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HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD

HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD
Full circle

PHYSICAL food is a SPIRITUAL state of being.
Physical food we CONSUME and CRAVE is a direct, and clear measuring stick of our INNER FREQUENCIES, EMOTIONS, SPIRITUAL BEING.

EVOLUTION is an inheriting, natural and necessary aspect of CREATION.
EVERYthing and EVERYone needs to EVOLVE or else, LIFE WILL EXTINCT ITSELF. 
Once upon a time when humans came on Earth, they were sustaining themselves with LIFE FORCE or PRANA or CHI (QI).

Subsequently, we became fruitarians

Through what followed, as our consciousness frequencies have been tempered with, we’ve started to consume lower and lower vibrational “foods” by participating to the destruction and self destruction of our planet through repeated misuse of our powers.

Much has been suppressed from us until now. A great deal of deliberately hidden insight and information is making its way BACK into our awareness and REMEMBERING, helping us to reconnect with our TRUE Divine and long forgotten nature, awakening from our eons old amnesic state.

The TRUE KNOWLEDGE, the GREAT BOOKS are opening and making themselves known once again.

And so, we now connecting the dots by tracing our Divine ancestry on this planet and beyond, dispelling many myths we’ve been subjected to.
The information that follows on this page and in this blog has been specifically put together to help any and every soul who feels compelled to awaken and heal at deepest levels, have an assisted, smooth transition.
Quote from one of the most important books of our times: REVELATORIUM which needs to be read chapter by chapter without skipping in order to be fully understood. Repeated reading is also recommended, as it updates with new insight. Reading it at least 3 times in a lifetime will help your spiritual path beyond imagination.
This quote explains how humans should sustain themselves with Life Force. Of course, this is how it ORIGINALLY was and how ULTIMATELY we’ll re become as you shall see after viewing the materials in this page.

“Within the physical co-ordinates of a temporary third dimensional time line each kingdom should sustain the one above. The mineral kingdom in the first spatiality should sustain the vegetable kingdom in the second spatiality, the vegetable kingdom should sustain the animal kingdom in the third spatiality.
 You should sustain from inductions into the Holy Grail within the open dimensionality of the fifth. If other than that then the time line is aberrant. The Holy Grail is part and parcel of the frequencies of your Scorpio astrophysical frequency."

Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency 

HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD
Full circle through human Devolution and spiritual rEVOLution



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SOMETIMES in our FUTURE but already staring J

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