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OLD food industries go extinct while NEW ones are born

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

Livestock producers near 'breaking point'

Tyson Foods, the nation's biggest meat company, reported that its profits fell 61% in the most recent quarter due in large part to lower consumer demand for chicken and beef, and for rising costs of grain. Please visit Lower Demand for Meat Weighs on Tyson's Results   
It’s fantastic news to learn that people are eating fewer animal products and that mega-companies like Tyson are not invincible by any means. After all, Tyson and other business that profit from exploiting God’s animals depend entirely on the support of consumers. Fortunately, every day more people are learning about the devastating effects of the animal agriculture industry. The decrease in Tyson’s profits is a step on the right direction. 
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Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association

Meat-Free Product Sales Are Rising as Meat Consumption Falls

U.S. milk sales reach lowest level in decades

Calif. expected to lose 100 dairy farms

Plant Closed by USDA Supplied Beef for In-N-Out Burger

Meat-Eaters Responsible for Veg Meals Rise

Meat consumption is down and it seems logic to thank vegetarian and vegan people for this; however, the good news is that this positive trend seems to be caused largely by meat-eaters looking for healthier, delicious veg options when dining out and in their homes. http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2012/11/08/cover-story-meat-eaters-lead-rise-in-vegetarian-options.html


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