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PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?
"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different. "---Hippocrates 

What are we suppose to eat?

ANIMAL based foods?
PLANT based foods?



HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 

Each of us needs to make up our own minds and reach an intuitive and informative based decision. Whichever MOST resonates with YOU after viewing the materials in this blog, that road you might need to choose at this time in your eternal existence. We’re just waking up from a very long and deep amnesia. We’re barely starting to scratch the surface of what has been hidden from us and we’ve forgotten about. Opening both our minds and hearts as much as possible, will make this journey highly uplifting, liberating and healing. 

This page and this blog has been created and shared for pure INFORMATIONAL purpose.
This is no medical advice. Consult your intuition and health advisor for any health related life style changes.
No one is responsible for your life decisions except yourself. Responsibility and maturity in any personal decision making process is a prerequisite.

Between OMNIvorism, VEGetarianism, VEGANism, VEGAN RAW FOODist, 100% RAW FOODist, FRUITarianism and BREATHarianism, HOW exactly can we even begin to search for truth?
The answer to this question is WITHIN YOU.
The major, positive transformations in our Universe, galaxy, planet and consciousness are assisting more and more humans to adopt WHATEVER form of nutrition they feel they are ready for, at THIS point in their journey.
The OLD way of thinking, perceiving, doing, eating is quickly being replaced by the new.

Throughout this blog, enough information through OTHERS’ RESEARCH, INSIGHT and EXPERIENCES has been gathered under one roof. But, ultimately and essentially it is YOU who will FIND OUT YOUR TRUTH and who will shape YOUR PATH.
It is what YOU and YOUR intuition will do with THIS INFORMATION and HOW you’ll use it.
Best of all, open up your heart mind and allow your intuition to guide you. You are not alone.

A brief history…
Once upon a time, our planet had an ALL YEAR ROUND tropical climate, to which will eventually return.
Due to a cosmic event, ACE (Aetheric Coronal Elements)

was greatly diminished and deserts/ETHERIC (AETHERIC) ICE  formed

Originally, HUMANKIND should’ve physically sustained by inducting 5th dimensional energies, before the cosmic event brought the planetary conditions to lower frequencies.

“Within the physical co-ordinates of a temporary third dimensional time line each kingdom should sustain the one above. The mineral kingdom in the first spatiality should sustain the vegetable kingdom in the second spatiality, the vegetable kingdom should sustain the animal kingdom in the third spatiality.
 You should sustain from inductions into the Holy Grail within the open dimensionality of the fifth. If other than that then the time line is aberrant. The Holy Grail is part and parcel of the frequencies of your Scorpio astrophysical frequency. “

As we speak, the process is now reversing back to its origins, with the planet and her inhabiting life forms returning to full consciousness into 5D realms, also known as ASCENSION. Which explains the explosive, almost overnight veganism raw food movement and the more and more breatharians already present on our planet.

AFTER the eons old cosmic event detailed in   
animal life has been introduced by Creation all over our planet  to anchor higher dimensional frequencies and help Mother Earth restore her former crystalline self.
The very deep CRYSTAL caves WITHIN our planet are a testimonial to this. ROCK SHIELDS formations are covering the crystal layers. URANIUM has been introduced to BREAK DOWN the SOLID ROCK and create SOIL which can grow TREES and other life forms such as grass, herbs, grains, vegetables.
Compromise through soul contracts have been made between souls incarnated in animal bodies to help one another for the greatest good of all. As such, in EXTREMELY COLD, HARSH areas it is OK that animals consume other beings so they can self sustain while doing energy work for the planet.
Same has been done with DOLPHINS/WHALES who are HIGHER DIMENSIONAL beings doing massive energy work in our oceans and who consume fish.
DOLPHINS, WHALES and their SPIRITUAL purpose on our planet

Fish has been also temporarily brought in our oceans to feed mankind so that humans stop destroying other Earth Beings who are also in charge with anchoring higher dimensional frequencies into our planet.

So, basically, unless we exist in extreme, harsh, nourishment scarcity conditions, such as North and South poles, humans should feed themselves with foods that cause LEAST amount of suffering and harm to the planet.

HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 

Because of wars on our planet, mankind has migrated way up North in harshest conditions.
In such extreme cases, meat consumption is somewhat acceptable and a compromise between souls is being made.
However, where growing FREELY OFFERED food through Mother Earth is possible, meat consumption is not natural.
Even, before the GEODOMES GREENHOUSES (growing INDOOR RAW FOOD during winter time) have been created,  

Growing Winter Organic Produce

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products

humans could harvest VEG foods during warm seasons and dry/dehydrated them for winter consumption.
The only humane way to consume another creature’s body is to WAIT until natural physical passing occurs and through meditation ask permission from the departed soul to consume his/her body, in gratitude for his/her bodily gift.  Not BEFORE the soul is READY to LEAVE its PHYSICAL HOST but AFTER.

Resources: the Universe and
ZS Livingstone 

The articles’ author (ZS Livingstone) has also co-authored the GREAT BOOK about Creation, opened at last

The (known) Origin of Our Food: Either Plants or Animals

excerpt from CHAPTER 1

The Origin of Our Food: Either Plants or Animals
In our culture, the distinction between food items that come from animals
and those that come from plants is sometimes deliberately blurred
and overlooked. In explicitly recognizing the obvious, though, we
empower ourselves to understand more deeply.

Food of plant origin is most often the fruits and seeds that are freely
released from certain plants. For example, grains such as wheat, oats,
rice, corn, barley, quinoa, rye, and millet are the seeds and fruits of cereal
grasses. Legumes such as soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans,
and peanuts are the seeds of leguminous plants.

Fruit-vegetables like
tomatoes, squashes, peppers, pumpkins, okra, eggplants, and cucumbers
are the fruits and seeds of herbaceous plants.

Fruits and seeds
released from trees and other plants make up many of the other plant
foods we eat, such as apples, oranges, bananas, papayas, avocados,
breadfruit, melons, grapes, lemons, plums, peaches, cherries, apricots,
olives, figs, dates, and other fruits; blackberries, strawberries, blueberries,
cranberries, raspberries, and other berries; pecans, walnuts, hazel-
nuts, macadamias, cashews, almonds, coconuts, and other nuts; and
sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa, flax seeds, pine
nuts, and other seeds.

Some foods are seed-bearing flowers, like broccoli,
cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and artichokes, or spore-bearing
fruits of underground fungi, like mushrooms, or starchy tubers like
potatoes and yams. A few are roots, like carrots and beets, or leaves,
like chard, cabbage, and lettuce, or stalks, like asparagus, celery, and

Behind the plant foods on our plates, we see orchards and gardens,
fields, forests, and seasons, and people nurturing and tending plants. If
they are organically grown with sustainable and small-scale methods,
we see the beauty and abundance of the earth yielding delicious and
healthy foods to hands that practice caring and work in harmony with
nature’s rhythms.

Looking deeply, we see that there is very little suffering caused by
eating these foods; most plant foods are fruits and seeds released from
grasses, herbs, trees, vines, and other plants.

In addition, unlike animals,
which are mobile and thus need a nervous system with pain receptors to
help them avoid self-damaging behaviors, plants have nothing analogous
to a physical nervous system or pain receptors. Since they are rooted
and stationary, there is no reason for nature to grant or evolve mechanisms
that would help them by allowing them to feel pain.*

Food of animal origin is either the actual flesh and organs of dead
animals, or animal excretions appropriated for food. In the former class
of foods is the muscle flesh of a variety of animals who are killed to produce
the foods that are the centerpieces of most of our culture’s meals.

The flesh of fish and shellfish is typically referred to by the animal’s
species, such as tuna, catfish, salmon, lobster, crab, and shrimp. Though
amphibians and reptiles are less commonly eaten in the U.S. than in
some countries, frogs, turtles, and alligators are nevertheless raised here
to produce frog’s legs and turtle and alligator meat for human consumption.

* While some may argue that plants are nevertheless capable of suffering, this would be all the
more reason not to consume animal-based foods, because it requires enormous amounts of
grain to produce meat, eggs, dairy products, and farmed fish. It also requires the devastation
of forests, prairies, and wildlife habitat for pasture and to grow these grains, and the destruction
of marine ecosystems. See Chapter 11 for further details.

The flesh of birds is also referred to by the animal’s species, as
when we eat chicken, turkey, duck, emu, and pheasant, and differentiation
is often made between different types and colors of flesh, such as
breast and leg, white meat and dark meat.

In contrast to the above, the
flesh of other mammals is rarely named by species but as a particular
“cut” of flesh, such as loin, sirloin, flank, rump roast, shoulder roast,
rib roast, T-bone, brisket, or as pork, bacon, ribs, veal, lamb chops,
venison, mutton, ground beef, hamburger, hot dog, baloney, sausage,
and ham.

Certain internal organs are also eaten, particularly the kidneys
and livers of young mammals, the fattened livers of ducks and geese
(foie gras), and, less often, the stomach tissue (tripe) and the heart,
tongue, brains, and feet of certain animals (sometimes referred to as
head cheese).

The milk of lactating mother cows, sheep, and goats is
drunk and eaten as butter, yogurt, cream, and a variety of cheeses. The
latter are formed using rennet, the stomach lining of slaughtered calves,
to coagulate the milk. Birds’ eggs are also appropriated for food, as is
the honey excreted from the bodies of bees.

In contrast to plants, which naturally produce healthy and nourishing
foods that involve little if any suffering, animals are routinely dominated
and attacked in order to obtain the flesh, milk, and eggs we
humans eat. This clearly involves suffering, for we all know with utter
certainty that taking a knife and cutting into the skin of a dog, cow, cat,
chicken, rabbit, or human is totally different from cutting into the skin
of a tomato or grapefruit, that biting into the leg of a pig cannot be
compared to biting into a fresh apple.

The renowned ethologist Konrad
Lorenz once remarked that anyone who couldn’t see the difference
between chopping up a dog and chopping up a lettuce should commit
suicide for the benefit of society. We know today that all vertebrate
animals are endowed with central nervous systems with proprioceptors
that are sensitive to a variety of painful stimuli, including being
cut, burned, crushed, confined, electrically shocked, and subjected to
cold and heat, noxious smells, bruising, and chafing, and that they feel
psychological pain as we would when they are physically confined,
their babies are stolen from them, or their innate drives are systematically

Living by causing LEAST harm possible.
PLANTS are SEASONAL DRY OUT if not consumed and new foliage grows, replacing the old
Animals have YEARS LONG life cycles. An animal life’s should not be cut SHORT to become “food”, shoes, coat or to be used for many other purposes.
Fruits and vegetable are being OFFERED by the Creator through Mother Earth.
Animals lives are being STOLEN from them. 
Plants are HIGHLY ENERGETIC PATTERNS SENSITIVE, therefore their recorded responses to outside stimuli. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Do Plants Feel Pain?

Secret Life of Plants and Telepathy

Experimental PROOF - PLANTS can READ YOUR MIND & have Consciousness!!!

The Secret Life of Plants (1973) is a book by Peter Tompkins
Christopher Bird, described as "A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man."

Killing Plants
When meat-eaters run out of excuses to eat dead animals, they usually spew one of two inanities. First, they promulgate respect for the vegan lifestyle, and ask for some respect in return. Of course flesh-eaters respect the vegan way. What's not to respect? Are we too compassionate, too merciful and too altruistic? Meat-eaters begging for vegan respect is akin to NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) pedophiles asking people who don't rape little boys for respect. I don't respect people who choose cruelty. I don't respect a pedophile's choice to molest kids. I don't respect a rapist's desire to violate a woman's body. I don't respect a thief's desire to rob banks. I don't respect a Nazi's belief that Jews, blacks, gays, etc. are inferior and should be exterminated. I don't respect lifestyles based on hatred and discrimination.
The second inanity of meat-eaters is attempting to indict the vegan lifestyle by claiming that plants suffer and die to feed the vegans of the world. Yet, I am still searching for People for the Ethical Treatment of Carrots, Last Chance for Broccoli or Apples Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow. People for the Ethical Treatment of Carrots doesn't exist because everyone knows the difference between taking a carrot out of the ground and slicing a pig into pieces. Everyone also knows the difference between mowing a lawn and tossing a live baby male chick (egg industry) into a rendering machine. If one does not understand the difference, then that person is disingenuous, irrational and illogical. The fact that some people compare carrots to cows proves how muck-deep in oppressive thought meat-eaters truly are.
Allow me to explain further how absurd it is to think that plants are akin to animals in any way. My wife recently visited her parents and noticed the 20-year-old cactus in her childhood bedroom wasn't doing well. After perusing some gardening sites for tips, we CUT the cactus in half and set it out to dry in the sun for three days. We re-planted it with some succulents and now it is thriving. If you truly believe that plants and animals are one and the same, then cut a human baby in half and see what happens. Better yet, go to your local hospice center and heal them by cutting everyone in half. The truth is that if this website discussed the suffering of carrots and tomatoes, or I gave speeches about cashew cruelty, or I presented footage of people picking apples from a tree and raged about the apple-plucking, you would be laughing your ass off and texting your friends about my insanity.
Even from the meat-eater's perspective, it's just illogical to speak of giving rights of freedom and bodily integrity to insentient plants while causing sentient animals to suffer and die by the billion! Plants—unlike animals—are insentient beings void of central nervous systems, lungs, hearts, kidneys, intestines, blood, ears and eyes. They do not defecate or urinate either. Nobody screams in horror when their neighbors are mowing the lawn (grass is a plant, too). But if neighbors were slicing pigs into pieces on the front lawn, there would be tears, physical interventions and the proper authorities would be summoned to stop the bloodshed. Plus, if people honestly believe it's wrong to eat plants, they could always choose the ultra-vegan lifestyle of fruitarianism (eating the fruits and nuts that fall from trees). From a Judeo-Christian-Islamic perspective, the Garden of Eden was a fruitarian haven. From a physiological angle, humans are actually fruitarians/frugivores (see the HUMANS ARE HERBIVORES section on this page).
The epigrammatic philosopher Voltaire once said, "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." When it comes to pain and suffering, the screams, the blood, the writhing, and the fear that animals exhibit trump the so called "waves" of plants.
But just to show how thoroughly disingenuous this so-called "plant-killing argument" really is, let's suppose for the moment that the meat-eaters who invoke it really believe that their vegan counterparts cause plants to suffer and die. Even if that were the case, these meat-eaters would be logically committed to switching to veganism right away! If you've studied the two sections on animal-based agriculture above, you already know that carnivorous societies destroy many more plants than the vegan ones do. In America, 70 to 80 percent of our corn, wheat, oats and soy are fed to the 10 billion land animals killed annually. Worldwide, 60 to 70 percent of the world's plants are fed to 60 billion land animal killed annually. If humans stopped eating animals, fewer plants would be harvested; remember, a single vegan directly consumes about one-tenth of the plant material that is either directly or indirectly consumed by a single carnivorous human. Veganism is still the ONLY solution to this problem, because fewer beings—sentient and insentient—would die if humans, who are physiologically herbivorous anyway, ate plants directly. Even the Council for Science, Technology and Agriculture, a group of animal agriculture people, stated in the early '90s that all the crops in America could feed every human on this planet twice-over! However, there had to be one stipulation; everyone would have to be vegan!
Sadly, these facts make little or no impression on meat-eaters who seek refuge in the plant-killing argument because they really don't give a shit about plants any more than they give a shit about the suffering of animals. They're just groping desperately for yet another lame excuse to eat meat.
Some meat-eaters claim that vegans indirectly kill animals because tractors that harvest crops unintentionally kill some animals. The worldwide premeditated killings of 60 billion land animals in slaughterhouses and 90 billion marine animals in the waterways are diametrically opposed to the accidental tractor-killings in a field. Even our unjust legal system recognizes the difference between a premeditated murder and an accidental killing. Since farmers don't use their John Deeres to intentionally crush gophers and snakes, you never know when, where, or whether it's going to happen. Slaughterhouses INTENTIONALLY kill animals for meat-eaters. No one intentionally kills gophers for vegans. I've volunteered at SASHA Farm animal sanctuary for over 15 years. When we mowed the hay fields, there were times when a snake or a field mouse ended up in the bales of hay. This never made us intentional killers. It made us people in the 21st century who rely on machines. When we use machines, accidental killings of animals and people will occur. Isn't it conveniently hypocritical that the meat-eaters who bring up the animal-tractor issue still drive a car or truck, even though those machines kill millions of humans annually worldwide? These accidental killings are okay with meat-eaters because meat-eaters aren't human-killing addicts. They're animal-killing addicts. And addicts are the most insane, illogical, excuse-filled people to ever deface this earth. Addicts are ALWAYS irrational when it comes to their habits. Have you ever known an alcoholic, a cigarette smoker or a heroin user to be rational or ethical when it came to alcohol, cigarettes or heroin? Of course not. And there is NO such thing as a rational—or ethical—meat, dairy, and egg-eater when it comes to animal issues and whether humans should be enslaving, murdering and eating animals.
Vegans tread lightly and cause the absolute minimal amount of unintentional suffering to this planet and its inhabitants. Meat-eaters cause the MAXIMUM amount of intentional and unintentional suffering to this planet and its inhabitants because it is unreasonable to intentionally starve millions of humans to death by feeding around 65 percent of the world's grains to 60 billion land animals, to murder 60 billion land animals and 90 billion marine animals with premeditation, and then accidentally kill wild animals with tractors. With veganism, we could eliminate two problems instead of living with three!

For those who believe hacking up a dog and hacking up a lettuce are the same thing... Plants feel pain too; vegetarianism is also violent, because the big grain-harvesting combines kill little mice and voles;

If we truly care about plants mice and voles so much, we need only recall that eighty percent of all grain grown in the US is fed to animals to produce flesh, eggs, and dairy foods; switching to a plant based diet actually saves plants as well as the small creatures who live in the fields. Hundreds of millions of acres of verdant forests and wildlife habitat have been and continue to be destroyed in order to grow the corn, soybeans, and other plants we feed the billions of animals we eat every year. Millions of acres of tropical rain forests are being devastated to provide cheap beef for American fast food outlets as well. If we really care about plants and animals, going vegan is an excellent way to help ecosystems, habitats, and animal populations recover.

Also, there are plenty of plants which give us their fruits, nuts, seeds, or we can eat the roots off after they die out naturally....there are some plants which give us grain without us needing to kill them. Yes, by all means...lets become that kind.
The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST
When it comes to FOOD, the most common argument from the semi awaken people is the fact that it doesn’t matter WHAT food we eat since ALL is LIFE. Animals are sentient and so are the plants.
In response to this aspect, and for all people who are not able to make a difference between a BEAN and a COW, for those who cannot distinguish the difference between an APPLE and a PIG, for those who can’t tell the difference between and ORANGE and a TURKEY, between a TOMATO and a CHICKEN, between a CABBAGE and a LAMB, between a CARROT and a DEER,  I came up with the idea of a TEST which can be done by anyone, in order to EXPERIENCE BY THEMSELVES, firsthand what FEELS NATURAL for us to eat and what doesn’t, when it comes to FOODS.
Indeed, PLANTS are sentient living beings too.
Just like everything else in Creation, they are INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS.
Also, what we breathe in order to exist is called LIFE FORCE or Cosmic Energy or PRANA or CHI and it is all INTELLIGENT LIVING ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS.
The question becomes: how can we live as cosmic beings in a limited biological body and sustaining ourselves by causing the LEAST amount of harm.
Otherwise, if all is perceived as THE SAME, we should stop breathing altogether in order to avoid destroying the LIFETRONS we take in, or, since there is “no difference” between this life form and the other from an ENERGETIC point of view, let us all begin consuming ONE ANOTHER and see how THAT feels.
While we strive to understand the depths and mysteries of Creation all the time, we can use basic, evident, available means and tools of learning and experiencing which can readily offer us instant feedback on things we are not quite certain about when it comes to important decisions and realizations of truth.

Here is very simple way for you to find out which way is the right way to eat:
take a trip with your children (or niece/nephews) to a nearby fruit orchard and a vegetables field...while you guys walk, pick a fruit or take a vegetable and observe your feelings and your children reactions...OBSERVE the APPLE’s or a CARROT’s reaction when picked or plucked…observe the APPLE TREE’s reaction when you pick its fruit or the EARTH’s reaction when plucking vegetables…then, after washing it, eat them with your children...spend some time and feel the energy around and observe your inner state of feeling, your heart rate, state of mind and that of the children in your company…take some food home and consume it while observing how your heart, mind and body feels like during and after eating it

then, take a trip to a nearby slaughterhouse (where all the "organic, humane, free range raised" animals end up), WITH your children or nephews/nieces and try to spend 10 minutes in the parking lot where the trucks with animals arrive, observe the process of unloading the animals, then ask those in charge to allow you and your children to be part of some slaughtering process for 10 minutes...then, buy some meat and cook/eat it when u get home...while in the slaughterhouse parking lot and during the process, observe your feelings, your state of mind, your heart rate and your children's reactions...
Compare it with the same back in the fruit orchard and vegetables field

now that you've imagined this scenario even remotely close to the reality of actually BEING there in person, in BOTH scenarios, you've got yourself an error proof answer about whether or not eating organic, “humane raised” meat and animal products is natural for human being PRESENT at the very source of our foods and checking HOW WE FEEL and how our children react should be a no brainer in finding out the TRUTH...PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?
PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

and, if you decide to actual experience this TEST, you can start with a VIRTUAL Tour, in order to save up time and gas$$

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HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD 


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