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Veganize animal farms into sanctuaries, food farms and schools

Veganize animal farms into animals sanctuaries, ORGANIC PRODUCE farms, HEMP farms dairy free ice cream businesses  plant/nuts/seeds based alternative meats and dairy products, healing centers  and conscious schools 

Join our growing world wide movement as it gains unstoppable irreversible momentum 
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208092757972200&set=p.10208092757972200&type=3&theater My family was dairy farming in NH but now I produce Cashew Ice Cream on the farm we have a scoop shop, small bakery, maple house, and give tours of the farm...I never would have guessed I would be Vegan producing Vegan products on the same farm I grew up in...
Rock Salt Creamery... Facebook for more info...
Go Vegan!!!... 

Last year, a total of 19 dairy farms shuttered in the state

This project is created for and dedicated to the urgent need for HOLISTIC healing of our planet and ALL of her inhabitants

Growing Winter Organic Produce (advanced, inexpensive methods to grow fast, organic, all year round incredible foods)

Bringing a permanent end to any and all forms of exploitation of sentient beings in every form, everywhere

With the soon to be introduced FREE ENERGY and financial abundance in our world, the very next urgent priority to be addressed is the planetary ecocide via animal farming and exploitation for food, fashion and myriad other uses
Through New, advanced food production technologies and methods, the old animal farming is to be replaced and become obsolete


the film that environmental organizations don't want you to see!

One of the most important movies ever made

Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet


Growing Winter Organic Produce (advanced, inexpensive methods to grow fast, organic, all year round incredible foods)

The animal exploitation is to be abolished and the exploited beings are to be released and receiving much needed emotional, spiritual and physical healing through new healing technologies on the very same places they were once used and exploited, becoming now animal healing sanctuaries and natural schools where current and future young generations can learn to live in harmony with our world, such as the one we’ve already initiated through these linked projects, but in need of substantial financial support


http://rowdygirlsanctuary.com/my-story/ My story (incredible and hugely inspiring) 


We are looking to create through this initial project, a blueprint for many other similar projects all around the world

The exploited freed sentient beings are either remaining ON location of their old places of exploitation newly transformed into sanctuaries and also to be relocated to the ongoing expansion of the FARMED ANIMALS SANCTUARIES throughout the world, for which we are currently recreating this list with more newly created sanctuaries http://agnvegglobal.blogspot.ca/2011/12/farm-sanctuaries.html
and submit it as the planet gets liberated so we can create a financial support platform and new advanced technology support to feed and care for these magnificent and suffering beings, through all these major projects   

There are thousands of groups all around the world with millions of awakened human beings who will be more than excited to enroll in such projects, once we start off with proper financial funding, technology and logistics.

We need to move beyond raising SENTIENT Beings as food and into Growing REAL FOOD as food. 

Non GMO SOY, HEMP, grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs as well as using the already widely available MEAT, DAIRY, EGGS and FISH alternatives created from PLANT PROTEIN

Growing Winter Organic Produce (advanced, inexpensive methods to grow fast, organic, all year round incredible foods)

Say a  BIIG HELLO to the Future of PROTEIN aka 100% PLANT PROTEIN MEAT ALTERNATIVES which can be obtained from here
and SERVED at your new/old ex-FARMED ANIMALS sanctuaries/food farms/educational centers through regular PUBLIC gatherings...

Ex-Animal farmers from around the world alongside many other awakening, dedicated and passionate humans have started a very important peaceful revolution in this direction and we are in need of massive financial support as the planet gets liberated, in order to transform the old way of feeding this world and living.
Animal farmers awakening and healing 


Please learn about our global project proposal here and we are looking forward to receive the needed financial, logistical support and further guidance in this vital direction.  All other details for informational support of this project are provided through this main link and blog, containing world’s largest data base under one roof on this theme  
Main link with related sub topics expanded below

Real awakening from the MEATrix

Global Animal Farming and killing, both Large and small, INCLUDING INDUSTRY, "sustainable", family owned, bio-dynamic, grass fed, free-range, "humanely" raised ANIMAL FARMING, for meat, dairy, eggs, wool, leather, hunting and fishing is literally KILLING our planet, BY THE HOUR...by the MINUTE and here is how... 

Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet


US lands are burnt due to 4,000 “family owned operated” animal farms 

Most rain forests are cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers and fires for its timber value and then are followed by farming and ranching operations, even by world giants like Mitsubishi Corporation, Georgia Pacific, Texaco and Unocal. 

Unbelievably, more than 200,000 acres of rainforest are burned every day. That is more than 150 acres lost every minute of every day, and 78 million acres lost every year! 

Grazing Land

As the demand in the Western world for cheap meat increases, more and more rainforests are destroyed to provide grazing land for animals. In Brazil alone, there are an estimated 220 million head of cattle, 20 million goats, 60 million pigs, and 700 million chickens. Most of Central and Latin America's tropical and temperate rainforests have been lost to cattle operations to meet the world demand, and still the cattle operations continue to move southward into the heart of the South American rainforests. To graze one steer in Amazonia takes two full acres.

Most of the ranchers in the Amazon operate at a loss, yielding only paper profits purely as tax shelters. Ranchers' fortunes are made only when ranching is supported by government giveaways. A banker or rich landowner in Brazil can slash and burn a huge tract of land in the Amazon rainforest, seed it with grass for cattle, and realize millions of dollars worth of government-subsidized loans, tax credits, and write-offs in return for developing the land.

These government development schemes rarely make a profit, as they are actually selling cheap beef to industrialized nations. One single cattle operation in Brazil that was co-owned by British Barclays Bank and one of Brazil's wealthiest families was responsible for the destruction of almost 500,000 acres of virgin rainforest. The cattle operation never made a profit, but government write-offs sheltered huge logging profits earned off of logging other land in the Brazilian rainforest owned by the same investors. These generous tax and credit incentives have created more than 29 million acres of large cattle ranches in the Brazilian Amazon, even though the typical ranch could cover less than half its costs without these subsidies.

Even these grazing lands don't last forever. Soon the lack of nutrients in the soil and overgrazing degrade them, and they are abandoned for newly cleared land. In Brazil alone, more than 63,000 square miles of land has reportedly been abandoned in this way. 

This ocean of green, nearly as large as Australia, is the last great rainforest in the known universe and it is being decimated like the others before it. Why? Like other rainforests already lost forever, the land is being cleared for logging timber, large-scale cattle ranching, mining operations, government road building and hydroelectric schemes, military operations, and the subsistence agriculture of peasants and landless settlers. 

Once a vast sea of tropical forest, the Amazon rain forest today is scarred by roads, farms, ranches, and dams. Brazil is gifted with a full third of the world's remaining rain forests; unfortunately, it is also one of the world's great rain-forest destroyers, burning or felling more than 2.7 million acres each year.
Scientists estimate that we are losing more than 137 species of plants and animals every single day because of rainforest deforestation.
Astonishing facts about the urgent intervention needed to save our planetary lungs, the rain forests http://www.rain-tree.com/facts.htm  

Did you know that meat and dairy production is the top cause of global deforestation, including the burning of our rain forests in order to grow feed for livestock.. 

According to the Nature Conservancy, every second of every day one football field of rainforest is being destroyed. Much of this forestland is being cut down to farm and raise livestock, which is then exported to the U.S. and ends up in fast-food hamburgers. According to the Rainforest Action Network, 55 square feet of tropical rainforest are destroyed to make every fast-food hamburger made from rainforest cattle. This is an area about the size of a small kitchen and it is gone forever each time one of these hamburgers is eaten. It is even worse because with each square foot of rainforest gone, up to 30 different plant species, 100 different insect species and dozens of bird, mammal and reptile species are destroyed. The rainforests are so important
because half of the species on earth live in them and the forests are vital to the world’s oxygen supply.

Did you know that livestock production is very inefficient... 80% of world’s farm lands are now being used to produce meat, dairy products, and eggs
“Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems. Urgent action is needed to remedy the situation.” That's from the 2006 UN report "Livestock's Long Shadow", which states that livestock produce more climate changing greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined. The human appetite for animal flesh is also a driving force behind air and water pollution, soil erosion, fresh water scarcity, and deforestation, including the clearing of tropical rain forests to grow feed for livestock animals. Our personal food choices wield tremendous power... the power to say "NO" to the industries that are driving the destruction of our planet, and
say "YES" to Life. 

The amount of water, energy, land, etc. it takes to produce 1 pound of meat is Abhorrent (those resources alone could eradicate world hunger). Meat eating is the single most destructive activity an individual can engage in with regards to its impact on our planet for future generations. Rain forests are slashed and burned to make room for the grazing of cattle along with the resources it takes up (i.e. energy). Agribusiness is a crime 

WHY ELSE the VEGANism urgency?
EVERY MINUTE, in the world:
2000 RABBITS, 900 SHEEP, 500 CATTLE, 2,600 PIGS, 3,000 DUCKS, 1,200 TURKEYS, 84,000 CHICKENS, plus many more animals, get SLAUGHTERED and consumed as FOOD...

to do your math and to view the LIVE ongoing chart of the # of slaughtered farm animals on a minute by minute account, visit http://www.adaptt.org/killcounter.html
And because:
"The leading causes of death in the Western world—heart disease, cancer, and stroke—can often be prevented and even treated—with proper dietary and lifestyle changes. Explore nutrition’s role in combating specific illnesses, including Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, endometriosis, food borne illness, heart disease, high blood pressure, mad cow disease, migraines, Parkinson's disease, prostate problems, premenstrual pain and PMS, and stroke by following a vegan diet." ~ Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
6,000 Physicians for responsible medicine organization

The animals are officially "Sensitivity gifted " Thanks to Parliament.
While the senate refused on January 22 the sensitivity gifted status to animals , the Parliament validate this status on Wednesday January 28.

The Senate and FNSEA Opposed to text

The animals are no longer considered chattels to the chagrin of senators, the Minister of the farmer Stéphane Le Foll and FNSEA who opposed the amendment.

Brigitte Gothière , spokeswoman for the association L214 states:

'' It is time to take seriously the sensitivity of animals and draw the consequences for our breeding or consumption practices. We wish to move towards a world without exploitation where we consider animals as inhabitants of the Earth alongside us and not like machines. It is the promise of a revolution.''

GENTLE BARN sanctuary in the US…the pictures who speak a thousand words

SOON, ALL Animal farms will be transformed into ANIMAL HEALING SANCTUARIES and NATURAL SCHOOLS for Children


ALL SLAUGHTERHOUSES (Hellhouses) will be transformed into MUSEUMS and MONUMENTS for the COUNTLESS UNknown, UNnamed FALLEN HEROES SOULS in temporary animal bodies who have paid with their FREEdom and LIFE so humanity can AWAKEN and HEAL, EVOLve and expand their CONSCIOUSNESS...

Then and only then, BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of LIVES will not have been wasted in VAIN...

Sculptors, painters and musicians will become in highest demand, to preserve in works of art of many kinds, this less known, suppressed history chapter in OUR collective planetary and galactic evolution...serving many future worlds in the making as examples of how we should never ever allow history to repeat itself...

May their sacrifice bring PERMANENT, irreversible PEACE in this GALAXY and THROUGHOUT Creation heart emoticon

MAY ALL BEings be FREED from any and all forms of slavery<3