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WHAT do VEGAN people eat anyway?

After taking the meat red pill and awakening to the protein myth, many people become vegetarians in the interim, then vegans then vegan RAW FOOD-ists which is best combination!

SOY is becoming questionable (soy free products are now popping up in health food stores) so, any other tofu/soy free vegan recipe out of the many thousands is great but ultimately, it is the RAW, LIVING, SUPER FOODS that will ensure a true healthy lifestyle besides the compassionate one.

KEY difference between a VEGETARIAN or COOKED VEGAN food lifestyle which focuses on cooked foods:
the ENERGY BOOSTING, astonishing healing powerful LIVE, NUTRIENT DENSE, 100% BIOavailable, WHOLE, ORGANIC food:

High vibrational fruits
Raw fruits and vegetables
Nuts and seeds
Sea weeds
Wheat Grass
Super Foods
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Myths about Vegetarianism

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Kale recipes!

Natural and Organic Foods. Unnatural Prices.

 "Secrets to Healthy Cooking" Figanna Ice Cream - Dr. Fuhrman


The Perfect Veggie Burgers

If I told you that I found the "Fountain of Youth" and the only legitimate way to guarantee a life time of pristine health for you and your family, reverse any diseases that you may have, look and feel better than you have ever felt before, save millions of animals from a torturous and unethical death and save the planet from an inevitable ruinous, dilapidated, decaying and tragic fate, you would ...say, "What have you been smoking?" Well, first of all I do not smoke and secondly I have found the "Fountain of Youth" and I would ask you, "Why are you killing yourself, millions of animals and the planet?"

The "Fountain of Youth" is cheaper than spending $1000's on plastic surgery, bottles of prescription pills to control diabetes, heart pressure, cholesterol and obesity. My "Fountain of Youth" is morally cleansing and physically exuberant. You will wake up every morning and jump out of bed like you did in high school and your body will not crave that processed salty bagel with a smear of high cholesterol and 100% fat cream cheese and a cup of coffee that gives you a false surge of energy....

My way, your body will crave a 16 ounce glass of carrot/beet/parsley/kale/apple juice and a handful of mung/adzuki/garbonzo bean salad with sprouted quinoa and a dash of lemon and cayenne. My way of fueling your body is to nourish your organs and vital cells . The other way of eating is fueling cancer, diabetes and heart disease, not to mention, destroying the future of your children and future generations.

We will all run down and give money and time to "Save the Children" or give a few buck to the Hatti Relief Effort. What would you give to "Saving the Planet?" What would you give to "Saving Your Own Children?" What lengths would you go to save your own destiny of chemotherapy, prescription drugs, years of aches and pains and a triple bypass heart surgery? Probably if you ask people these questions, they would say "Sign me UP!!!"

It is just that simple to "Sign UP." Become Vegan, adopt the philosophy that animals have feelings and suffer and our planet is precious and there isn't another one to move to.......Notice I didn't engage in God. We control our own destiny and if you are waiting for God and Superman, you will die in intensive care. Take your destiny in your own hands and LIVE! I don't have any books to sell or any $299 bottles of pills. I just want people to stop dying, stop killing animals and stop destroying the planet.

We consume twice as much protein as we need when we eat a meat-based diet, and this contributes to osteoporosis and kidney stones. Animal protein raises the acid level in our blood, causing calcium to be excreted from the bones to restore t...he blood's natural pH balance. This calcium depletion leads to osteoporosis, and the excreted calcium ends up in the kidneys, where it can form kidney stones or even trigger kidney disease.

Consuming animal protein has also been linked to cancer of the colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas. According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the director of the Cornell-China-Oxford Project on Nutrition, Health, and the Environment, "In the next ten years, one of the things you're bound to hear is that animal protein … is one of the most toxic nutrients of all that can be considered."

Eating meat can also have negative consequences for stamina and sexual potency. One Danish study indicated that "Men peddling on a stationary bicycle until muscle failure lasted an average of 114 minutes on a mixed meat and vegetable diet, 57 minutes on a high-meat diet, and a whopping 167 minutes on a strict Vegan diet." Besides having increased physical endurance, Vegan men are also less likely to suffer from impotence.

Burgers & Fries - Jeff Novick's FAST FOOD DVD - Vol 2


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