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1 – Human, 2 – Cow, 3 – Cat, 4 – Dog, 5 – Horse

Why humans are primarily plant-eaters by design

Early man was NOT a hunter-gatherer (VIDEO) -

The human "omnivore" - a mythological beast

The definition of HERBIVORE   

Ancient 'Nutcracker Man' challenges ideas on evolution of human diet

If our bodies had a genuine requirement for the nutrients in meat, wouldn't we begin salivating at the sight of raw, bloody flesh... Renowned anthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey says that the human body is poorly adapted to eating meat. He regards modern man, our ancient ancestors, and our closest living primate relatives - all - essentially as herbivores. Our required nutrients are all available from plant sources, and there are millions of people whose lives testify to the fact that we don't need to consume animal products in order to survive, or to thrive.

 As John Hopkins anthropologist, Dr. A. Walker discovered, circa 1979, via human teeth striation research, Man developed as an 'exclusive' fruit-eater for thousands of years. See his May 1979, 'bombshell' of a NY Times piece, in which he concludes, '...our early human ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses. Nor were they omnivorous. Instead, they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit...'

A simple, cleansing, diet, suited to both his internal physiology - i.e. length of digestive tract designed for plant-foods, affinity for alkaline foods, need for fiber of plant-fare, etc - and his obvious, 'external,' physical traits. Like, his bipedal nature. Lack of snout. No 'loads' of sharp teeth; hands, made for grabbing, holding, the fruit of tree - not claws, for tearing of flesh...

Such a diet served him well, health-wise, for generations. He lived, when juxtaposed against today's, more 'advanced version' of self, in relative harmony with his surroundings; at comparative peace, with his own nature. This - a MASSIVE chasm between his current level of health, and that of his more 'primitive' ancestors - has been well-noted by such researchers as J. Robbins ('Health at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of The World's Healthiest And Longest-Lived People), Australian Dr. Abramowski, Prof. A. Ehret, Dr. Day, M.D...just to name a few.

Did you know that science doesn't support the claim that humans are natural omnivores... World renowned anthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey says the human body is poorly adapted to eating meat. He's concluded that all the great apes, including humans, are essentially herbivores. If our bodies were well-adapted to a diet of animal products, wouldn't we have highly acidic digestive tracts that would allow us to safely eat the bacteria laden, decomposing bodies of animals... and wouldn't we have a more natural way of dealing with animal fats and cholesterol than open-heart surgery...

if veganism is an 'experiment,' it was as well, for our early ancestors. As Johns Hopkins anthropologist, Dr. A. Walker has proven, via fossil teeth striation research, we were EXCLUSIVE fruit-eaters (no meat, seeds, nothin!) for thousands of years, leading up to 'homo erectus.' Fruit-eating? With no meat? It was good enough for early Man. And is, as well, right now - given the opportunity! :)
Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat?

Did God Designed Man to be Plant Eater?

 Frugivore vs carnivore   

“To awaken from the cultural trance of omnivorism we need only remember
who we are.

We have neither the psychology nor the physiology for predation and
killing, but due to the culturally indoctrinated mentality required by
our daily meals, we eat like predators. We become desensitized,
exclusivist and materialistic, forgetting that we are essentially
consciousness manifesting in time and space. As consciousness, we are
eternal, free, and benevolent.”
 May all beings be free and at peace, Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet) 

Freelees MEAT RANT!

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