vineri, 29 aprilie 2016

Food replicators

LAST NITE, via LUCID ASTRAL experience (lucid dream state), a group of us were trying a FOOD REPLICATOR which was instantly producing NUTRITIONAL BARS for starving children
after we've tested the food replicators with success, we've been told that THE SAME Food replicator cand ALSO replicate OTHER FOOD REPLICATORS so in no time we got BUSY BUSY pushing buttons and in MINUTES, many more food replicators were coming out THROUGH that same food replicator

we were extremely happy...

was it a premonition that one of the FIRST new, supressed and advanced technologies through the planetary liberators will be FOOD REPLICATORS?

I truly Hope so...

so we can FREE the BELOVED SENTIENT BEings in our plates AND FEED this world while we HEAL OURSELVES and SAVE this planet from ECOCIDE!!

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