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“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

The HUMANE animal products MYTH debunked

My life experience has given me a better understanding of what is happening, and what a mistake it is to believe there is anything called "humane" slaughter. Animals have families and feelings, and to think that kindness before killing them is an answer is totally wrong. Humans have no need for animal products. And when we consume animal products, we're not just killing the animals. In the long run, we're killing the planet, and ourselves.
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While the humanely raised animals for food resolves the LIVING (physical aspect) part, it doesn’t solve the KILLING (spiritual aspect) part.
We’ve all been born into trauma, lies and deceit cultures. In every single area affecting our human lives and spiritual existence while in human form.

As we speak, we have about 7 billion humans on this planet who are traditionally, culturally, emotionally, physically addicted to MEAT, EGGS, DAIRY.

 As the world takes the MEATrix/eggs/dairy red pill about the horrors of animal industry farming, a new trend arises about humanely raised, organic, animal farming as well as an increasing demand for “wild meat”.

Many self appointed alternative health experts and spiritual wayshowers are heavily promoting “natural” organic meats, eggs and dairy.

The bio dynamical farms and wild animal farms are on the rise, attempting to replace the outdated industry farming.

Many good souls are now awakening from what truly takes place in our world, hidden in plain sight and, caught up in the middle of our collective and individual trauma based cultures and indoctrinations which still run deep in our consciousness they too adopt this new trend of belief and practice, of “humanely, compassionate animal farming”.
While at first, through comparing this new trend to the old and dying industry farming holocaust type practices, it appears that this could solve the cruelty part of RAISING animals for food, it doesn’t resolve the KILLING part.

WHO is doing it? HOW is being done (as if this would matter)? WHERE is being done?

This is a very sensitive issue, especially for those otherwise good souls who raise their own animals for "food", profit and/or run “compassionate farms”.

Because as we peel off more and more truth, we are forced to take that next step down the rabbit hole, starting to go DEEP within the very core, essence of our SOUL and address this as we should.

Many questions about HOW in the world have we got ourselves in such spiritual mess, to begin with, remain unanswered for most part, although bits and pieces of mostly untold truth are now surfacing, as we ready ourselves to accept, acknowledge and understand.

Going back to the compassionate farming…looking at both scenarios, one begins to question at some point: which is worse?

Raising countless beings in deplorable traumatic conditions and killing them in sadistic, unimaginable cruel way
Raising them in wide open spaces, with tender loving care, developing special bonds, getting the animals to trust us and then betray them by selling  and send them to have a horror filled ending in hellhouse (aka slaughterhouse)?

Damage at soul level is being done regardless and much healing will be needed for each soul undergoing such traumas, REGARDLESS of animal or human form.

The “backyard butcher cruelty” has already been exposed, anyone can google it.

And so, the same compassionate souls raising animals for profit in compassionate environments, will have to decide to shut down again and again their hearts and send those beings who have trusted the hand that fed them to hellhouse OR do the killing themselves. Is this our optimal solution?

But the problems only start here. Let’s explore this new “humane, wild meat” farming aspect from a historical and GLOBAL perspective.

Once upon a time, the current domesticated animals that are being raised for food, such as CHICKENS, LAMBS, PIGS, TURKEYS, COWS, HORSES, etc, were created by the Creator Source of ALL that exists, in NATURE. They were BORN and have lived in NATURE, millions of years before humankind descended on Earth.

They’ve been created for spiritual purposes, which is covered in more depth through the link below.
At some point, someone decided to kidnap them, hold them hostages and “domesticate” them.

Today, we are witnessing the effects of this form of exploitation, playing Dr. Frankenstein to God’s creation, bringing through artificial breeding, countless beings in this world, only to source them.

As the world awakens to these horrors and the DEMAND for “humane and wild” meat grows, so is the SUPPLY.

We now have over 1,500 DEER farms and the BUFFALO and OSTRIDGE farms are also on the rise.

We also have MILLIONS of HUNTERS in the US alone. MILLIONS. Hunting many more millions of animals every year.

We also kill HUNDERDS OF THOUSANDS of SENTIENT BEINGS, EVERY MINUTE, for food and misc. other uses. (simply watch the kill counter figures during ONE minute since you open the page)

ANY human holocaust PALES in comparison to the ongoing ANIMAL and PLANETARY holocausts, to which each and every one of us who are holding on to past, outdated, cultural, spiritual, traditional, social, mental, physical programings and addictions, through our lack of knowledge, lack of will to gain knowledge, denials, perceptions, beliefs, actions and non actions alike, as do-ers or consumers/buyers. CONTRIBUTES TO. 

From water, to land and air, we’re fishing, hunting, trapping, catching, raising , experimenting on, breeding and killing, everything and anything that moves and breathes. For unimaginable reasons.

The MASS parasitical form of existing is out of control. The definition for "parasite" is:
Each being is a PLANETARY cell with a specific purpose. We are devouring Mother Earth ANIMAL cells and all of her eco systems, through our eating habits and lifestyle practices.

Within an organism, one cell (human) attacking another cell (animal) is considering cancerous.

We have become the planetary cancer. Eating ourselves into self anihilation. With no care for future generations.
The individual, collective, planetary KARMIC debt we are causing, every day, through our apathy, direct, indirect actions or non actions alike, are staggering.

All the pain we are causing, we will INEVITABLY need to experience sooner or later in order to make it right at spiritual level. To learn. We already are. The dis-eases are at all time high and the fear we ingest through our foods is felt, experienced and reflected in our hearts, through our eyes and on our faces.

Forcing any soul OUTSIDE of his/her physical body against its NATURALLY DESIGNED TERM (life expectancy, as originally created by our Creator), regardless if it’s done fast and “painless”, with prayer, spiritual ritual and “purpose” causes trauma at soul level.


The ONLY compassionate way to go about raising animals for food in optimum natural conditions (FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS ARGUMENT ONLY) WOULD be to let them live free and happy, raise their own families and when NATURAL TIME COMES for their physical death, to be allowed to PASS ON NATURALLY, after which, you may THEN say a heartfelt prayer, asking with respect, the soul of the body if you can consume its body. That's right, even this is not our solution.

Farm animals living in free-er spaces experience more freedom while alive, but it still takes a brutal killing process, forcing the animal's soul abruptly out of his/her body and left with unfinished business at spiritual level…

Let’s hope that more and more become aware of the laws CAUSE and EFFECT (karmic laws) that hold us responsible for our actions...

In late 90's I’ve started to read tens of books on life after death, near death experiences, out of body experiences, astral projection, etc…
in one book's chapter it was a true story told by a guy who after a car accident underwent what is known as LIFE REVIEW process or the moments when your most recent life flashes in slow motion be4 your eyes with the most relevant moments pausing for SELF evaluation, with the help of your guides who discreetly stay behind you, assisting with the process...
so, in one of those moments, the guy started to RELIVE those moments when he was killing BUGS...he said: "I've started to FEEL EVERY PAIN...emotional and physical...of EVERY BUG I've EVER KILLED in my life, ONLY MULTIPLIED TENTHFOLD:
”I was terrified at the amount of pain I have caused without even realizing" (end of quote)...he said
 He came back into his body a complete changed man...and who can blame him?

We are not suppose to NOT harm another for fear of KARMIC backlash (self retaliation) but only through COMPASSION

However, sometimes, the Universe offers us a glimpse into the ultimate reality through such messages so we can make a deeper based decisions through our actions

point here is not to scare those who raise "meat" or support “humane raised meat” but as a pay it forward gesture/ invitation to self reflection and remembering that each of our thoughts, words, actions, non actions, knowing or not, do come with a karmic payout backlash as they should...for all that we do or are not doing…eventually, karmically all is catching up…

karmic law is the most brilliant, genius created law in the UNIverse, because it's the only SAFETY, PROTECTIVE mechanism against self destruction...when the FREE WILL to LIVE and be HAPPY of ONE BEing is not respected and is violated by ANOTHER being who choses to use his/her FREE WILL to HARM and destroy the  LIFE, FREEDOM, JOY of the other, then, the KARMIC LAW instantly makes all necessary amends, checks and balances at all levels in due timing
How else we can keep things on track in this infinite everexpanding universe?  I’ve created this blog where spiritual, physical/health/emotional, dietary, planetary sources of awakening and healing are offered, for all who feel the need to change and contribute to the betterment of our world and who feel the call to evolve out of our old, dying traditions, creating new ones...

 We now decide to give the cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys and lambs a break and we go this time after a NEW line of animals, kidnapped from wild, held hostage and CONFINE them in restricted spaces (farms) for our “humane, organic wild meats, free-range eggs and RAW MILK”.

If you didn’t start to connect the dots yet, to put it more directly, we now GRADUALLY START ALL OVER AGAIN, a NEW type of INDUSTRY FARMING movement/trend, only with DIFFERENT species.

Once upon a time, it all started precisely like this.
If ALL 7 billion of us meat, dairy, eggs addicted humans would grab guns to “hunt” for our food (as many spiritual groups still do and many spiritual self appointed wayshowers are doing it and even recomend/suggest it to others) and/or buy our food from biodynamic, "compassionate", "humanely raised", free-range, natural, family oned and operated organic farms, simply do the math on the enormous DEMAND, the shortage of SUPPLY, on HOW FAST we’d WIPE OUT the “wild”, natural animals kingdoms, and how OVERNIGHT, countless organic farms would AGAIN become INDUSTRY FARMS of DEER, BUFFALO, OSTRIDGE, etc, BESIDES the usual, known animals raised for food.

We now have the opportunity to move beyond ANY for of exploatation.

We don't need MORE, DIFFERENT kind of animal farms.

We now need VEGATABLES farms and FRUIT ORCHARDS.

Growing Winter Organic Produce

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products
By now, I’m sure that you start (sigh) to get a good glimpse in this not so bright future POSSIBILITY we are facing.

This major aspect covers the basics on why such type of “SELF SUSTAINABILITY”  is not really SELF and is not SUSTAINABLE by any measure.

Cannot be SELF because we’d continue to feed ourselves OFF OTHER beings and cannot be sustainable because we’d eat our planet into self extinction.

We could assume that an ALL loving, intelligent, omniscient Creator could come up with better ways to help his/her children creation, to self sustain/feed/nourish than KILLING for LIVING.

We could assume that an ALL loving, intelligent, omniscient Creator WHO HAS SPENT INFINITE AMOUNTS OF CREATIVE INTELLIGENT LOVING ENERGY TO CONCEIVE such miraculous LIFE FORMS, with infinite diversity, DESIGN DETAIL, beauty, splendor, years long life expectancies, COULD COME UP WITH BETTER REASONS and PURPOSE for all the creation than being DEVOURED as FOOD.

There are, REAL sustainable means to feed ourselves and thrive in synch with the new spiritual evolutionary direction we’re going into.

Our traumatic past  is no longer a good excuse to sabotage our very own present and future in the making evolution, returning to our TRUE peaceful, compassionate nature and to save our Hosting Mother Planet.

And, there will be far more and better sustainable solutions, as we awaken more and more, start educating ourselves, becoming responsible planetary and galactic citizens.

As the world goes vegan in a hugely unprecedented, unexpected, exponential way, for ecological, ethical, physical and spiritual reasons and as animal farmers are waking up and become public educators on the MYTH of HUMANE MEAT, so is our time.
All the freedom, peace and abundance dreams we have for ourselves and the planet, truly start where it all begun: in how we treat other co existing natural kingdoms on our beloved planet.

Karmic laws affect us in more subtle as well as evident ways than we are consciously aware of yet.
We cannot evolve by holding on to OLD, OUTDATED beliefs, perceptions, traditions and practices, if they involve taking another live, no matter the reason.

If our religions and current scriptures versions are telling us that the very Creator of ALL life requieres paganistic ANIMAL SACRIFICES to "PROVE OUR FAITH", and that our Creator has created other sentient beings for the purpose of feeding other sentient beings, then, we most definitely need to revisit, rewrite those scriptures and create NEW spiritual movements, reflecting UNIversal truths and principles.

If our parents have remained trapped in the past regarding the food aspect, we are now armed with mountains of awakening, enlightening and healing information so WE, as THEIR CHILDREN, can HELP them heal their wounded hearts and aching souls by sharing with them these timeless realisations and truths.

If our traditional health and nutritional professionals continue to recomend us unhealthy foods and bluntly refuse to merge with the ever increasing mountains of scientific evidence that humans are not designed to eat dead foods, then we ought to create NEW schools of nutrition...and we are already.

Our spiritual traditions involving hunting for spiritual purposes are also outdated and need a whole new principles foundation based on UNIversal laws: THOU SHALL NOT KILL, DO NO HARM.
We now need to BURST OPEN our hearts and minds…heal and free our souls and allow many others who have already awaken, to help us through the process.
There are a whole lot of incredibly awakening and healing materials below, collected through the cosmic collective consciousness, experience and insight. Through sources both physical and non physical.

Peace to ALL beings <3
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The Heifer Project is an example in which the goal is to feed people but the means include the exploitation of farmed animals. On the other hand, there are also many organization that help humans without exploiting animals, such as Food for Life and Sustainable Harvest International, among many others.
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