joi, 22 decembrie 2011


The MEAT matrix and RED PILL

"• its hard to sift through the propaganda. Meat industry is LARGE and run by only a few families really. They will do anything to protect their "golden goose"
world renowed body building champion

The TRUTH is hitting everyone real hard but NOTHING compares to the pain endured by billions of sentient beings every year! Save your souls and learn the truth before is too late. Earthlings Meet your Meat (narrated by ALEX BALDWIN) Factory Farming: A REPORT CARD - Part 1 of 5 El Reino Apacible ( Peaceable Kingdom) 1/4 Farm To Fridge - The Truth Behind Meat Production Meat the Truth - Part 1 of 8 Farm Animals and Us Part 1 of 2 HAPPY DAIRY undercover onvestigation What you never knew about dairy The Dairy Truth

MC DONALDS anyone? The World's First Bionic Burger McDonalds Food - The Truth Inside McDonalds Meat Processing Plant The REAL Egg Industry - (part 1 of 5) - Fowl Play Documentary The Hatching Egg Industry - Part 1 Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows book trailer Time to Wake Up -

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