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Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 


We owe it to the animals, our Divine brothers and sisters...for all the abuse, mistreatment, misunderstanding, the meat, feathers, furs, skin and other body parts, for their LOVE and GUIDANCE and HEALING! WE ARE KARMICALLY INDEBITED TO THEM! The only way to start paying our respectful karmic debt to them is by STOPING to consume, use and abuse them and STARTING to LOVE and protect them!♥


EVOLution as KEY word
Everything is moving, ever changing, and transforming energy in the universe.
Message from Agarthans, our INNER Earth family: 
For it is only through choice that freedom exists. For with freedom, comes the true joy of living. Without freedom, there can be no evolution; and without evolution there can be no continuation of life. A species either evolves or dissolves.  There can be no stagnation involved. So here is our opportunity to evolve in ever swifter spirals. =VeG5xrPdtCI  raising our planetary frequencies is the animals and humans and plants ORIGINAL sole purpose on Earth ... we need to remember that and return to it…the lower vibrations that have been created and COcreated and we emanate, the more we feed the static energy entities around the Earth...awaken, free, heal and spread the truth  without the low vibratory emotions of anger and, fear which only continues to feed that we try to transmute...the most positively powerful, proven approach is cultivating AWARENESS, practicing feelings of UNconditional love, forgiveness and knowing that we've chosen to be part of this big, fascinating page of Universal history in the making...and ultimately all is well


Expansion in Consciousness is never ending. Science agrees, consciousness is not attached to the body. That's why we live on, after "death"!
Feelings, desires, wishes, memories, experiences are part of consciousness. This is the ONLY baggage  we take with us when time comes to start the next journey on our eternal existence path.

The WARS are not the real cause of our problems and suffering in our world but the effects of our lack of ability AND desire to pause, reflect, understand and remember the ONEness and Divinity in each and every living breathing moving, different appearing, same Divine source created soul. The humanity's direct or indirect participation to the destruction of billions of our fellow Sentient beings known as animals, for endless and senseless reasons, creates and perpetuates aggression, fear and war in our individual and collective human psyche and outwardly expressions, actions and it sabotaging and interrupting our spiritual growth. How we think and, feel, what we do and eat, WE BECOME. Shaping our future destinies through present actions or NONactions. Chose freely offered LOVE filled foods.

The scriptures are saying that man has dominion over Earth and all of her resources and lifeforms. The man's aggressive and authoritative dominance with a spiritual superiority complex over all other lifeforms is a heavily distorted and completely out of tune with the Universal truth which is that: humans were selected and agreed to come here as DIVINE GUARDIANS, caretakers and protectors of Mother Earth and all other Divinely created lifeforms. The ALL loving Creator force would never appoint his/her children to abuse and destroy his other children. We need to rediscover, understand and LIVE the ORIGINAL and TRUE Christ teachings! Chose LOVE!

IF we are what we THINK, DO and EAT, then WHAT ARE WE BECOMING if we ingest horrible death fear feelings and thoughts of  other intelligently created BEINGS we call animals and who live/d unimaginable pain and suffering LIVES and DEATHS, transmitted and infused directly into our molecular structures of our bodies and the energy particles of our NON physical bodies as well as BUILDING the cells of our PHYSICAL body with DEAD food we call MEAT?
And if we are MAINLY powerful, ELECTROMAGNETIC (key word), transmitting receiving, radiating, emanating, transmuting SPIRITUAL BEINGS, CONSCIOUS SUBconscious and SUPERconscious, then let’s ask ourselves: WHAT TYPE of ENERGY are we: transmitting receiving, radiating, emanating, transmuting when we directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally when we decide to destroy other beings lives, consume and use them every day, all the time? What TYPE of energy WE BECOME? What type of energy we broadcast into our world and into Mother Earth’s etheric body, radiating right back at us?Energy is EVERYthing. God IS intelligent energy and expressed in infinite forms. CREATION is energy. Starting to ask ourselves such questions is a good place to start.

From any angle, perspective, belief or opinion one looks at, be it scientifical, health oriented, spiritual, human and religious, killing other beings for ANY reason becomes completely unjustifiable.

The immense, ON GOING FEAR, TENSION and DIStrust from the exploited and killed animals who live terrible “lives” and die terrible deaths in our human hands by direct, active or indirect, passive involvement and WHO become our clothes, shoes, experimental objects, entertainment and foods becomes OUR FEAR. It is being reflected in our attitudes and on our facial expressions. Observe the HUMANITY’s physical facial expression at large. It can all be FELT WITHIN and REFLECTED on the OUTside.

Recommending each other “humane”, “ethical" “organic” raised "meat" vs. industrial farming methods raised "meat" appears to resolve the RAISING part of our “humans playing false God” role in breeding beloved animals issue in our world. However, make no mistake and know that there's no “HUMANE”, “ETHICAL”, “RESPECTFUL”, “LOVING” way to take a life and we remain spiritually, karmically responsible for our deeds. The only way consuming flesh would become spiritually ethical is by giving grace and gratitude to the soul of an animal who has departed ON HIS OWN terms, in HIS/HER OWN NATURAL time, in his/her NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, accepting HIS/HER body as a sacred gift. It takes a SHARP object to SUDDENLY pierce through the LIVE BEING’S flesh, into VITAL areas (where LIFE was still FLOWING), and ABRUPTLY interrupting the DIVINE LIFE FLOW, FORCING THE SOUL ATOM (soul) to INSTANTLY EXIT from its PHYSICAL VEHICLE, into the ETHERIC realm, CONFUSED and LOST to “WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN?” in many cases WAY before the BEING’s NATURAL TIME TO PASS.
This, being the WORSE scenario. The BEST would be when the same happens to the ARTIFICIALLY BRED, CONFINED and TORTURED while alive animals within the FARM INDUSTRY, we SUPPORT as CONSUMERS. In THEIR case, the sooner the physical release from the unbearable, spiritually debilitating conditions, the better. The SALUGHTERHOUSES employees are on OUR PAYROLL. Since we can’t do it ourselves, we pay others to. 

“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

It's being known among some native Indians that they respectfully take the life of a buffalo in order to ingest Universal wisdom and knowledge stored in the buffalo's bodily flesh. When learning this, one can't help but wondering: can't humans access their own bodily flesh and auric field stored Universal wisdom or gathering it through our own spiritual vessels and connection to our Higher Self, for whatever wisdom lies in the buffalo and in the trees, is Infinitely abundant and available both WITHIN and WITHOUT, inside and outside ourselves, permeating every atom in the Universe?
Whatever the reason, what is considered being "ethical" or not, when will humanity start using its own Infinite resources and stop depending on others for it?

A very powerful paragraph  from the article below, by RevDrLee
It was one of my biggest questions, to God. When a young child dies, why can't they get into heaven? I have read reports, about young children having near-death experiences. And they are told, that they cannot come to heaven for one reason or another. I found out that the reason is, because these children eat meat. The density of the animal nature becomes theirs. Their frequency, "spiritual vibration", is enmeshed with that of the animal that they eat. They cannot interface with the energies of heaven. You must know, that we are talking about energy, as well as being appropriate. Think about all of the various belief systems, whenever they talk about highly developed spiritual people, they talk about them being light.

Do you realize, that everybody who has a near-death experience, says that they go through a tunnel, and they are heading upward, and it always says that they are told to go back because they need to learn something. Well here's the idea; when you die you turn into light, we are connected to the heavenly realms, "our source", through what is called in the Bible, "the Silver cord", in science this would be called a wormhole. Anyway, the reason people have to come back is because they are not in the right frequency to interface with their source.


So the ideal is this, even if God said it was okay to eat meat, we are still putting ourselves in jeopardy by eating the meat, because it changes our sub atomic frequency, our frequency is devalued, and when all is said and done, we will not be able to interface with our source. It would be like trying to mix water with oil. The question is, upon death, if you cannot interface with your source, where is it that you go? That is something I do not want to learn.

My added note to this paragraph: ONE OF MY BIGGEST AWAKENING MOMENTS was when I’ve realized HOW MANY SPIRITUAL people still consider nothing of ingesting sacrificed animals flesh and attending BBQ parties. How many CHURCHES have BBQ parties for RELIGIOUS celebrations. How ALL MAJOR religious celebrations are held AROUND millions of sacrificed animals.
Meat as “food” is the flesh of another sentient being who has been killed and most times lived in beyond cruel, tormented ways. The EMOTIONAL energy such as terror, adrenaline based FEAR (energy) permeates the subatomic particles of each flesh particle of the sacrificed animal, thus, imbuing the flesh becoming meat becoming “food”.
Therefore, when we ingest such type of extreme low vibrational frequencies, our energetic biofields (auras) also get permeated by the same energy. Thus, it is impossible to maintain HIGH vibrational frequencies within our energy bodies upon death. Since likes attracts likes, what RevDrLee says it makes perfect sense.
Where do we go from here it depends on the type of energy we’ve allowed ourselves to be made of, mind body soul. A last minute change in correcting our eating habits and perceptions about food may be good but nevertheless, many years of severe damage and traumas to our AURAS may take some serious time to UNDO, reverse and heal.
Thus, it must become necessary for all genuine spiritual seekers to consider their food options timely enough so that they can reach the highest realms possible when all is said and done with the current earthly life.
Investing into our spiritual future through our eating habits, beyond meditation, beyond reiki, beyond visualization. This IS most definitely one of THE MOST POWERFUL aspects of  LAW OF ATTRACTION with  willful commitment, conscious ACTION.  Animals and Consciousness
This is a call to mass is not meant to accuse or judge, for all of us have been and many still are part of the meat and other animal based products matrix through the shoes, clothing, furniture we wear and use...heavy, prolonged guilt for what we've done or what we are doing cannot serve the highest purpose of illuminating and liberating our souls and of the animals from this, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and most importantly the will from within and through the heart to change is what we now need...
A message from the animals:
"It is now a time of great awakening. We call
upon humanity in an invitation to consider that
we need your help in the healing of the planet;
we are its co-guardians, and are also here to live
a life of joy, love, and collaboration. That is our
sole purpose and mission. Please let us guide

~The Animals
excerpt from the amazing book: "The Animals' Messenger: A TALE OF TRUTH AND PURPOSE"

Author SHIRI JOSHUA, the animal human communicator
and the founder of S.O.U.L. Academy

WHY our frequency is HIGHLY important for our spiritual wellbeing?
Quoted text:
Research has proven that healthy bodies vibrate at 60 MHz or higher. (Yes, they can finally measure it!) At lower frequencies, dis-eases can manifest and a person can experience struggle, illness, accidents, victimhood, anger, shame, guilt, feeling separated from Creator - the list goes on.

At high frequency, a person can experience joy, happiness, balance, unconditional love, feeling a part of all things (Creator). Synchronicity and the ability to manifest what you desire are greatly increased at a higher frequency.

In our pursuit of "enlightenment" (becoming lighter), what we are trying to achieve is an incredibly high frequency, which we are able to maintain. There are numerous methods for increasing frequency.

Unfortunately, if lifestyle, beliefs, fears, and judgments don't change, the higher frequency can't be maintained. The point of high frequency isn't just for personal transformation.

 Holding a high vibration and radiating love (unconditional, non-judgmental) raises the consciousness of all those you touch with your energy field. A few of the things that lower frequency and keep you stuck where you are include: heavy, processed, and junk foods; negative words, thoughts, actions, and feelings; negative people and situations; artificial synthesized materials such as fluorescent lights, synthetic fabrics, synthetic foods, vitamins, and medicines; working at a job you hate; and mainstream radio, television, and newspapers - particularly the news.

Try to avoid the above as much as possible. Once you've raised your vibration, you can later go back to these things and they will not affect you to the same degree. However, the time away from negativity, in order to gather your energy and achieve raising frequency, isn't just a weekend in silence and then returning to your same old lifestyle on Monday.

Increasing frequency requires commitment, dedication, and effort over an extended period of time. Being around negativity lowers the vibration or frequency. The person who has worked on themselves and raised their vibration and increased frequency goes out into the workplace, the mall, etc. and people of lower frequency suck their energy.

The negativity of the thoughts and conversations those people are having and the electromagnetic radiation (EMF's) from TV and computer screens, fluorescent and halogen lights, is energetically draining. A person's energy can become so refined and sensitive that they literally can't handle being around "normal" people or crowds.

It's exhausting and it affects their health and energy level. Anyone can go off to the mountains, the desert, an island, and hang out only with people that have similar beliefs and frequencies, and have a life full of joy, love, and grand spiritual / meditational experiences. The trick is to learn how to maintain your higher vibration and continue to live and function in the real world.

So how do we make the transition? How can we go back into the world, shine our light brightly, and not be drained? That's a big leap. It's hard for many people to move past the draining effects of negativity. The great ones, however, learn to stay centered, pour forth love, and not become so drained they can't continue.

For example, Christ spent time with his disciples who had a lower frequency than his but not as low as the general public. However, he also healed the sick, spent time with the poor, dealt with the politicians, and taught to crowds. The scriptures say he went into the desert alone. Like all of us, he was increasing frequency and maintaining balance through fasting, silence, time alone in nature, and meditation/prayer.

Many physicians and healers, such as Deepak Chopra, M.D., Caroline Myss, Bernie Siegel, M.D., Louise Hay, and Christine Northrup, M.D. agree that almost all dis-ease is based on negative emotions and beliefs (unhealed past trauma). The only way to keep the body vibrating high is to heal the past trauma, eliminate limiting beliefs and lead a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lifestyle. When really high frequency (harmonic, not chaotic like electricity) is introduced, the negative (low frequency) stuff must surface. And then it can be healed.  Source:  The soul joining God, man and animal Neale Donald Walsch

God giveth the grains and the fruits of the earth for food: and for righteous man truly there is no other lawful sustenance for the body." ~ Jesus, The Gospel of the Holy Twelve (earliest known recorded words of Jesus)

'Thou shalt not kill any living thing,' for life is given to all by God, and that which God has given, let not man taketh it away.  ~Jesus, Gospel of the Holy Twelve
Wherefore I say unto all who desire to be my disciples, keep your hands from bloodshed and let no flesh meat enter your mouths, for God is just and bountiful, who ordaineth that man shall live by the fruits and seeds of the earth alone.  JESUS; Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 38

Verily I say unto you, for this end have I come into the world that I may put away all blood offerings and the eating of the flesh of the beasts and the birds that are slain by men.   JESUS; The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 75

Blessed are they who keep this law, for God is manifested in all creatures. All creatures live in God, and God is hid in them.  JESUS; The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; Lection 75
"Thou shalt not kill,"    Exodus 20:13 - Deuteronomy 5:17

Is Eating Meat Bad Karma?
Daily many of us continue to gorge ourselves on a meat diet. A meat diet made with slaughtered animals, animals who lived their lives in fear, anxiety, pain, suffering. When we consume these animals we also consume their pain, suffering, anxiety and thus live our lives with these very same thoughts. We display these thoughts through our actions with each other. Inside the animal is soul and because of that soul the animal has the right to life. Just like we do. So if the law of society punishes those who harm its citizens so does the law of nature with equal reactions for those who harm its citizens.

We are conditioned mentally to disconnect our food from the animal who was mindlessly abused to provide it, but the vibrational fields created by our food choices impact us profoundly whether we pretend to ignore them or not.

Practicing mindful eating illuminates these hidden connections, cleanses our mind, heart, and actions, and removes inner masks and armor so that it becomes quite plain to see.  Dr. Will Tuttle
World Peace Diet 

Perhaps in the past people thought they needed to enslave animals and people to survive, and that the cruelty involved in it was somehow allowed them.

It’s obviously not necessary for us today, as we can plainly see by walking into any grocery store, and the sooner we can awaken from the thrall of the obsolete mythos that we are predatory by nature, the sooner we’ll be able to evolve spiritually and discover and fulfill our purpose on this earth. Dr. Will Tuttle
Why Vegetarian? Sacred Geometry and Living Foods part 1 [VIEWABLE IN ALL COUNTRIES] – YouTube

   so…it’s 2012 or ASCENSION time…or is it? Is it possible to ascend considering the below facts currently STILL taking place on Earth and if YES, how so? How are we being able to get around this and MERGE them BOTH?
·         More than 6 million farm animals are killed every HOUR around the globe and over 60 billion each year. Wow, 60,000,000,000 has a lot of zeros! In the US over 10 billion animals are killed every year to produce meat, dairy and eggs. Everything is vibration, so how much good energy do you think is radiating from these animals who are being tortured in unthinkable conditions in factory farms or when ...they are being brutally slaughtered?

Let’s look at the bigger picture here. This very fearful and painful energy from these tortured animals are greatly affecting the whole planet on a powerful level. Where does all the horrifying fear energy go? It's absorbed into our beautiful mother earth, and to you and me, even though I don't eat animal products. It's very concentrated in the humans who eat the animal products and they don't even realize it because they are immersed in it. That adrenaline and fear energy is a dark heavy energy and transfers into your vibrations. How on earth can the high vibrations come through with that much lack of compassion and darkness across the globe?
Laurie Turunen

WARS  against other creatures, WARS against eachother 
§  EVERY MINUTE, in the world: 2000 RABBITS, 900 SHEEP, 500 CATTLE, 2,600 PIGS, 3,000 DUCKS, 1,200 TURKEYS, 84,000 CHICKENS, plus many more animals, get SLAUGHTERED and consumed as do your math and to view the LIVE ongoing chart of the # of slaughtered farm ...animals on a minute by minute account, visit 
§  AND
§, scroll mid main/home page on the left side...
§  simply time any minute, take down the START and FINISH # of each animal group when the minute starts and ends and do the math...does anyone really think that at this unimaginable rate of mass animals cruel genocide of which all of us are taking part by either ignoring, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, by consuming and using/wearing animals products, we will see PEACE and LIGHT on this planet?
§  all the PAIN and terror ENERGY, transmuted instantly into the FLESH of the slaughtered unfortunate being which HAD A SOUL, becoming "food" for our children and people in general, ingested and becoming ONE with our very own body and emotions and feelings, also, transmuted into the EARTH's ENERGY FIELD all absorb in our hearts and souls and minds...
§  all this fear, terror and pain ENERGY becoming US, do we really think that we will ever live to see a true PEACE in our world, where people will at last live in LOVE and shed their FEARS? Our overall karmic debt will be ongoing until we wake up and realize what terrible programming we've allowed ourselves to fall prey to, for too long! Interrupting a soul's life journey, regardless of his/her momentary bodily form, is interfering with Universal plan that each soul should live free, happy and a whole life.
 More details through this link


Eating for Light - Becoming the Stargate 



 it is always good to question and double question the sources of information which promotes cruelty and taking lives...our best guides are ALWAYS our INNER and HIGHER SELVES along with Christ Consciousness and Mother Father Creator...i personally doubt a whole lot ANY advice coming from any "spiritual master or chief" that gives the OK to take lives, since first off we were never PHYSICALLY designed to eat meat, so we don't have the physicality nor the psychology to kill and eat meat and the earth is BEYOND abundant with high vibrational nutrient rich/dense foods designed to nourish our spiritual and physical bodies for optimal spiritual physical health...

there are so many wrongs about "killing for living" from every aspect that as i've awaken and learned about all these, i got real busy and created this blog this mother link, many years of suppressed spiritual, physical, medical insights are revealed which offer the biggest possible picture for anyone who is genuinely interested and ready to get off the MEAT MATRIX...especially now, as planetary frequencies are on the ever increasing rise, our 90& DNA and brain will be gradually reactivated, our physical bodies transforming into lower and lower densities LIGHT bodies, we need to now move towards VEGAN RAW FOODS and as we reach our 5D home, we'll become BREATHARIANS...already, there are thousands of people on MOTHER EARTH with physical bodies who live off PRANA/COSMIC ENERGY for many many yrs and are very healthy...

MEAT consciousness goes millions of yrs back and in my blog there is abundant information, links, articles, insight about how, when, why it all started and where to from here...materials collected through a myriad of brilliant souls who have blessed and still are, our planet...a shaman friend of mine has invited me to a native indian gathering...the invitation mentioned special food cooked in indian native tradition...on the menu, there was the buffalo meat...

so i've asked her if she knew why such truly spiritual beings kill and eat animals...apart from the colder climates where growing real food during cold months was not possible, my shaman friend explained that the natives believe that by eating the animal, whatever wisdom and knowledge the buffalo accumulated in his existence, becomes one with them (humans) by consuming the buffalo's first, it seems almost logical and acceptable especially knowing how natives PRAY from heart before killing the animal and gives endless respect and gratitude during and after eating it, for the donated flesh body...

BUT, since i became more and more inquisitive about the accuracy of source information regardless of WHERE it was coming from, i've continued my INNER HIGHER SELVES dialogue and through intuition and information download, i've immediately, effortlessly received this very strong telepathic message: KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, don;t belong to ANY one particular is a co creative experience accumulated by the infinite souls created by Creator and SHARED through every atom in the infinite Creation, accessible and available to EVERY SOUL, ALL THE TIME, accessible by going INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY through our HIGHER SELVES...we don't need to kill the buffalo to get HIS/HER energy wisdom...THAT has already and IS always emanating via RESONANCE in AKASHIC RECORDS or ETHERIC BODY or our Mother Earth, avail for EVERYONE who wants and needs to dig it...MY experiences, YOUR experiences are not ONLY ours but belong and affect to/the WHOLE CREATION...many astral projection experimenters end up IN people's HEADS, becoming ONE with THEIR THOUGHTS...

SO, ONE EXPLANATION AFTER ANOTHER, as eloquent, spiritual, almost tempting to accept THEORIES and insights of WHY it is OK to KILL, to me personally don't resonate with the ULTIMATE truth...while no one is punished (accumulating much karmic debt) for killing a being when is done for survival purposes in harsher environments, with the new changes on our planet, we can now grow organic REAL FOOD ALL YR ROUND even in harsh climates through new technologies already here and many more to come...

URGENT MESSAGES from Crop Circles about 2012 /2013 - RED GIANT PHASE P2/2

The New Dawn.

It was never intended for Humanity to be raising families and living in large cities away from mother nature dependant on processed food. If you look back even a few hundred years half the diseases you now carry were unheard off.  To put it bluntly you eat the flesh of dead animals, do you not realize that this is of no good to you. I hear some say but we need it for iron to build healthy blood cells. I tell you that this is killing your healthy blood cells and causing many cancers as your cells are mutating in those more sensitive to flesh.  It is time to listen to your bodies. You are eating foods that are not live. Remember your are a living being and you need living food to keep you healthy as well as living water which when consumed by you will begin to show in your general well being and alertness. This is why we need to begin the process of educating the people.

It is very hard to cut through the unspoken eons worth of indoctrinating dogmas and propagandas for meat/animal foods eating...thank God much needed TRUTH is springing forth with might...while "killing for living and eating" may seem a matter of FREE CHOICE on OUR HUMAN part, this is one sensitive area that each person who still eats meat would greatly benefit to look into...leaving our meat addictions behind can be difficult unless we are blessed with a spiritual awakening...consuming dead food organic or not, creates dead cells in our living body...and now that we're learning through science and real life how animal protein is deadly for health, we are now left to explore the energetic/spiritual implications of our food choices including their karmic effects on our spiritual wellbeing and on those beings whose lives are abruptly and cruelly interrupted due to our direct or indirect actions...without the spiritual awakening and a serious health issue, it is hard to quit the meat addiction indeed...I am very grateful that my spiritual awakening helped me to lift the most massive weight I've carried around on my consciousness and in my heart for 40 yrs...I can actually taste the freedom within from the tormenting energies associated with animal products eating, organic or not...the type of "foods" we eat and crave is always directly proportional to where we are with our consciousness and on our spiritual path...any animal farmer can now have a chance to save their soul and become vegetables and fruits farmers...with so much information, we pretty much ran out of reasons why "killing for living and eating" is legitimate... for anyone who desires to move beyond 3D worlds...this info is for you: 

FOOD, the most dangerous weapon of mass control


Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD


FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO

Animal farmers awakening and healing

Meat of the future is here

COMPASSION and Animals

Supremacism, elitism, specism, racism, how it all began

Planetary healing from the ground up (MAIN LINK with many other related)

Eating meat, while lowering the vibration, also impairs the aura which is our natural protection against negative parasitic entities that need hosts to feed on through the vicarious experiences of negativity, which is their food. The idea of killing animals and eating meat was introduced by the interstellar reptilian invaders as a way to dumb us down so we could be easily controlled.

Eat your way to higher consciousness.

The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu text on spiritual conduct, classifies foods into three types:
1.     Pure foods ("sattvic"),
2.     Stimulating foods ("rajasic"), and
3.     Impure or rotten foods ("tamasic").

2.1.1 Pure Foods

Pure foods, which consist primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables, are said to bring calmness and tranquility to the mind. These foods are reputed to increase the clarity of mind and sweetness of disposition. They are especially recommended by those desiring spiritual growth and a meditative mind.

2.1.2 Stimulating Foods

Stimulating foods including spices, meat, eggs, onions, etc., are said to create animal passions and to cause a restless, unsatisfied state of mind. These foods contribute to nervous disorders and emotional outbreaks.

2.1.3 Impure Foods

Impure foods which include putrified, processed and preserved foods, decrease thinking capacity, dull the senses and contribute to chronic mental ailments. They accelerate the aging process and cause early death.  The act of the butcher begins with the desire of the consumer. Meat eating contributes to a mentality of violence, for with the chemically complex meat ingested, one absorbs the slaughtered creature's fear, pain and terror. These qualities are nourished within the meat-eater, perpetuating the cycle of cruelty and confusion. When the individual's consciousness lifts and expands, he will dislike violence and not be able to even digest the meat, fish, fowl and eggs he was formerly consuming. India's greatest saints have confirmed that one cannot eat meat and live a peaceful, harmonious life. Man's appetite for meat inflicts devastating harm on the earth itself, stripping its precious forests to make way for pastures. My question to omnivorous and carnivorous people is, how can someone practice true compassion when he eats the flesh of an animal to fatten his own flesh?

In my eleven years of vegetarianism it has become quite evident that vegetarian families have far fewer problems than those who are not vegetarian. If children are raised as vegetarians, every day they are exposed to nonviolence as a principle of peace and compassion. Every day they are growing up they are remembering and being reminded to not kill. They won't even kill another creature to eat, to feed themselves. And if they won't kill another creature to feed themselves, they will be much less likely to do acts of violence against people.

Food is the source of the body's chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and expressional patterns. If one wants to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then he cannot eat meat or eggs. By ingesting the grosser chemistries of animal foods, one introduces into the body and mind anger, jealousy, fear, anxiety, suspicion and a terrible fear of death, all of which are locked into the flesh of butchered creatures. For these reasons, vegetarians live in higher consciousness and meat-eaters abide in lower consciousness.

Meat and War
Karma– Is there a connection between meat eating and violence?
 My spiritual master said that if people stopped eating meat, there would be no more war.

Dr. Robert Morse: High Vibration Foods for Healing and Spiritual Growth 

The subtle energies of your food becomes your mind! UPANISHADS

PCRM | Power Plate Meals Across the Globe



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