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The TRUTH about SOY and TOFU

The TRUTH about SOY and TOFU
The MEAT/DAIRY/EGGS industries would COLLAPSE if they would allow the TRUTH about SOY/TOFU to remain unaltered and manipulated  

If SOY would make breasts grow larger, it would be the BEST selling SUPPLEMENT in the world AND Asian women would be the most gifted with natural large breast sizes WHILE Asian men would all have MOOBS

The Truth About Soy: Is It Healthy or Dangerous?

Not All Soy Products Are Created Equal

PCRM | New Study Shows Soy Products Protect Women from Breast Cancer Recurrence

Finally – The Truth About Soy (and the Weston A. Price Foundation) –

Menopause & perimenopause
Soy: a natural solution in menopause   

 Soy Estrogen Myth is False - Derek Poundstone

The difference between ESTROGEN and PHYTOESTROGEN 


TOFU truth 

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