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Jeff Sekerak, the SUPERFIT VEGAN

Jeff  Sekerak, the SUPERFIT VEGAN

WPD activist and planetary way shower
How to 'rekindle fires,' of true health? Eat natural fare. Treat All as ye would be treated. Run barefoot through fields of grass. And, drop 'Twinkie,' slowly 'back away...'

As John Hopkins anthropologist, Dr. A. Walker discovered, circa 1979, via human teeth striation research, Man developed as an 'exclusive' fruit-eater for thousands of years. See his May 1979, 'bombshell' of a NY Times piece, in which he concludes, '...our early human ancestors were not predominantly meat eaters or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves or grasses. Nor were they omnivorous. Instead, they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit...'

A simple, cleansing, diet, suited to both his internal physiology - i.e. length of digestive tract designed for plant-foods, affinity for alkaline foods, need for fiber of plant-fare, etc - and his obvious, 'external,' physical traits. Like, his bipedal nature. Lack of snout. No 'loads' of sharp teeth; hands, made for grabbing, holding, the fruit of tree - not claws, for tearing of flesh...

Such a diet served him well, health-wise, for generations. He lived, when juxtaposed against today's, more 'advanced version' of self, in relative harmony with his surroundings; at comparative peace, with his own nature. This - a MASSIVE chasm between his current level of health, and that of his more 'primitive' ancestors - has been well-noted by such researchers as J. Robbins ('Health at 100: The Scientifically Proven Secrets of The World's Healthiest And Longest-Lived People), Australian Dr. Abramowski, Prof. A. Ehret, Dr. Day, M.D...just to name a few.

Where, oh where, I ask, did he lose that peace, that sense of 'inner and outer' harmony; that, more 'pristine' way of being!?

Was it after some great cataclysm or flood, described by so many ancient cultures, swept the globe? When a fruitful, plentiful earth, became arid, sparse; and good produce, increasingly difficult to find? When he first placed fire to flesh, and found its taste and texture, so tempting; then, subsequently, addicting? This, seems one possibility.

Another? Invention of...'gulp'... 'Twinkie.' Among other of his modern-day, processed, 'civilized,' 'treats.' Of which there are many. Yet, the 'Twinkie,' I'd say, makes an apt metaphor for what Man today considers, 'food.' Where once, with a heightened level of sense and intuition garnered from clean living, and clean bloodstream, he'd likely have considered it - the 'Twinkie,' that is - 'something else.'

Remember: There was a day, not so very long ago, when one might walk into a local grocery store to find 90% of its shelves, stocked with fresh produce and other unprocessed fare; with only 10% of food processed, 'boxed.' Now? Those numbers, it seems in most cases, are 'reversed.' A crime against nature, I'd say! And a self-inflicted wound, against Man himself; who will soon become a creature, with 1 of 2 of his members suffering some form of cancer in lifetime. Where was this ailment earlier in his past? When he subsisted on a more hearty, natural fare? Nearly unknown, it was!

Do they still, dare I ask, make those things - 'Twinkies?' Last I checked, that 'cream' inside 'em was loaded with both sugar, numerous other destructive - or at least highly questionable - toxins, additives, processed poisons, and, 'beef fat.' As Kurtz stated, 'The horror...the horror.'

And the solution to all this? How can Man 'rekindle the fires' of true health, that once burned so brightly, in each member of his collective being? I've 'got it!' Live more, as did his more 'primitive' ancestors!

Subsist on fruit of tree. Enjoy silence, not noise, distraction. Think on other sentient beings as friends, not 'fare.' Treat All as ye would be treated! Bathe in sunlight, daily. Exercise each day as did our predecessors. Take stairs, climb hills, walk, run, everywhere. 'Shop ye not,' in junk-food aisle. Run barefoot through fields of grass! Early to bed; early to rise! And yes, and lest I forget...

Drop 'twinkie.' And slowly 'back away.'

Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

Key to transforming 'ugly,' into beautiful? Follow example. Of Mr. or Ms. Butterfly...

A caterpillar, after a series of molts, or, 'sheddings,' of its skin, stops eating. It hangs itself, upside down, from a branch or leaf. It spins a cocoon. It then, effectively, in its own way, dies; using its digestive juices to dissolve its tissues, into a thick, liquid, mass. From outside, 'looking in,' one might think this is 'the end' of the creature, permanently. Yet something survives this 'ugly' process; which, as it turns out, is merely a 'stop off,' on path, way, to a final, ultimate beauty. What survives? Groups of innately intelligent cells; or, what scientists term, 'imaginal discs.' These cell groupings then form each, individual body-part of a newborn, beautiful butterfly. Legs. Eyes. Antennae. Wings. More...

In its 'ugly' state - that of a 'molten mess' - does the caterpillar 'give up?' Does he (or she) say to himself, 'I'll never amount to anything.' 'I'll ALWAYS look like this.' 'I'm too slow and fat.' 'I'll NEVER learn to fly!' Or, 'It doesn't matter what I do; I was just born, plain, unattractive.'

Far from it!

Rather, he (or she) moves forward, one small step, one tiny move, at a time; seemingly, understanding, at a deep, natural, intuitive level, that his present, 'abominable' stage, is merely a temporary one. And that should he continue with good, consistent work - if he is not preyed upon - his next 'incarnation,' shall be one of beauty, lightness, freedom.

Should we, the creature Man, follow suit? Shall we look upon each present, 'ugly' stage, in whatever the endeavor - physical, intellectual, or spiritual - as one of insurmountable tragedy? Or, shall we take minute, deliberate steps, toward some worthy end? Making most of our innate abilities; with understanding that All shall not necessarily, be easy? Yes. Some preying creature, foul wind, or other unfortunate occurrence may rupture a 'cocoon,' true. Yet should we work to our ablest; improve, daily; should we tread lightly with worthy ends in mind; should we do all this, then something more, also may be true: One day, we may emerge from temporary 'cocoon' with one chance to fly in freedom, beauty.

And what more could we ask, of M. Nature?

We can 'give up.' And deem the transient, permanent; 'ugly,' our nature. Or, embrace another, perhaps, more appealing, notion. Shed skin. Do good work. In temporary 'cocoon.' Understanding end in mind. Knowing future may well be one of beauty, freedom, more. In short, follow good example...

Of Mr. or Ms. Butterfly.

Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

The spiritual component? I say: 'It's HUGE!'

Diamond, in 'Fit For Life,' makes the following 'bet.' Paraphrased: 'If you place a rabbit and an apple in a youngster's crib; and the child eats the rabbit and plays with the apple - I'll buy you a new car.' That little story - a good one, I think - has always stuck with me. What is he 'onto' here? Just this, I'd say: Humans, when not addicted, distracted, corrupted, are not INNATELY, natural predators, or killers.

Yes, of course we lack the physiological characteristics to make 'compelling hunters.' We're slow, bipedal. No sharp teeth. No claws. No true ability to effectively deal with the acidic nature of flesh 'foods.' Yet there's another component here. A spiritual one, I'd contend.

Do we, when not brainwashed by 'good advertising,' really enjoy hunting, killing, preparing, slaughtering, other creatures. No; not in my experience. This is a learned behavior. From adults, who've become deeply engaged with the process. Yet, if we had to kill all our own flesh foods? How many of us would then, fully embrace the notion of a plant-based diet, as I, and so many others, successfully, have? Tons, I'm betting!

Doubt it? Take a look at this good film ('Earthlings'), and then 'tell me I'm wrong' on this. Unless you've been completely indoctrinated, and so deeply ingrained, with the idea that flesh 'fare' is our natural source of sustenance, I'm thinking, you'll find this film...'educational.'

Horrific, yes. Yet how often has experiencing the 'uncomfortable,' proved an impetus for positive change in Man? Often, I'd say. In fact, more often than not, he - Man - waits until a situation gets sooooooo painful, he can't stand it anymore, then - and ONLY then - does he consider altering behavior, in a more productive manner. And this change in behavior? From flesh-eating, to plant-based living? Especially when considering BOTH the positive spiritual aspects, as well as, health benefits, which I've not touched upon here, yet which are many, to state it mildly? These, combined? 'Hard to beat,' I'd say.

We're, I believe, as Diamond contends, born with empathy; with a deep connection to all living things. 'Tis only 'trained' out of us, by those who've embrace a way, NOT conducive to bringing to fore, Man's greatest attributes; i.e. empathy for All. Let not, this 'training, 'happen' to you. Let not false dogma dictate behavior. There's still time. To embrace empathy, as you, I, we did, as un-corrupted, untainted, 'clean-souled,' youngsters.

Ah yes: And for many, the idea of switching to plant fare, for own, 'selfish,' health reasons, alone, may NOT prove enough to inspire lasting, meaningful change. Yet add in empathy, connection to All, and a new way of being, at deepest level. And then? With these 'soul-defining' reasons, on top of those, of good personal health? Why, they can make all the difference 'in the world' to a Man or woman. Thus...

Spiritual component? Considering All?

I say, 'It's HUGE!'

See (for further 'soul-ular' development):

Humans eat meat! It's been that way forever!' claims, 'genius.' My response:

'Has been that way forever?' Actually wrong. 'Dead wrong.' Humans have been consuming meat for a TINY sliver of our time, here on earth. See, the work of Dr. Alan Walker, anthropologist, Johns Hopkins University. Walker, by studying the teeth markings - or, 'striations' - on humanoid fossils, has proven, UNQUESTIONABLY, that our early ancestors, as he chose to term it, 'were not predominantly meat eaters, or even eaters of seeds, shoots, leaves, or grasses. NOR WERE THEY OMNIVOROUS. Instead, they appear to have subsisted chiefly on a diet of fruit...'

He reveals all, in his May 15, 1979, NY Times piece, on the subject. He continues: 'NO EXCEPTIONS HAVE BEEN FOUND. Every tooth of the hominids of the 12 million year period leading up to Homo Erectus appeared to be that of a fruit eater.' And this would stand to reason. As there are over 30 DISTINCT KEY DIFFERENCES separating the physiology of a natural carnivore, and a natural plant-eater.

Man, and all other anthropoid primates on earth, are classified, via comparative physiology, as frugivores. Why? We thrive on an alkaline diet. Natural carnivores? On an acidic one. We have long winding digestive tracts, made to work with plant foods only. Carnivores. They've got short, smooth digestive systems, with an ability to neutralize acid content of dead flesh. In our systems? That same flesh rots, and contributes directly to constipation, and subsequently, disease. Our teeth and lack of snout are designed for grinding plant foods - NOT, for, as are a carnivores', with snout, sharp teeth, for the tearing of flesh.

I could go on and on. The point being, just this: We humans are clearly NOT designed as flesh-eaters. Ah yes: and do we need meat 'for protein?' Unlikely. Otherwise we'd probably see a lot more 'skinny, protein-deficient' GREAT APES (who get their protein from fruit, edible leaves, and other plant-foods), wandering the earth's jungles.
Ain't 'happenin.'

And eating flesh on fellow sentient beings? It's 'been that way forever?' Not, given all available intelligence, I'd say. And not, by the way, a 'genius' contention, 'by any stretch.' Perhaps, quite the opposite. Forget I used that term in above headline, is what I'm getting at here...


Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

Rex, the 'Zen-Master' cat. From whom I could learn a thing or two...

There's a detached, silent, intellect about the cat, is there not? E. Tolle, author, of The Power Of Now, seems to think so; he refers to cat, here, as 'Zen Master.' Which may sound a bit, 'far-fetched.' Yet, I can't rule the notion out, based upon my own experiences with this, good, oft-silent, 'mystery-rich' creature.

Tolle: 'I have lived with several Zen Masters; all of them, cats.'

I had a good, orange-and-white one, when I lived in Seattle, Washington, year ago. He'd hide bits of food, storing them for later, around the condominium in which I lived; exhibiting virtues of foresight, patience. He stretched like a good, experienced, 'Yogi,' several times per day; good exercise, here, and flexibility. He'd mastered, it seemed to me, the art of, as Tolle might term it, 'present-moment awareness.' He exhibited not many 'high's' - not many 'low's.' Simply a cool, detached, efficiency of being, to my best way of describing him, it. A good, productive way of living, of being, overall.

Perhaps we humans, who seem, emotionally-speaking, to 'blow around like a leaf in the wind,' often, might learn a thing or two, from this precious, sentient being. Where we might 'fly off handle,' with anger, in a given situation, we might, rather, try this: Before reacting so, simply imagine how the cat might handle the same issue. Likely with a more 'cool,' calm, efficiency; assessing situation, making decision, following with appropriate action.

Ah yes, and the 'high' situations? Where we humans might be temporarily 'elated' - oft, perhaps, to a fault? The cat might enjoy such a 'high' time as well - yet in a more relaxed, tempered manner. Which well might enhance the experience, offering, 'on top of' joy, more benefits. Like, reflection, learning from experience; a more shared, rather than fully self-centered happiness, perhaps more, if we truly think on it.

All this is likely something I should be working a bit more on, daily - this cat-mastered, mode of being, that is. I believe I'll start right now. With a good post-workout, meditation session. Mirroring, to best of my ability, the silent, 'Zen-like,' quality of my good, orange-white cat, from Washington.

His name? Rex. A true, 'Zen-Master.' Who exhibited many a timeless virtue; like value of detachment; calm, 'cool,' efficiency; patience; true friendship, no matter the situation. And more. Rex? Wherever you are, my friend? I could learn a thing or two from you. Without question.

T/Y for your time. :)

Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

Doing right thing, for All, being one. 'Karma,' another! ---

Striking B/W, of 'weapon-wielding' pig. Posted by Earth Body Health Inst. Had he - this creature - watched scores of own friends, family, 'drained' of vital fluids until death, in this 'Let The Right One In' style... If this were the case, should Man be surprised if one day 'Karma' does not account for self, 'rear head' - with creatures like this one refusing to 'sit on sidelines' for future horrors versus own kind? Likely not. Hard to blame him really.

Ah yes: If he did NOT 'come back for vengeance,' as shown here, 'Karma' seems always - does it not? - to get its way, ultimately. In case of Man, consuming flesh of sentient being, rather than healthy plant-food - which he is physiologically designed to thrive upon, which gives Him all he needs for a lifetime of vibrant health - 'Karma' makes self known, regardless of whether or not 'weapon-wielding' pig scenario proves true. How so? Via heart conditions, cancer, constipation, and other, highly-preventable, degenerative ailments.

Best, I'd contend, to go with M. Nature's natural, life-giving, water-rich, plant-fare, for sustenance. For 'good variety,' of reasons.
Doing right thing, for All, being one...

'Karma,' another.

From 'crushed' to liberated. Once and for all...

French researcher Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues, at The University of Caen, determined, rats fed Monsanto's genetically-altered corn (NK603) suffered severe tumors; plus, liver and kidney damage. Also, claims Seralini, rats fed this GMO corn die at more than double the rate of those in control groups. His studies were published in the 'Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology,' and presented at a news conference in London, last September, reported Reuters. See:
http://rt.com/news/monsanto-rats-tumor-france-531/. The Caen University findings mirror that done over a decade ago, by French scientist Arpaud Pusztai, Rowett Research, who found, rats fed GMO potatoes experienced poor brain development, massive organ damage, and a thickening of the small intestine.

Sad, yet true. As most reasonable estimates have the percentage of U.S. crops, like corn and potatoes, at somewhere between 75 and 90%.

Incidentally: Rowett Research received financing from Monsanto, itself. And when Monsanto officials discovered Pusztai's findings, on GMO crops and organ damage in rats? The French researcher was quickly, fired. More circumstantial evidence that major U.S food manufacturers - i.e. the Monsantos of the world - care a bit less about your and your family's overall health, than they do about 'bottom line,' profits.

What to do about this?

Spread the word, of course, first of all. Re-post information like this, wherever appropriate. Also, pick up a copy of J. Smith's excellent, SEEDS OF DECEPTION. In which the author clearly documents that a wide range of animals, when given a choice, intuitively refuse GMO fare, in favor of naturally-grown. And finally, buy and consume organic, whenever possible.

Yes, it may be a bit more expensive than going the 'traditionally-grown' route. However, you'll have to eat far less, as organic crops contain, in my opinion, a greater nutrient content 'per bite.' Another good solution? Grow your own produce if you can. Start with, at a minimum, one of those hanging tomato growers. Or, even just a few pots on your porch or balcony, of squash, tomatoes, and edible greens.

All this is a bit of work, yes. Yet the benefits? Helping put criminal organizations like Monsanto, 'on the run.' That's one. Becoming more self-sufficient? That's two. Enjoying great produce, as Mother Nature intended? Another 'fringe benefit.' And, of course, NOT suffering organ damage, like liver and kidney, or malignant life-threatening tumors? Another! And how about being part of a true, global shift in human consciousness? From a 'sickness mentality,' to one of vibrant health. From a state of being 'in the dark,' with regard to what goes into our 'collective body,' to state of true, lasting, enlightenment. And from being crushed by, as some might term it, 'corporatacracy,' to being liberated...

Once and for all.
Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

(***For the empathetic, committed, vegan athlete***) Picture a wall, in front of you. Then 'run right through it...'

It is that precise moment, during which you push yourself past your present capabilities - 'workout-wise' - that you make your greatest gains, in both strength, and endurance. For, this type of action acts as an impetus, or, signal to your body, to increase its ability to handle greater 'work loads.'

So, yes, it is ALWAYS important to remain active, well-conditioned; to engage in activity, also, simply for the sheer joy of it. And it is NOT critical that each and every day, you push yourself past, or, beyond the level, you may have reached the previous day, with regard to your workout routine. Yet 3 to 4 times per week? Pushing yourself until you feel you 'cannot do it anymore?' Via, for example, sprinting on concrete in 'minimalist shoes,' or doing calisthenics until 'you drop?' Two of my 'personal favorites,' btw. Is this a good idea? ...


As this - this type of 'extreme' exercise session - is the EXACT type wherein your pituitary gland, signaled by a build-up of lactic acid, releases HGH, the clearly-proven, 'fountain of youth.' Linked to lean muscle gain, fast fat-loss, greater sexual performance, thicker skin, and more.

This also, is the type of workout that shall cause your lungs to feel as if they may well, 'burst.' Fear not, they won't. Yet they WILL, absolutely, after such a workout of, say, hill sprints, or stair-climbing - with a few calisthenic sets thrown in 'for good measure' - expand in their capacity to handle much greater stress placed upon them in the future; a 'reactionary' response, taken by your body. And a productive one, indeed.

This is also the type of session, should you choose to mix in push-ups, squats, abdominal crunches, and the like, that'll build lean muscle mass that shall serve you well, for a lifetime. Serve you well, AND, of course, burn fat 'like mad,' as you build that muscle. And, of course, another 'fringe benefit,' attract the eye, likely, of that EXACT type of person with whom you may desire to...'engage,' in one way. Or 'other.'

Ah yes; lest I forget. This, as well, is the type of session, that'll give you one he#@ of a lot more mental toughness than most. Certainly more than the average sedentary, Wal-Mart shopping, prescription pill-popping, TV-watching, alcohol-guzzling, 'specimen,' lazing about in front of the TV each night, feeling 'stressed-out' each day, and rising, mornings, later than he or she should. While you 'sleep like the dead,' due to your demanding fitness routine, feel an inner calm and confidence not to be bought at any price, and rise each day with the sun, ready to 'take on the world.'

Good stuff. And a great way to live this, the latter, of these two 'options.'

Trust me. I'm objective. And I've done this long enough - this type of demanding fitness arsenal, or, 'mode of attack,' that is - that I know from experience, this: Exercise normally, to some extent, to keep well-conditioned, daily. Fast-walk, bike, run, take stairs, etc. Even engage in running and calisthenics, as I do, daily. Yet forget not, the following: Your greatest gains are to be had, when you push yourself beyond that limit, of which you believe you are capable.

Sprinting? Go until you can, 'go no more.' And at that precise moment when you feel you should, 'for safety reasons,' perhaps, stop? Picture a wall in front of you...

Then run right through it.

Do this, at three to four times per week, minimum, during your workout routines. Push-ups, and other calisthenics. Yes, you can practice these daily, of course. Yet several times per week, after your final set of push-ups, be sure to drop to your knees, and continue doing them 'until you drop.' Lactic acid, created; hence, HGH, released, as well. Along with, again, one he#@ of a good supply of physical, mental - even spiritual - toughness.

For each type of exercise of which you can think - there is a method of pushing yourself beyond your present capacity. Sprinting? Sprint harder, longer than you believe possible. Go, up a hill or set of stairs, to end your workout. Push-ups? Drop to knees, continue, as stated above. Pull-ups? When finished with final repetition, hang from bar as long as possible, arms slightly bent.
You get the idea, the notion. Pay it heed; it works. And it works 'wonders' for everyone with the internal fortitude to engage it, embrace it, where others, shall not.

Just picture this, when you reach the 'precise moment,' in which you can quit, or, push further than you thought possible, and thus, grow. For it is your decision, at that moment, in which you engage (or not), to the best of your ability, that'll separate you from, as Thoreau might say, the 'mass of Man.' Picture him, or her - of the 'masses,' that is - on the couch; old, over-weight, beaten. Picture you, in your 'mind's eye,' on a beach, in some secluded paradise, young, no matter your years; lean, well-muscled, vibrant, victorious. Your past, if it was riddled with errors, mistakes, physical issues? It never happened. Period. Think that! Know it, to be true, should you take appropriate action to dispell the notion, once and for all time. For, I can tell you from experience, it IS true.

Now. That point at which you think you SHOULD quit? And, that point at which the 'mass of Man,' surely, shall? Yet that point, as well, during which masters are created; sculpted, as from stone, to a thing of beauty, made flesh? Do this...

Picture a wall, in front of you. Then, 'run right through it.'

Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

Our 'best bet,' going forward? Here's an idea: Let's be 'revolutionary.' And, welcome the enlightened one back into our midst. Not Barabbas.

When I look, objectively, at the sheer AMOUNTS of food (never mind the quality, 'gasp') that the overwhelming 'bulk' of western, 'civilized' Man consumes, I'm always a bit, shall I say, 'shocked.' And disturbed. Yet, not so much, by those amounts, in and of themselves. I've become accustomed to seeing that.

Heck, I'm here in the Philippines now, and I watch the indigenous folk - as well as the westerners - gorge themselves on McDonald's, 'Jolly-Bee' (another fast-food 'empire'), donuts, deep-fried chips, jerky, 'pork rhinds,' and more - in short, everything EXCEPT raw, organic fruits or vegetables, our natural, healthy fare - each time I 'peruse' the local Mall. It's a sight to see, I can tell you. Yet, unfortunately, at this point in Man's 'advancement,' 'tis to be expected.

What really 'gets to me,' most, however? And piques, within me, a sense of awe, wonder; or just plain, 'horror?' ...

It's how in the he@#, after doing this to himself, for so long, he, Man, is still functioning at all. If we can call it, 'functioning,' that is. As, most reasonable estimates have 1 in 2 of our species, by year 2015, getting cancer in some form. As, 75 to 90% of U.S. crops are now genetically-altered; those same crops being the ones that cause terrifying tumors, organ damage, and worse, in the sentient beings that consume them. Yep, btw, they've got enough sense, intuitively - our animal friends, that is - when given the choice, to avoid the man-altered, and consume the naturally-grown. Yet Man? His 'masses?' Uh...not. And as result, he passes on, quite possibly, permanent genetic damage, from one generation, to the next.

To me, personally, all this is 'far from functional.' In fact, I'd call it 'downright,' unacceptable.

Yet leave it to Man, ever with an excuse, to plod onward, as if 'all were normal.' As if, there were NOT serious, imminent, 'looming,' consequences, to state it mildly; to the ongoing, prolific, near-delusional lack of respect he exhibits toward himself, his neighbors, other sentient beings, and, of course, toward his home, the land upon which he treads.

Leave it to him to reach for the animal - which might be his friend - for his sustenance, rather than the plant. For the wine, rather than the fruit, or the juice of it. For the TV, rather than the book. For the altered, rather than the natural. For that which is, clearly, at this point, corrupt - versus all that, which is not.

Will 'things always be this way?' Is this - a 'downward spiral,' ending in a downfall of some sort - to be an imminent, unavoidable, 'destiny,' for our kind?

Well, I'll say this: I'm not a 'conventionally-religious' individual. I consider myself a proponent, in fact, of a one-sentence religion: Treat All As You Would Be Treated. Yet, when I review the Biblical story of Jesus, Barabbas, I say: I look upon it as strangely prophetic; metaphorical. Will the 'masses,' allow an enlightened, peaceful being, his freedom? Or will they choose, to bring into their midst, the liar, the thief, the murderer?

The latter, of course, being your answer. As ever. Fable or reality - I'll leave that, to decide, for you. Yet the tale may be seen as a metaphorical warning - that, given a choice, between enlightenment and distraction, between righteousness and corruption; more, between good, evil - the mass of Man, shall always choose...


Let us hope not, in our own 'case.' And, do our best; leading our next generation, by example. By consuming plants, not beings; as all we need for a lifetime of health, joy, is to be found in the fruit of the tree. By choosing an active life, versus a sedentary one. By choosing the simple, rather than the complex; the natural, not the Man-altered, and the fruit, rather than, as we all often do, the wine. And the peaceful path, rather than the violent. And, equality, freedom, over subjugation. A more natural, less - shall we say - 'corrupted,' path. As, should we do so...

We can hope, then, that it may NOT 'be too late.' And act, accordingly. Not 'too late,' from what? To save ourselves. From that collection of self-created, self-instituted habits that have, potentially, earmarked' us for downfall; physically, intellectually, even spiritually.

Our 'best bet,' going forward? Here's an idea: Let's be 'revolutionary.' And, welcome the enlightened one back to our midst.

Not Barabbas.

A generation to be reckoned with, I tell you. And a 'good omen,' for more, to come...

J. Converse, MPH, RD, LD claims, 'for first time in history, children are less healthy than generation before them.' Not just a little bit worse either, she contends. Yet, rather, 'precipitously' so, emotionally, physically, developmentally.

Yep. And with the added vaccines, prescription drugs, violent indoctrination of souls, via film, video games, TV - i.e. plenty of 'zombie-ism,' 'vampirism,' 'Rihanna-ism,' and worse - I'd just add to Converse' contentions, this: They're 'less healthy,' spiritually, as well. Not in every case, of course. Yet, collectively.

What to do about this?

Teach independence. Teach a healthy skepticism of ALL authority. Teach fundamentals of reading, math, science; stick to basics, in other words - NOT government, politically-motivated, propaganda. Which has little, I'd say - or nothing, perhaps more accurately - to do with a young person's successful development. Home-school, if necessary.

Keep off of ALL prescription drugs - children, that is. Have 'em follow you. By eating plants, rather than beings. Another great practice! Act as you'd have them act. Practice honesty, forthrightness, and that irreplaceable 'one sentence religion' - which I HIGHLY recommend - 'Treat All Beings As You Would Be Treated.' Stay active physically. Teach children to do much same.

What'll all this 'work' - which should be 100% natural, 'common' sense - yield. A generation to be reckoned with, I tell you.

And a good 'omen' for more to come...

Jeff Sekerak
*copyright 2012, jeff sekerak

It's alright. To 'hit beach.' Watch demands dissipate, joy grow. And to be happy, for no reason at all (***Treat All as you would be treated, for best results***)...

Ah...there's nothing quite like a good run on the beach. Sunny, blue skies. Water, a deep, shining, breath-taking, crystal-blue. Sand. Old, sun-beaten, wooden walkways, stretching down to water's edge. Birds, and other wildlife, reminding the runner, how vibrantly healthy, care-free, joyous, ALL life on earth, might be.

Running until breathless. Over rock, sand, wood, concrete. Stopping for occasional sets of calisthenics; push-ups, squats, more. Enjoying surroundings, all. While demands of modern, 'civilized' life - far too many of them to my way of thinking - dissipate, with each stride of foot, each, full-body, 'rep.'

Reminding self that days as this, are NOT to be 'taken for granted.' That, much of the world, will never know the moment's peace, as, perhaps, you've 'got hold of,' this instant. That it's a good, simple thing, to be active, not sedentary. That, it's good to follow a run, a workout, with a deeply refreshing, invigorating, mix of pure water and fruit of tree.

That it's a good, rewarding thing, to help fellow Man, animal, where possible. That this takes a bit of work, occasionally; an investment of a portion of one's soul, to do so. And represents a truly inspiring reason, to many, for taking action. Helping another, being that reason. Yet that if you do this - to the best of your ability, wherever possible - it's alright, once in a while, to take a moment, in silent reward. In simple joy, gratitude for being. Alone.

To 'hit beach,' mountain, or trail. To blend in body, through vigorous movement, with beauty surrounding you, wherever you may be, until soul seems to blend with it, as well. To focus upon thy own thankfulness, gratitude, for being. To allow issues, demands, distractions, of whatever the type, to dissipate, via energy expended. Via sweat, into clean, crisp air. To 'own' the moment, in your own way. By pushing oneself to limits, sewing seed of vibrant fitness. Then reaping harvest of said 'seed.'

It's alright, on occasion. Truly...

To 'hit beach.' Allow demands to dissipate; joy, to grow. Demand - anyway I say! - upon modern, 'civilized,' 'advanced' Man, has become too great! To feel simple pleasure of sun on skin; wind, in hair; sand under foot. To take joy in health you have; a health, in large part, you have built. To - should you treat All as you would be treated - have hope for a better future, for All. To... What else? 'Give me a moment.' Ah yes. Got it...

To be happy, for no reason at all.

sâmbătă, 15 decembrie 2012



As the world continues to awaken to a multitude of realities behind the lies and deceit cultures  we’ve all been born into, so the grandest awakening of all is already in full swing: the FOOD Red Pill  

FOOD, the most dangerous weapon of mass control

SUPREMacism, ELITism, SPECIEsm, RACIsm, SEXism, how it all began

HUMAN OMNIVORISM myth debunked

“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

“HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked

The TRUTH about SOY 



The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST


Science and Health



The truth about EGGS

The truth about fish

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

The Truth About the Weston Price Foundation

VEGAN nutrition

World saving most powerful truths


How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle

OLD food industries go extinct while NEW ones are born




HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?


There is personal truth based on personal current experience and perception of current reality and then there is Universal truth. 

The truth about fish

The truth about fish


FISH SYNDROME (Excerpt from The Raw Cure: Healing Beyond Medicine)
I'm not an advocate of eating foods that are high on the food chain. Why eat fish, to get nutrients? Why not eat the foods that fish eat? This is where the fish get their nutrients. There is no reason to filter nutrients through the organs of another species prior to obtaining them. We can eat algae supplements or add kelp powder or dulse flakes to our entrees instead, eliminating the dietary cholesterol contained in fish. There are wonderful varieties of seaweed and algae as well that are edible and are great compliments to many dishes. To name a few: kelp, dulse, nori, spirulina, wakame, and AFA blue-green algae are all good food choices that will provide us with a greater abundance of the nutrients we think we are obtaining from fish. The key to optimal health is to eat as low on the food chain as possible – as in edible plant matter, not animals.
The blue whale eats only phytoplankton. It also happens to be the largest mammal on the planet and remains sexually active until old age –or– the end of its life, nearly two-hundred years later. Similar to how the strongest, leanest, and most muscular land mammals such as cows, elephants, gorillas, and horses eat only plants, so do blue whales. They each eat as low on the food chain as possible. We should follow their lead and eat a plant-based diet. Doing so will nourish and strengthen our bodies.
When fish is cooked, any healthy oils that may be contained within are degraded. This means they are equivalent to trans-fats. These bad oils cause inflammation and lead to all sorts of other health issues. Because the oceans are so polluted from our waste, fish contain heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pharmaceutical drugs, and farming chemical residues. These waste products also impact the wildlife that eat fish. Some animals that eat fish, such as bears, do not eat the fish for protein. They eat the fish for the fat. Only a relatively small part of their diet is meat based. As is typical with carnivores, bears can also tolerate high amounts of cholesterol in their diet without getting heart disease.
Many people continue to believe that eating fish provides us with omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical to brain cell function, and boost levels of DHA and EPA. Many people also think that eating fish prevents cognitive decline and staves off dementia. However, we can maintain adequate amounts of these nutrients from the alpha-linoleic acids (ALA) found in raw plant oils. In a ten-year study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010, researchers found that the omega-3 long-chain fatty acids found in fish oils did not lower dementia risk. Those who ate fish regularly developed dementia at the same rate as those who did not eat fish. Further research has proven that the most important foods for brain function are not fish or fish oils; they are ALA-rich foods, such as raw flaxseeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and fruits and vegetables. The ALA found in many plant oils has been shown to have direct anti-arrhythmic properties, meaning they help prevent sudden cardiac death. In the Neuropsychopharmacology Journal, researchers reported that ALA actively promotes neuronal plasticity. This stimulates the growth of new nerve cells, and enhances nerve growth factors that protect against depression. This ALA is not obtained from eating fish. We are nourished with ALA from eating raw plants. To maintain happiness and achieve optimal health, our best option is to avoid all food that once had eyes, was born, had a family, and was once a living creature with a soul.
In 2007, the Institute of Medicine compiled the risks and benefits of eating fish. They stated, “The contaminants in fish that are of most concern today are mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and pesticide residues. Very high levels of mercury can damage nerves in adults and disrupt development of the brain and nervous system in a fetus or young child. The effect of the far lower levels of mercury currently found in fish have been linked to subtle changes in nervous system development and a possible increased risk of cardiovascular disease.”
While many people accept the belief that eating fish is a healthy choice for losing weight and maintaining health, consider the chemical pollutants found in fish that disrupt our metabolism and may pave the way for obesity. A February 2009 study published in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, titled Endocrine Disrupters as Obesogens, suggests that chemical obesogens in the food supply may be contributing to the obesity epidemic. In our body we have preadipocytes (pre-fat cells), which are fibroblasts that can be stimulated to form adipocytes (fat cells). These chemical obesogens were found to stimulate the formation from preadipocyte to adipocyte. Adipocytes – also known as lipocytes or fat cells – are the cells that compose the majority of adipose tissue, and store energy as fat. We are exposed to obesogens by means of our diet, and it was determined that these chemicals are found most abundantly in fish. So, as we continue to eat sea life, we trigger the body to store more energy as fat, and this could cause weight gain.
In addition to fish being a poor food choice, shellfish are also known to contain phycotoxins, which are produced by microalgae. The November 2011 edition of Chemical Research in Toxicology published a study introducing cyclic imines as being a harmful phycotoxin with fast-acting toxicity. These marine biotoxins were shown to be fatal in rodents, and are said to be responsible for the high incidence of shellfish poisoning that occurs worldwide.
As we learn more about the toxins found in fish, and as we educate ourselves further on true nutrition, we begin to realize that eating fish is not necessary for health, or is it essential for a lean frame. We discover that eating seafood is more harmful than it could be beneficial. Once we see it from this perspective, then we can take it up another step and learn how the fishing industry is close to wiping out the entire population of fish in the sea.
In August 2012, the completion of a four year study conducted by an international group of ecologists and economists on 7,800 marine species around the world’s ecosystems concluded that all of the world’s stocks of seafood will collapse by the year 2050. This is due to the present rates of destruction by the fishing industry. Over sixty percent of the fish taken from the sea by this industry are ground up and force-fed to vegetarian livestock in the meat industry so they can be fattened and slaughtered. As Philip Wollen mentions in the St. James Ethics debate, vegetarian cows have now become the largest ocean predators. This is not natural. Access kindnesstrust.com to learn more. Because of factory-farmed pigs now eating fish, the captain of Sea Shepherd now claims pigs are the number one ocean predator.
Each product purchased from the meat industry contributes to the death of marine life. The ocean provides the majority of oxygen on Earth, and if we continue doing what we are doing, all ocean life will soon die. When ocean life dies, life on land will go with it. The solution to this problem is simple: refrain from eating meat and all animal products and the meat industry will collapse. See the book Extinction by John McCabe.
Jesse J. Jacoby ©2012 and beyond



"Many years ago, I was fishing, and ...as I was reeling in the poor fish, I realized, I am killing him - all for the passing pleasure it brings me."

"Something inside me clicked. I realized, as I watched him fight for breath, that his life was as important to him as mine is to me." -- Sir Paul McCartney

"Billions of fish die every year in nets and on hooks. Some are destined for human consumption, many are tortured just for "sport," and others are unintended victims who are maimed or killed simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"When fish are yanked from the water, they begin to suffocate. Their gills often collapse, and their swim bladders can rupture because of the sudden change in pressure. Numerous scientific reports from around the world confirm that fish feel pain. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and University of Glasgow studied the pain receptors in fish and found that they were strikingly similar to those of mammals; the researchers concluded that "fish do have the capacity for pain perception and suffering."
Did you know that consumer demand for fish has brought 29% of fish species to utter collapse... We have entered an unprecedented phase of extinction. It's true that occasional fish consumption can provide us with important essential fats, but plant-based omega-3 fat sources, such as ground flaxseeds, chia and hemp seeds, walnuts, and dark green leafy vegetables, can give us the same benefits without the dangers of mercury and other highly toxic contaminants.

The FISH stories

Poem to the AWAKENing

After all the deer and bear, bird and seal will have been hunt, after all the fish in lakes and seas will have been caught, WHO WILL YOU BECOME?

With no more LIFE to take and no more BBQ steak, WHO WOULD YOU BECOME?

After all the ball games will be played and no more $$ to be made, WHO WILL YOU BECOME?

What OTHER things to BE and DO would you be able to pursue?

With no more LIFE in sight to KILL, what other things will be your THRILL?

With no more LIFE in sight to TAKE, what other things you could CREATE?

Fish Have Feelings (dah!!)
"Fish" is another frequently mistranslated word in the Bible. Its reference is often not to the form of swimming life, but to the symbol by which early Christians could identify each other. It was a secret sign, needed in times of persecution, prior to official acceptance of Christianity as a state religion.
The sign of the fish was a mystical symbol and conversational password. Its name deriving from the Greek word for fish, "ichthus" Much later it was represented an acrostic, composed of leading letters of the Greek phrase, "Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter"-"Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour."

Frequent references to fish are intended as symbolic of The Christ and have nothing to do with the act of eating a dead fish. But the symbol of the fish did not meet with Roman approval. They preferred the sign of the cross, choosing to concentrate more on the death of Christ than on His brilliant life. Perhaps this is one reason only ten percent of His life record appears in the canonical scriptures. Most of His first thirty years has been omitted.  http://www.thenazareneway.com/thou_shalt_not_kill.htm

JESUS and the FISH story


 I get very upset when I read anything claiming animal "foods" are healthy but, It seems to me that fish are the most frequent victims of this these days why is it so popular for people to say things like ohhh its so healthy its the best and only way to get the omegas u need for health ? why is this ridiculous claim going around being advertised so much ? Why are they allowed to ignore and discredit flaxseed, walnuts etc ? (comment posted by a Facebook member)

Truth:  http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-problem-with-organic-salmon/

Fish are often the target because they don't live on land and emotionally humans have truly disconnected from them sadly ... they don't bleed the same way land animals do and they don't have feet/legs ... for those of us who dive and meet these gorgeous creatures face to face in their respective habitats you can see how much they are like us, how they too feel, and live ... it is all about the egotistical human ability to make decisions based on greed and lack of compassion for anything that is not like us.

I agree with you. I think that much of what occurs in the oceans does so because it is perceived to be out of sight and out of the mind of most humans. There has been some fascinating research done in recent years that indicates fishes to be far more self aware than many humans believe. This is a very short video of Dr. Jonathan Balcombe speaking on the individuality of fishes that I found really interesting:


Did you know that scientific research has shown that fish are fully capable of feeling pain and that they have adrenal systems which function similarly to those of mammals, indicating that fish experience sensations that we might describe as panic, fear, or stress…

Why Are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan?

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods? 

Education, awareness, practice and activism. We are the change we wish to see in our world.
Planetary healing from the ground up

Truth about fish

Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain
Omega-3s on the Spotlight
Much has been said about the positive effects of fish oil on people’s health, more specifically on the prevention of heart-disease because fish oil is loaded with omega-3s fats. However, the therapeutic effectiveness of fish oil–derived fatty acids remains controversial and physicians wonder if indeed it makes sense for patients to consume them. Please visit Omega-3s: Fishing for a Mechanism
Our oceans are dying. Industrial fishing and modern agriculture are pushing fish populations to a dangerous low number. The irony in all this is that cows nowadays are the largest ocean predators due to our insane demand for beef. Fish and other animals are not needed in a healthy diet. In fact, vegetarians and vegans can easily obtain omega-3s by consuming flax seeds, flax oil, canola and hemp oils, and even walnuts. Our circle of compassion should embrace all sentient beings, including fish.
Have a blessed day!
<>< <>< <><
Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association

Please awaken and walk away from cruel tradition & economy.
Fish Oil Does Not Improve Heart Health
Did you know that consumer demand for fish has brought 29% of fish species to utter collapse... We have entered an unprecedented phase of extinction. It's true that occasional fish consumption can provide us with important essential fats, but plant-based omega-3 fat sources, such as ground flaxseeds, chia and hemp seeds, walnuts, and dark green leafy vegetables, can give us the same benefits without the dangers of mercury and other highly toxic contaminants.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk

Lobsters Feel Every Second Of You Boiling Them Alive
we don't need science to "prove" the obvious
Sustainable Seafood? Not Possible
For many people the suffering of animals is not enough to prompt them to change their food choices, the environmental impact of animal agriculture and aquaculture might be what triggers the change. Lindsay Abrams, assistant editor at Salon focusing on the subject of sustainability, explores this subject and reaches to the conclusion that given the tremendous footprint the fishing industry has on the environment and the degree of mislabeling of products, it's just not possible to eat seafood in a sustainable way. Please visit Sustainable Seafood is a Fantasy
Fish suffer, they are not needed in a balanced diet and the fishing industry is creating havoc in the oceans. These are more than enough reasons to stop supporting an industry that does much harm to God’s Creation.
Have a blessed day!
<>< <>< <><
Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association
Fish suffer, they are not needed in a balanced diet and the fishing industry is creating havoc in the oceans. These are more than enough reasons to stop supporting an industry that does much harm to God’s Creation.

Dr Culum Brown-Expert on fish behaviour, intelligence and memory

Dangers of fishoil
3. Statement on Fishing
by Phil Whitehead
As I child, I anticipated our family’s annual trip to a cottage in northern Ontario because of its opportunities for fishing. Bass, perch and – by chance - pike could be caught in the lake that was abundant with fish.
I enjoyed the feel of the fish nibbling at the bait, followed by the tug against the line after the fish had been caught and was being drawn to the surface. But then, at about the age of ten, my attitude began to change. That sensation, formerly enjoyable, began to feel weird. Creepy even.
My change of reaction included the recognition that I was torturing the fish by pulling its entire body mass at the point of a puncture wound caused by a narrow piece of metal that had pierced its skin. When the fish was pulled to the surface, the significant tearing of the skin in the region of the mouth was apparent. I started to become disturbed at the sight.
Only those fish caught of a legally specified minimum length were killed and eaten, while smaller fish were released back into the water. The assumption behind releasing those fish was that the animals would resume their normal lives and grow into fully-grown and healthy fish. However, a fishing session that lasted for any length of time proved this assumption to be incorrect. Many of those small fish that were released eventually floated to the surface, dead from their injuries.
I rationalized my fishing by assuming that a fish felt no pain because it showed no facial expression. However, a fish fighting against the line, and thrashing endlessly after being brought into the boat, belied that rationalization.
The final step in my growing disdain for fishing was the realization that the process started by my psychological torturing of the fish. A worm, other creature or lure was placed before the fish as bait. The hungry fish, seeking to fulfill its need for food, was deceived into biting into the bait on the assumption that its hunger was about to be sated. One terrifying moment later, it found itself in pain as an unknown object and force pulled it upward. It struggled in fright and panic to release itself, usually to no avail. If it did succeed in extricating itself from capture, it carried a grievous wound.
Did I really want to treat animals this way? Was this how I wanted to live and think? Would my interaction with fish not be more enriching if it took the form of looking down into the lake, on a placid morning or evening, and simply watching the fish living within their environment?
Looking back at those childhood days, my initial enjoyment of fishing probably was the result of my acceptance of a common practise in this society.
The popularity of fishing suggests that the recreational killing of fish – more so than of land or avian animals, for some reason - has become engrained into this culture as a commendable means for achieving the necessary release of personal stress. Persons of high standing have conducted numerous photo opportunities of themselves fishing. The act of subjecting a fish to a protracted death process is purported to be an act of relaxation that re-energizes them for public service. It demonstrates their ability to leave behind temporarily the burdens of state.
In a recent example (July, 2013), Russian President Vladimir Putin was photographed holding a 21 kg. (46 lb.) pike in Siberia.
Lech Walesa, when he was leader of the Solidarity labour movement in Poland during the 1980s, allowed himself to be filmed on a fishing trip. He stated that he was getting away from the incessant demands of leading a movement that challenged the Communist regime.
President George H.W. Bush demonstrated fly fishing techniques to a group of school children. President George W. Bush smiled while brandishing collections of dead fish before press corps cameras during fishing outings to bolster his implied claim to having not abandoned the thought forms of ordinary citizens after ascending to an extraordinary office. Vice-President Dick Cheney frequently was photographed fishing with his buddies.
Here in Canada, politicians have staged photo opportunities of themselves fishing to establish their "ordinary guy" credentials: Bob Rae, while a member of parliament, spent an afternoon fishing with a comedian for a segment of a television program; Preston Manning (a politician who, incidentally, attempted overtly to integrate his evangelical faith into his approach to national affairs) published in his memoirs a picture of himself and others standing beside a float plane after the conclusion of a fishing expedition; Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto bragged about fishing with Prime Minister Stephen Harper; and Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga reeled in a salmon from Lake Ontario to attest to her ongoing ability to lead the city at the age of 92.
So associated is fishing with relaxation that the expression "gone fishing" is a euphemism for renouncing the accumulated stresses of life by entering retirement.
I still have not identified what prompted my change in attitude toward fishing. However, at an early age, I rejected the conditioning that society had imposed upon me and that I initially had accepted “hook, line and sinker.”
Thank you for this very sensitive and eye opening essay about fishing. I just wish more people would open up to the suffering of animals ... the world has become a huge killing field and those who are most vulnerable - the animals.
Much Peace,
What these guys truly find relaxing isn't the fishing - it's just being out in nature, on the water, in the fresh air. But admitting to being sensitive to, and appreciative of, such things isn't considered "manly" enough in this "culture" sadly - so some needless brutality is added. What I tell people who cling to this old paradigm is "While in the past, in the West, manhood was measured by how much harm a person could do*, today it is measured by how little."

Gordon Lee Stelter

*Think Alexander the "Great."
Omega-3 Fatty Acids Linked to Prostate Cancer Risk

This Week’s Video
This is a short animated video showing the devastating effects of the fishing industry and the fish farming industry. Please visit

Farmed Fish Not What It Seems
While the fishing industry devastates the oceans, the fish farming industry shows a dramatic growth. However, most people know very little about farmed fish other than what the industry tells them. So here are some facts to ponder:
- Farmed fish have dubious nutritional value.
- Prey fish are being driven to the brink of extinction to feed farmed fish
- Fish experience pain and stress
- Farmed fish are loaded with disease, and this spreads to wild fish populations
- Fish farms are rife with toxins, which also damage local ecosystems
- Farmed fish are living in their own feces
- Farmed fish are always trying to escape their unpleasant conditions, and who can blame them?
- Fish farming cranks up the pressure on already-depleted populations of wild fish around the
- When the heavy environmental damage they cause is taken into account, fish farming operations often are found to generate more costs than revenues
Fish are sentient beings who are also creations of our loving God. Fish also share our same essence of life and contribute to the complexity, beauty and balance of Nature. The fishing industry is very devastating to the ocean flora and fauna, and now the fish farming industry is adding more pressure and more negative effects to the already unstable marine and fresh water ecosystems as well as affecting our health adversely.