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SPIRITUAL trauma of MEAT eating on our children

Children are leading us back into the Light.
Watch them closely, listen to them attentively.

Follow the children, the animals and your heart...they know our way back home...

Children have no notions of fear, disgust, hatred and judgment
They are PURE LOVE
Everything NEGATIVE about them has been taught, passed on and acquired through social, familial and karmic misguidance.

 Any parent, who believes that animal foods are NATURAL for humans to eat, is invited to take this test:

The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST


The human cycle of violence will not stop until we stop the underlying violence, the remorseless violence we commit against animals for food.
We teach this behavior and this insensitivity to all our children in a subtle, unintentional, but powerful form of culturally approved child abuse.
Our actions condition our consciousness; therefore forcing our children to eat animal foods wounds them deeply.
It requires them to disconnect from the food on their plates, from their feelings, from animals and nature, and sets up conditions of disease and psychological armoring. The wounds persist and are passed on to the next generation.    Dr. Will Tuttle


Red Meat Not a Healthful Iron Source for Infants

Children have no notions of fear, disgust, hatred and judgment
They are PURE LOVE
Everything NEGATIVE about them has been taught, passed on and acquired through social, familial and karmic misguidance.

What every loving parent needs to learn about
SPIRITUAL trauma of MEAT eating on our children
Those who are truly VEG awaken/ING don't be shy or reluctant to help your children, families and friends to also awaken and heal...for INITIAL resistance will transform in overwhelming GRATITUDE from THEIR SOUL, some day down the road.

Once WE know, it becomes our spiritual duty to also HELP THOSE WHOM WE LOVE to also HEAL at this deep level.
The other day, while checking out in a supermarket through the SELF-CHECK OUT line, sadly, I see a beautiful 8 years old girl, holding in her TINY hand a HUGE, BLOODY chunk of RED MEAT, helping her mommy to scan the grocery products they bought.
Going back in time down the memory lane, as a child, when my loving, beautiful mom, who LOVES ALL ANIMALS, would also take me to the butcher shop to BUY FOOD, I felt compelled to create and dedicate this page to all parents and children out there, in our world and to the victimized animals due to the millenia indoctrinated cultural omnivorism trance amnesia, from which the time has come to awaken and heal.

No one is too young or too old to be helped. And this is the highest form of sacred LOVE and spiritual activism & service for them, the planet, Creation and ourselves.

LOVE your children?
Then this is the highest forms of LOVE and SERVICE any parent can bestow upon his/her  child/ren. Not only for the physical and mental health but for the SPIRITUAL long term wellbeing.
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency
A VERY POWERFUL PARAGRAPH from the article below, by RevDrLee
It was one of my biggest questions, to God. When a young child dies, why can't they get into heaven? I have read reports, about young children having near-death experiences. And they are told, that they cannot come to heaven for one reason or another. I found out that the reason is, because these children eat meat. The density of the animal nature becomes theirs. Their frequency, "spiritual vibration", is enmeshed with that of the animal that they eat. They cannot interface with the energies of heaven. You must know, that we are talking about energy, as well as being appropriate. Think about all of the various belief systems, whenever they talk about highly developed spiritual people, they talk about them being light.

Do you realize, that everybody who has a near-death experience, says that they go through a tunnel, and they are heading upward, and it always says that they are told to go back because they need to learn something. Well here's the idea; when you die you turn into light, we are connected to the heavenly realms, "our source", through what is called in the Bible, "the Silver cord", in science this would be called a wormhole. Anyway, the reason people have to come back is because they are not in the right frequency to interface with their source.

So the ideal is this, even if God said it was okay to eat meat, we are still putting ourselves in jeopardy by eating the meat, because it changes our sub atomic frequency, our frequency is devalued, and when all is said and done, we will not be able to interface with our source. It would be like trying to mix water with oil. The question is, upon death, if you cannot interface with your source, where is it that you go? That is something I do not want to learn.

My added note to this paragraph: ONE OF MY BIGGEST AWAKENING MOMENTS was when I’ve realized HOW MANY SPIRITUAL people still consider nothing of ingesting sacrificed animals flesh and attending BBQ parties. How many CHURCHES have BBQ parties for RELIGIOUS celebrations. How ALL MAJOR religious celebrations are held AROUND millions of sacrificed animals.
How many parents who LOVE their children and would otherwise do anything in their power to protect them, are totally unaware of the severe damaging effects on their children’s spiritual wellbeing from consuming meat. No amount of toys, material goods and well paid education can make up for the extremely detrimental effects to their current and long term spiritual wellbeing from ingesting the worse form of destructive energy matter.
 Meat as “food” is the flesh of another sentient being who has been killed and most times lived in beyond cruel, tormented ways. The EMOTIONAL energy such as terror, adrenaline based FEAR (energy) permeates the subatomic particles of each flesh particle of the sacrificed animal, thus, imbuing the flesh becoming meat becoming “food”.
Therefore, when we ingest such type of extreme low vibrational frequencies, our energetic biofields (auras) also get permeated by the same energy. Thus, it is impossible to maintain HIGH vibrational frequencies within our energy bodies upon death. Since likes attracts likes, what RevDrLee says it makes perfect sense.
Where do we go from here it depends on the type of energy we’ve allowed ourselves to be made of, mind body soul. A last minute change in correcting our eating habits and perceptions about food may be good but nevertheless, many years of severe damage and traumas to our AURAS may take some serious time to UNDO, reverse and heal.
Thus, it must become necessary for all genuine spiritual seekers to consider their food options timely enough so that they can reach the highest realms possible when all is said and done with the current earthly life.
Investing into our spiritual future through our eating habits, beyond meditation, beyond reiki, beyond visualization. This IS most definitely one of THE MOST POWERFUL aspects of  LAW OF ATTRACTION with  willful commitment, conscious ACTION.
HOW can we start helping our children?
Chances are, most readers of this blog have children who sadly have already been introduced to the MEAT/animal eating matrix. It’s no parent’s fault for EACH one of us has also been BORN into the same situation and so were our parents and grandparents and so on.
However, it is never too late to start to undo the negative effects of the meat matrix by following a few, simple, and common sense steps as suggested below.

As we look more deeply at our food, the healing of our children can begin, and our work can be resurrected as an instrument for blessing and bringing joy and caring to our world.
The unremitting conflict and oppression of history are unavoidable byproducts of confining and killing animals for food, as is the male role model of macho toughness that is required of both the professional animal killer (herder) and the soldier. If we desire to eat animal foods, this suffering is the unavoidable price we must pay.
May all beings be free and at peace,  Will Tuttle - our daily VegInspiration For The Day - our Prayer Circle For Animals Weekly Update - our new online self-paced WPD Facilitator Training

If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities, and we pass it on to our children, generation upon generation.

Our violent actions speak so much more loudly than our peaceful words, and this is the unyielding dilemma of the herding culture we call home.

The only way to solve this dilemma is to evolve cognitively and ethically to a higher level where our actions do not belie our words and force us into unconsciousness and denial, but rather align with and reinforce our words and the universal spiritual teachings that instruct us to love one another, and to have mercy on the weak and vulnerable rather than exploiting and dominating them.

May all beings be free and at peace,  Will Tuttle

"Mommy, what was this when it WALKED??" My mother looked stunned - she said "we couldn't think about that...or we would be vegetarians"...I was hushed up and told to eat my dinner...that there were children starving in India...and that I should be grateful for my food. Why weren't we vegetarians I thought??...I loved animals. It was all VERY CONFUSING. Years of brainwashing from every aspect of daily life -- has been a terrible betrayal to the HEART essence inside us. The little girl in me KNEW IT WAS WRONG to harm animals for food or any other purpose. It was not until years later that I discovered some of the truth about where our food comes from. I instantly became vegetarian. This year - thanks to more information learned here on Facebook - I became VEGAN. With KNOWLEDGE of the can there be any other choice? And to be able to live with yourself and find some peace on this earth.
Karrel Christopher

The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST

Food and mental health

Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle 

VEGAN nutrition

FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO

COMPASSION and Animals



Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

Simple suggested educational steps:
- Don’t buy into the MAIN STREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA…take the time and do your own research. The importance of doing so is priceless and available materials are plentiful
 -Self-education through the available vast Internet materials such as the ones in the PARENTS AREA
-Lead by example, become a vegetarian, then a vegan
-Learn to cook DELICIOUS VEG recipes from the many thousands available in this blog and else where
-Cultivate the love and respect for other beings into your child by sharing quality LOVE and ANIMAL MAGIC infused clips such as the ones linked below in the
-Talk to your children about the MEAT source and take a trip/vacation to any state/place where there is a FARM SANCTUARY where parents and children can reconnect with the beauty and magic of FARM ANIMALS in REAL LIFE. Chances are, both you and your child/ren WON’T WANT TO eat meat anymore whatsoever after that life altering experience.
-Continue to spread the same, forward onto the world
-View the links below to grasp the importance of all this and how everything is interconnected as a BIG PICTURE 

"As I sat down at the dinner table with my child, I looked at my plate and thought to myself...this too was someone's child." -Jaime Rothman
If any kid ever realized what was involved in factory farming they would never touch meat again. I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was a vegetarian.
--James Cromwell

Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

Even children know its wrong to kill - Go vegan. End animal use   Don’t buy into the MAIN STREAM MEDIA PROPAGANDA…do your own research

The PHYSICAL health aspect for children or the WONDER VEGAN BABIES

And simply Google: VEGAN BABIES for articles and fascinating pictures
 CHILDREN AREA (loads of ANIMALS MAGIC VIDEOS you can share with your children)
If any kid ever realized what was involved in factory farming they would never touch meat again. I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was a vegetarian.
--James Cromwell

Babe (1/9) Movie CLIP - Babe's New Beginning (1995) HD

Is Eating Meat Bad Karma?
Daily many of us continue to gorge ourselves on a meat diet. A meat diet made with slaughtered animals, animals who lived their lives in fear, anxiety, pain, suffering. When we consume these animals we also consume their pain, suffering, anxiety and thus live our lives with these very same thoughts. We display these thoughts through our actions with each other. Inside the animal is soul and because of that soul the animal has the right to life. Just like we do. So if the law of society punishes those who harm its citizens so does the law of nature with equal reactions for those who harm its citizens.

Justice, the 9 year-old vegan – YouTube


This material does not claim to replace any medical advice for sound health for your child/ren and yourself.
For any health advice, please consult a nutritionist, qualified medical doctor and intuition.

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