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Animals, 2012 and Ascension

We are in the midst of Ascension and 2012.
Indeed, much goodness is happening, both in the visible and subtle realms

However, there are some highly sensitive matters and topics that seem to be non present in any of our world’s major spiritual awakening and healing sources.

Thank you for the wondrous Light and messages for the planet during these times. I am one of the many earthly Light workers being involved in a multitude of tasks as a volunteer, since I was a small child. My global activism (self created, initiated grass roots) has taken many different forms according to one priority or another of the moment.
Right now, as I'm creating a few other efficient ways of reaching out to as many souls as possible, I found myself on a stumbling block of confusion about one urgent task, so evident which needs our collective attention yet so rarely mentioned or touched upon in 99.99% of all spiritual sources of planetary healing.
For this reason, I've created a page about it, on one of my global activism blogs and send it around to our most powerful Light Divine Love anchoring rods Light workers, such as yourself and others, in order to obtain some more insight about the why's and how's around this highly important and sensitive topic which seem almost forgotten or overlooked or unaware of, by many Light workers.
The reason we need more clarity and some specifics from the Heaven, on this particular matter it is so that many of us, Light workers doing this kind of activism among many other types, can obtain inner suffering, confusion and desperation relief and being able to make full use of our inner Lights and radiate and beam and attract our highest LIGHT potential for the planet.
Many like me find it very hard to move up and move on because of this overlooked heavy overload and almost never discussed issue of such immense importance affecting every living soul on our planet, at every level, consciously or not, 24/7. I've gathered that only through deeper and clearer insight can we move on instead of brushing it under the carpet, conscious detachment and ignoring it.
It is a most powerful task for all of us to tackle, the least known and talked about but nevertheless imminent to properly deal with it with help from the Legions of Heaven and from our Mother Father God. On behalf of countless lightworkers who are in pain and want to do more and more for the planet but are unable to move beyond THIS particular untackeled and overlooked topic, we are truly looking forward for some deep and clearer insight/relief information from our Creator through you and any other Angel on earth in human form there is out there and in here.
It would be beyond needed and priceless if Father Mother God would dedicate through you, a monthly newsletter to this particular topic. Preparing our bodies for Ascension involves stopping from ingesting destructive energies as a foremost foundation starting point and this is also covered in my blog/link in this message.
I’ve searched far and wide and with the exception of a very few, including and the animals’ rights groups, most of our spiritually channeled sources have not touched the subject yet, to the extent that it MAY need to be discussed and touched upon, considering that we are months away from December 2012.
May I please ask the Divine some highly important questions through any of you, most powerful channels of the Divine, on our beloved planet? Some of the very few who can bring forth an as accurate as it can be, feedback on the topic.
These are long time pondering questions within my consciousness and a source of so much inner suffering. And so are for many others Light workers in similar situation. Making it hard to carry on our missions because of the confusion we experience regarding this hugely important issue.
I am deeply grateful on behalf of many, for ANY insight on this

As a lifelong animals and people lover and helper but only 2 yrs a vegan in becoming, I've started to ask questions about Creation in general and received some inner feedback through higher self but still…there is perhaps a one last huge bit of information which I feel I still need some higher order confirmation to my intuitive sourced answer.
Over the last 15 years, I have read and seen many books, articles, clips and documentaries on reincarnation, NDE, OBE, life between lives.
In the books I read, it was explained how EVERY SOUL before projecting into the next life, based on the cumulative karmic effect up until that point and based on some available options which resonate with the souls BEST potential choice for further learning and karmic work, the soul FREE WILLS his/her OUTWARD physical projection into that whatever INCARNATING scenario is best benefitting his spiritual needs and karmic deeds.

I read how souls, through LIVE PREVIEW can actually PIERCE through the veil BEFORE projecting and get a TASTE of what WILL IT BE LIKE throughout their chosen incarnation circumstance, KNOWING AHEAD of time the parents, conditions, good and bad alike...

and this resonates with me deeply
What other thing that resonates deeply is that ANIMALS SOULS also get to CHOSE based on the same principle, the life that would BEST suit THEIR CURRENT SPIRITUAL PATH/STATE and also THEIR POTENTIAL KARMIC DEEDS AND DEBTS too
just like humans
so, if this is the case, observing in 3D LIFE the SENTIENCE of LAMBS, GOATS, COWS and other farm animals BORN INTO FARM INDUSTRIES death camps
I'm basically obsessing with the question:
WHY in the world did they CHOSE by FREE WILL to project themselves in such shocking, tormented, imprisoned filled life and ending it in such horrific way in a slaughterhouse?

Sure, there are many farms where these amazing beings live free and somewhat happier regardless of ending up getting killed by the very hands that FED them food

EACH of this SPECIE was an animal being living in the WILD, natural spaces, doing energy work for the planet and living their lives
UNTIL mankind kidnapped them and BRED them, "domesticating" them...
so, before becoming SOURCE (food, shoes, clothing, pillows, furniture, "entertainment", lab experiment "objects" for humans, the same way as humans have become source for parasitical entities), they actually HAD another purpose on our planet and based on inspirational reading through many wonderful Light sources and intuitive channeling, their TRUE purpose here is very much  so like that of humans: to serve as ENERGY ANCHORING RODS into Mother Earth to bring IN Higher dimensional energies in order to transmute the low frequencies, the souls trapped through the guilt vortex into the rocky planetary shields and to help Mother Earth to restore her initial CRYSTALINE STATE.

That’s why animals touch with their bare feet the earth, to properly ground higher energies…
Unlike humans who “modernized” and BLOCK this through “shoes” and of course the need for shoes in colder climates until tropical weather will come back for the entire planet…
So, considering some of these possible facts, I can’t help but wonder:
How on EARTH are the animals suppose to HELP anchor in HIGHER energies when:
More than 6 million farm animals are killed every HOUR around the globe and over 60 billion each year.
§  EVERY MINUTE, in the world: 2000 RABBITS, 900 SHEEP, 500 CATTLE, 2,600 PIGS, 3,000 DUCKS, 1,200 TURKEYS, 84,000 CHICKENS, plus many more animals, get SLAUGHTERED and consumed as FOOD...based on these charts
§  AND
§, mid home page the left side...

Isn’t this MORE damaging to the energetic planetary field than healing through their presence in utter misery filled lives and deaths?

If some of us believe that they have volunteering their incarnation here to do Light work, how are their tormented lives able to help raise our planetary frequencies?

If they came here for personal karmic purposes, why have BILLIONS of souls have been encouraged to be here now living such traumatic lives, when planetary energies need to be moving higher and higher?

How is ASCENSION occurring while these shocking facts at this astonishing rate are taking place on our planet every minute?
Creating the ENERGETIC ETHERIC SOUP we breathe in and out second by second?
Being in the brink of ASCENSION, we can’t help but wonder HOW  are we ascending when THIS genocide STILL takes place on the same physical planet which is to be ASCENDING…
I’m pretty sure there must be an esoteric BIG PICTURE explanation to this which I can’t fathom…but needs to be discussed among us.

Would it be possible to get some special insight from any of you about WHY would 60 BILLION souls, in SENTIENT, GENTLE beings, WILLFULLY project in animal bodies EACH YEAR only to live in torture and be killed afterwards?
And what is the SPIRITUAL BENEFIT in doing so, IF ANY for them and the planet?

How really damaging to the soul matrix is this kind of life?
REVELATORIUM (  was saying how FORCING A SOUL ATOM out of his/her body BEFORE the natural time is very detrimental at spiritual level based on universal law, using the example of ELECTRICAL CHAIR executions
Reading this, I’ve pondered on how humanity is doing this to at least 60,000,000,000 sentient, harmless, gentle, loving  beings EACH and EVERY YEAR
I wonder about the KARMICAL implications for us as a RACE  because most of us participate in it directly or indirectly (as consumers)
Also, I’ve put together 2 blogs as a global activist that I’ve found myself to become, this being my 2nd and working on the  3rd which will encompass many more topics, bridging the big picture where REVELATORIUM and its much needed teachings will have its own page.
In this link I’ve put together related stuff to the above topic and this blog is entirely dedicated to heal our planet through healing human animal planetary relation
Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

I am so desperate to learn RIGHT FROM THE SOURCE the reason for these atrocities at THIS HUGE SCALE and what BIG PICTURE benefit is IN for these poor souls and WHY have they chosen to come here?

Because if they DIDN’T WANT TO come HERE, NOW then this means they were “forced” to
Which doesn’t make sense

If they came here to benefit from the Ascension, how are they able to do so, through their untimely shortened cruelty filled lives, departing from here already with so much trauma in their souls?

But WANTING to be here under such debilitating conditions to the soul, doesn’t make sense either…

The way I see sometimes, on our planet, is a LIFE/SOULS RECYCLING, with huge #s of soul atoms coming and going…

I can see why someone who’d inflicted pain in the past to other/s  would chose a pain filled life to pay MERITED karmic debt
But when I look into these SENTIENT, divine, gentle, magnificent, healing, magical, lambs, cows, calves, goats being SOURCED I wonder WHY are they here by FREE WILL, knowing in ADVANCE of the AHEAD life based on LIFE PREVIEW.

To project as a DEER, or BUFFALO, even if you are hunted, AT LEAST you’ve had a fair share of “freedom” and joy.

But in the animal industry farming holocaust is a different story…

ZSL was mentioning in one of his articles how “COWS CAN’T WAIT to leave from here”
That’s when I’ve started to ask WHY did they come to such cruelty?

I don’t see how we can meditate and reiki our way out of this without ACTION based, WILLFUL COMMITMENT

We continue to Recreate the CAUSE of our sufferings, time and again, merry go round through our eating habits and quite ignorant attitudes towards the rest of Creation  

What is even more confusing is how many Lighworkers are completely unaware of this and they continue to INGEST animal flesh without thinking twice about the extremely negative effects on their LIGHT and physical bodies. They continue to do so while they anchor Higher dimensional frequencies onto our planet. And in most Light sources websites, the importance of first clearing our emotional, mental, physical bodies from this energy and ingesting high frequency, cruelty free foods, is hardly mentioned and heavily overlooked.
And of course, the elephants imprisoned in circuses and dolphins in marine parks and many other sources of pain for animals...but it is our day by day eating habbits issue that it's most urgent to deal with at many levels and obtain some much needed Divine guidance.

I’ve got SOME of the answers within but Divine feedback would make an entire Universe of difference to Light workers everywhere who have difficulties doing more for the planet because of this unresolved issue.

This is a general link with all other links in my 2nd blog

I dream that someday, all of our planetary LIGHTWORKERS' websites will have an entire chapter dedicated to the karmic effects of human supremacism over other species and the reasons why we are experiencing this still massive animal genocide in the peak of Ascension, as well as a more in depth insight on the topic of  animals and spirituality exclusively.

They are our teachers and healers in so many ways and humanity owes a huge apology and karmic debt to them in my spiritual view

I’ve put the bigger picture of this here (long read)  but I’m not too sure if it is close enough to the ULTIMATE truth

Supremacism, elitism, specism, racism, how it all began

When I woke up to these facts on our planet, I didn’t want to be here anymore and have gone through countless breaking points and sobbing, purging so much of the animals suffering through my bodies

Now I know that being here, doing this is how I can BEST help them and CREATION and I see myself doing this for as long as is needed in Creation

I intent to manifest a NEW EARTH conscious guiding school to help younger generations awaken, understanding these truths and heal.

And this will be among the MAIN SUBJECT studies.

Suppressed knowledge and spirituality will also be shared plus healing from the deepest cause of our spiritual and physical problems.

That’s why beloved Angels your insight on this topic is so needed, to be able to stir and guide in as accurate direction as possible, inviting others’ to also rediscover these truths. Healing our deeply wounded healers souls and helping others to CONNECT the dots for world peace and healing.

Your feedback on this topic would be beyond PRICELESS.

2012 has come; here we are ASCENDING while all this is happening still…is it possible and how so? What more, besides awakening the masses on this subject are we suppose to do about it?

Which nevertheless is both very hard because we remain in this extremely sad energy but also liberating because the heavy weight is gradually lifted off our tired shoulders and hearts. Are some of us who feel that this is the closest and truest to our hearts to do so for the planet will remain behind in 3D worlds to continue this work, thus unable to ascend into our new 5D world?

Because if this is so, I would personally choose to remain behind and continue the awakening of the masses instead of Ascending.

However, it is very hard for us to envision how the SAME ascending physical planet, our very Mother Earth is able to ascend with her physical body if these traumatic daily events continue on her surface and within her emotional body. The world is certainly awakening to this but it will take many years for a tangible, more evident transformation…given that December 2012 is so very near, we wonder how all this is tied together?

From our Alpha and Omega, Father Mother Creator perspective, I wonder how all this looks like

Endless GRATITUDE and Infinite Love for your precious, priceless ongoing work on our planet and beyond!

Animals, 2012 and Ascension

Dear Human, Earthly, Heavenly Angels and Guides, please help us with your Divine guidance and much needed insight!

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