digestible, everyone in the vegan community knows by now that there are many healthy sources and choices:

yes, we have most certainly adapted to digest most anything unnatural for us but not because it is good for us but because our bodies had to work full time and overtime to be able to digest all types of toxins, chemicals and unnatural foods in order to keep us breathing and moving…
just because our bodies have been pushed to keep us alive while consuming unnatural foods which were and are designed and created by nature for that particular animal offspring, not for human grownups doesn’t make milk as raw as it may be, any more natural than drinking of blood from other specie…
why do YOU believe you need animals milk secretions to stay healthy and alive? With so many natural sources of calcium/magnesium and plant based nutrients?
Haven’t we robbed enough our fellow earthlings of their life, freedom, joy and resources for themselves?
It is sad how with so many choices, many still use comfortably other beings’ skin/fur
With so many cruelty free choices to keep us warm and fuzzy?
After all, if we don’t  live at either North or South Pole where some spiritual compromise had to be made, where people and animals were needed to anchor higher dimensional frequencies and some agreement of sustenance for humans through animals have been made for temporary conditions until we will return our entire planet to her original tropical state…

it is as clear as daylight that we've never been anatomically designed to eat meat, as the above link widely shows with ourselves as proof
A simple trip to the bathroom, in front of our mirrors and looking at our hands, besides the other overwhelming proof, will make it as easy as 123 for anyone to see and understand this:

HUMAN OMNIVORISM myth debunked

“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

it is disturbing to learn that there are hundreds of thousands of hunters in each US state, adding up to MILLIONS of them…
the level of FEAR from the animals induced and perpetrated and sent back into our ether combined with factory farming horrors, coming right back at us day in day out…

if all 7 billion+ earth human inhabitants would take the advice advice to rewild and start killing wildlife for food, or buy “wild, natural, humane” meat from local farmers,  what would become of this planet? Again…

fear levels from wild animals vs. animal predators and human predators are endless
resonating back at us via the Unified morphic field of consciousness energy

you'd think that an omniscient, intelligent Creator has created the animals with such great detail for higher purpose
an omniscient Creator would not invest so much effort, creativity, attention to detail, love, in creating lifeforms only so they can be wiped off and consumed as foods, way ahead their natural lifespans are up

SPECIESM is a very deep spiritual illness…from it all other world problems we encounter today, have been created from:
SUPREMacism, ELITism, SPECIEsm, RACIsm, SEXism, how it all began

We need to evolve past this past and current state of thinking, feeling and doing things on this planet. The old methods proved and continue to prove that they don’t work.
There are now tens thousands of deer, bison, ostrich, geese, duck, fish farms.
Humanus ignoramus has kidnapped yet again, animals from natural habitat and start to confine them for profit.
Next thing we know is ARTIFICIALY BREEDING and larger and larger scale of INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL SCALE types of factories with WILD ANIMALS breeding and slaughtering.
Isn’t this how the COWS, PIGS, CHICKENS, TURKEYS, SHEEP/ LAMB, GOATS current industries have started?
All our current “domesticated” animals have been created BY THE SAME CREATOR which created HUMANS, to LIVE IN NATURE before humans and their controllers decided to play God only a distorted version of it and destroyed this world.
Are we sure that inviting a population of 7 billion and growing to buy “local grown fresh meat” doesn’t open the door to the same system which started it the current mess we are now in? Food for thought…
Are we not well overdue to come together creating really truly life sustainable methods of feeding our world without messing it again until we make it extinct all together? Again? We are working very hard now to rebuild it.
And have you heard that: 
we can now grow YEAR ROUND fresh, organic real food with NO ELECTRICITY
Growing Winter Organic Produce

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products
How about SUCH cool, amazing projects in healing and feeding our world?
Growing animals for food and killing animals for food has destroyed our world and world peace:




So, what is the ANIMALS’ purpose if not to feed hu-manus?



golden rules and principles are UNIversal, created by the same Source, for ALL BEings, with no small print, amendments and exceptions:

"thou shall not kill"
"do onto others what you'd want others do onto you"
"what we sow we shall reap"
Animals are highly intelligent beings. Their type of intelligence is hardly understood by humans. It is Divine Intelligence also known as WISDOM or SPIRITUAL intelligence.
Humans have been suppressing their Divine Intelligence for too long and instead misusing their human intelligence to create wars and destructive weapons used against themselves and their fellow Earth inhabitants.
Misusing our Divine gifts is what we’ve done best, under heavy negative influence to which we’ve been subjected to, long long ago.
Humans are spiritual beings having human experiences. Our true nature is LOVE, COMPASSION. That’s why we are not spiritually and psychologically and physically designed to kill.
It is through our inert and awakening, remembered and recultivated COMPASSION that we cannot ever become predators.
The animal kingdom very few predator species have fallen victims to some nasty genetical manipulations through a series of unfortunate events and experiments gone wrong within the lower dimensions which affected a vast portion of our physical universe and which has caused many millions of years of galactic battles and which is now well underway of being resolved, and transmuted back into LIGHT and PEACE. More on this topic within the links below and coming soon within public awareness domain via multiple channels.
This experiment gone bad and completely out of control has influenced humans as well as you’ll also have a chance to discover or remember it for yourself someday.
Every atom is intelligent conscious energy
so, are we not to breath and cease to exist in order to avoid inhaling living intelligent chi? We must eat something after all, at least most of us, or so we’ve been told (breatharian regular people and breatharian yogis always dispel this also)

in 3D, some compromise has to be made as to creating the smallest destruction and level of pain possible, thus the natural foods for humankind are the ones freely offered by our Mother Earth, such as fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds, nuts
animals are not food
In the midsts of ASCENSION, our  DNA is also being upgrading from 2 to 12 strand and we also learn through science that we can use our minds and hearts to PHYSICALLY CHANGE, CORRECT, HEAL our DNA

adapting to GMO foods, living through wars as "normal"

SO, aside from chemtrails, wars for peace, vaccines for health, what else has the elite been hiding from us?
what other lies have they been telling us if EVERYTHING we've been told was a lie?
our history, geography, science?
how about the very thing we do every day, several times/day?

FOOD, the most dangerous weapon of mass control

also, why comparing native tribes such as the african warriors who hunt lions to the general population when it comes to what's normal and healthy to eat?

just because they are strong, it doesn't also mean they are right
just like the elite is holding financial/political power, it doesn't make them right either
this planet has been hijacked unspoken millenia ago by extremely harmful beings who have misused their powers to destroy anything within their reach not only here but beyond, within the physical and astral realms..IT WAS THEM WHO HAVE TEMPERED WITH OUR CONSCIOUSNESS and have manipulated SOME animals DNA and through many other spiritual malpractices have brought us to the state we are just emerging out

and yes, the native tribes all over the world have also fallen prey to this system
the proof that killing for living was not natural or normal to them either is the fact that they'd apologize to the soul of the killed animals

whose family we rob of their children, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers when we decide to snap out that soul of an animal living in nature, loving his/her freedom and life as much as you and I do?

is that "wild, healthy" piece of meat worth the karmic debt you accumulate?

whose baby milk humans are stealing, be it "RAW or processed"
when can we awaken and stop playing God to nature, wiping off animals who "otherwise die anyway" and allow nature to do what she knows best, taking care of herself
when can we stop devastating this planet and her life under this pretense and that excuse?

when can we reclaim our proper EARTH GUARDIANS roles and not MISUSE it to kill and destroy life?

it's been within our collective, cultural, traditional consciousness and psyche for many millenia...
thinking it is "normal and natural"
thankfully, the Internet is saving our very souls

there is infinitely more going on that what we can grasp and perceive through our limiting 3D sense
we r just beginning to awaken after a very long, painful, traumatic amnesia

the veil is finally lifting

abusing, misusing our powers and gifts to do harm and destroy vs using them in a positive, healing, constructive vs destructive way and purpose

let's stop kidnapping of animals living in wild and artificially breed them
let's stop artificially breeding for domesticated (stolen from wild) animals and creating sanctuaries where they can live happy lives until natural deaths

we have them both: the power to do good or to harm
which one we chose to cultivate and practice?

Ascension is in full swing
the tide has turned
no one and nothing can stop or reverse it anymore

the old must dissolve and be transmuted so the new can be brought in
and it's already well underway

we now have spirituality, science hand in hand as well as millions of people including babies, children, pregnant women, athletes, bodybuilders and people from all walks of life, thriving on and healing from advanced stages of “incurable” diseases through vegan foods for many many years, some for decades, proving beyond any doubt that humans were never created to LIVE off killing other sentient beings
and we are making an evident fast return to that state of existence
in a few short decades
 veganism has spread like wild fire all over the world and not because it is a simple experiment but because it is evidently working and is our natural and only way of proper self a civilization and as a planet…always has been and will remain while in physical form...

not because it is a new age fad but because it is the only way we resonate with at all levels: energetically first, then spiritually, biologically and planetary...under the same roof

as we will come back on this planet in and throughout future incarnations, we will be pleased to learn that all people will have become vegans and breatharians for many centuries and thriving

as health/spiritual guides, leading entire crowds on a certain path, we ought to make sure it is the right path in every way, in complete resonance and balance with UNiversal principles of overall spiritual and physical well being since there is lots of karmic responsibility on our part 

those who are not in harmonic alignment with their true Divine selves will start to show physical signs of disconnect
if we show early signs of premature aging or our hairline is thinning it means that there are blockages within our crown chakras and that the foods we eat may not be the healthiest…all our energy disconnects, distortions, blockages and weak spots are reflected in our physicality, tendencies, impulses, attitudes , feelings and the foods we crave 

I took the time to write this message because those who read it are  well known public figures in the wellness community and have inspired in the past so many with their wisdom and knowledge about wellbeing issues.

when our energetic protective belt is low, for emotional, personal reasons or inherited through past lives unresolved issues we carry still within our energy body, we become an easy prey for parasitical entities is spiritually sound to question those thoughts and impulses entering our minds and influencing our behaviors and attitudes and views...ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO  RADICAL, EXTREME CHANGES we feel drawn to…

there are some who try eating vegan and raw vegan foods but after a few years go back to the old ways of eating dead foods…it would perhaps be helpful for them to go inwardly back in time, meditate for many hours and days and analyze their inner state at the time when vegan/raw vegan foods were not "good" for them anymore during those  years

there is far more at work behind our "free choices" than we can perceive

endless methods have been used to make it look like WE, BY FREE WILL have decide to do this or think that...

the same powers to HAVE BEEN (now in full demise and removal) who were behind planetary depopulation are the same who have carefully crafted the KILLING FOR LIVING deceit concept “necessity” for humankind...much is being explained through the links I've posted in this msg

one may feel is now at the right place and within the right space and frame of mind but no one can find genuine peace unless adopts non selective compassion and ONEness with ALL life
let us remember that even the illuminati feel they are entitled and rightful to play God, depopulate our planet and promote wars…feeling very good about it
meaning one can find artificial or genuine happiness in pretty much any space he/she decides, based on particular levels of frequencies they attract, maintain and transmit

consuming death related fear and torment and untimely life interrupted sorrow  infused food molecules from killing animals who are born and live in fear of humankind and other animal kinds, be it in the wild or confined, cannot give us what we're looking for...the ultimate spiritual escape and freedom

we are evolving and an entire solar system is being influenced by how we, on Earth are doing...there's only UP from where we come from…in many millennia

we cannot go back to a place where we've never really been as our natural spiritual state before we've got tempered with

The karmic responsibility on our behalf grows exponentially and direct proportionally with the number of beings we influence.
You are a beautiful soul and the world awaits your true Divine comeback, to inspire many once more. 

But if you’ve made up your mind about continuing this path, you always have a chance to continue on your 3D journey in 3D worlds with all their specific features if this is what you now resonate with

As we speak, higher dimensional energies are being anchored through ALL living forms into our Mother Planet which is just exiting her 3D realm entering the 4th density going 5th.

soon, all truth will be revealed and those who are not fully aligned with it, and who will continue with the old, will naturally lose charm

we've been created by intelligent design to sustain our lives and carry on basic spiritual treats  in and under harshest physical dimensional conditions

this is the reason why we have been able to keep on living and perform with/use our basic spiritual skills despite ingesting dead energies from dead, extremely low vibratory foods

but since the only constant in an ever evolving expansive Creation is CHANGE, we will always strive to adapt to a HIGHER and higher spiritual level which implicitly evokes and involves ALL of our other interconnected aspects: our mental, emotional, physical bodies with their representative counterparts in both our INNER and OUTER  dimensional selves at any given moment

always, with no exception, what we do and who we are in the spiritual affects the physical and vice versa

so, as it unfolds on our planet and beyond, CHANGE it is, once again, for the better, a more evolved state of existence

I hope you can awaken to and remember who you really are as spirit

if you treasure so much your time in the wild and freedom, think and feel how the beings you are hunting are BORN and living every minute of their lives in wild  and how much this means to them…and how they equally deserve their freedom and joy of being alive, continuing on with their spiritual mission and purpose
they have enough on their plate as it is with animal predators
they don’t need human predators also
whenever and however things start to go astray in the lower dimensions, we cannot fully grasp… yet we need to become good, open channels for the Source Energy Creator to correct things through and with us using our positive, PROlife, benevolent participation.
Planting seeds of remembering and awakening for ALL INCLUSIVE, non selective COMPASSION is the one and only KEY to Ascension and genuine, permanent, non reversible spiritual EVOLution out of the war created worlds by descendent beings.
For those who still crave the violence under any shape, form or reason, there will be plenty of 3D stages on 3D worlds where 3D dramas continue to unfold.

We’re energy drained more than most people know. If we create “proper” conditions for such. Which happens in most cases, and humanity, sadly not being aware of. Through our crystallized thoughts, mentalities and beliefs,calcified pineal glands, food mentality and choices, traditional, cultural influences (crystallized beliefs), etc.

Could it be that some of our peers’ in health movement “failure” on vegan/raw vegan foods was in fact a glitch of energetical nature and they’ve unintentionally and unknowingly blamed it or assigned it to  food? Besides not consuming perhaps the right combination, type and necessary calories of it?
Just more food for thought and heart pondering.
Should they ever reconsider to return to it, I’m most positive that when it comes to the right combination, quantity and types of foods you can thrive on, there are now many prominent inspiring amazing souls in the raw vegan/vegan food movement, who are also very much into the working out aspect, who they can ask guidance from: LIFE REGENERATOR and TENS upon tens of BODYBUILDERS & ATHLETES which you can find on this facebook album and under it, via many other links/posts as added comments, as the collection expands!/media/set/?set=a.10150324672319899.418505.571789898&type=3
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

On and for this planet, the Divine plan has a much higher purpose at this time.

And I couldn’t recommend anyone, highly enough the most important book written in our century, right on time for the stage we are at right now in our spiritual, planetary evolution.
The book it’s called WORLD PEACE DIET by Dr. Will Tuttle

World Peace Diet

last but not least, as we awaken from our deep spiritual amnesic slumber,
turns out


and that there is a big animals liberating rEVOLution through FOOD revolution in the world
I was stunned to learn that 9 out of 10 spiritual wayshowers (leaders, gurus, shamans, healers, etc), have not been able to piece the puzzle together about "killing for living" as a non natural way of existing...

besides the exterior malefic influences and manipulations on our free will, consciousness, awareness, DNA, etc which shaped our false beliefs about the real foods we've been designed to eat originally, the other major vital truth to be recognized is that ALL comes from the ONE Source and destroying each other to "live" cannot come from our omniloving omniscient Creator and it was only a distorted manipulation of things, transmitted to us via many venues...

as we speak, many spiritual leaders, when asked, continue to promote hunting and animal foods consumption as something normal, natural and even spiritual...and even getting offended and into a slightly mocking attack on those who are presenting this heart soul mind eye awakening material...those same spiritual wayshowers are into planetary healing and Ascension, failing to acknowledge the INTERconnectdness of ALL beings in the Universe and that the action of ONE affects the WHOLE...

these most basic principles and spiritual laws, imho are the foundational material upon which we can learn to become responsible co Creators...supremacism, speciesm runs deep, still, into our veins and perceptions, at unsuspected levels...our emotional, mental, physical, spiritual bodies are indeed affected by EVERY type of energy we ingest, especially food energies...

I’m still not sure that if someone is involved in etheric warfare with regressed souls, needs to eat low frequency foods in order to be a frequency match for those, as some sources said...not sure if eating fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds makes our vibration so high and easier to be invaded OR helping us to increase our light quota thus, making our protective energy shield stronger...

Pleiadians live off CHI, as I understood, yet, they've been going head to head with the lowest vibrational entities...Cobra's blog posting about Galactic Codex
has been immensely healing for me because it confirms that which was already within and has also inspired me to create another page to my blog about term we often use lately

however things were in the past, I strongly feel that as we awaken more and more, and with change being the only constant in the universe, our planet and all of her children are ready to take the next major quantum leap in spiritual and physical evolution <3


Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet

Planetary healing from the ground up (the Mother collection)

SPIRITual  EVOLution through FOOD  rEVOLution





2012 changes


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