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Ancient Veganism

 Most, if not ALL of our reality is based on lies and deceptions

Our history books and all other educational main stream sources are based on half truths at best

When it comes to FOOD, there is no exception.

Discover or Rediscover for yourself all that has been hidden from us in plain sight...ALL this time...

Early man not a hunter gatherer  



This Himalayan Tribe Has Been Vegan for 5,000 Years!   



The Best Athletes in Ancient Rome were Vegetarian!  



ANCIENT GREEKS were FRUITARIANS and lived til the age of 200    




What Did American Indians ORIGINALLY Eat?








HUMAN SPIRITUAL evolution through FOOD  


SUPREMacism, ELITism, SPECIEsm, RACIsm, SEXism, how it all began




PLANT or ANIMAL based foods? 



Religion, Animals and VEGetarianism



Science and Health





Veganism: "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals." - The Vegan Society 

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Ley Lines and Loosh


 Ley Lines and Loosh

Ley Lines  



As more and more awakening humans become aware of, the energy harvesting by the negative forces
from the sentient beings on this planet, is going on for millennia

More recently, the awakening segment of the surface population is also learning how stadiums, churches, government buildings, museums, old famous buildings, concert arenas and stages are built at certain ley lines intersections, for maximizing (amplifying) the energetic harvesting effect. 

Using human raw emotional expression activities, charged competitive reactions during major sports play offs and games, for their own negative purposes.

Yet, very few awakening humans are aware that the slaughterhouses worldwide have also been strategically built at certain ley lines intersectional points.
The reason for it being that inside slaughterhouses, there is an enormous mental, emotional and physical fear, torment and pain, emanating from the sentient beings going through the slaughter process. 

Each minute, around 200,000 sentient beings are brutally killed for food alone, world wide.
Real time kill counter

These numbers do not include all other forms of use and killing of animals. 

These adrenaline filled energies (negative loosh) are constantly being released in the PLANETARY ENERGETIC GRID LEY LINES, to be amplified and harvested in the lower plasma, etheric, astral realms as LOOSH, or FOOD for the parasitical beings occupying those spaces.
This negative energy, once harvested, it's being reused and re-directed towards the planetary grid, hence weakening our energy grid and keeping the planet and all her beings within a constant soup of fear and other low vibrational states. 

LOOSH harvesting

Practically, all of the lower vibrational energies, emanating from the brutal killing of so many sentient beings, each single minute
is the very FOOD for the parasitical entities who are also holding this planet hostage.

Without these energies, they would starve quickly and the planetary energy grid would receive an unprecedented, sudden boost of positive energy.

In combination with MEDITATION, such a situation would help to resuscitate our suffering, aching planet in a very short time. 
And all living beings would instantly receive a major improvement in their overall well being.

There are many sources of loosh on the surface of this planet.
Yet, the fact that the violent killing of so many sentient beings takes place 24/7 at such mass scale, the planetary energy grid is constantly weakened.

Becoming aware and doing our part to improve this situation, would also help Light Forces to speed up the process of planetary surface grid ratio recovery.

Helping tools and solutions 

High vibrational foods and bodies are repelling the negative entities from our fields. 

All living beings are biologically made of 70%-90% water. The energies of our thoughts, words, emotions, actions and the foods we consume, foods affect our physical cells, our energy fields and the planetary energy grid in equal measure, as Masaru Emoto experiments have shown.  

The terror energies experienced by the countless sentient beings going through the killing process affect the molecular, energetic shape of the <food> humans ingest. 

In this information and knowledge age, anyone can access through internet all needed information on how our food choices affect us, the beings around and the planet. 

There are many resources to help with a compassionate, healthier living transition. 
Until the food replicators will be here.

Vegan living link on this site is filled with many helpful resources to assist anyone in starting their own journey towards a cruelty free lifestyle
For some it takes longer than for others, yet, it is important that we all start somewhere. 


The war on life will be over! 

May all beings be free!

Victory of Life!

miercuri, 23 decembrie 2020

Cosmic Travels


Next planet please...
my short visit in another world...
since my 1995 spiritual awakening I've been through subsequent awakening layers and experiences...
PAST LIVES small visions and some from the future we are currently co manifesting and lucid dream state/astral experiences
which feel far more more real than this most immediate reality...
I've started to record some of them in a diary as a back up...
A year ago via astral lucid dream state a few space travellers we were in an interstellar spaceship and each of us was carrying a back pack with an additional exterior electronic sensory based pocket which would give us permission to travel at leisure in a certain space area...
each traveller was somehow signalling his/her desired stop station...planetary stop station that is...
when my turn came, doors have opened and as I've exited, 2 children came along...
their parents were nowhere in sight...
they've started to run excited in a certain direction in a large mall we've found ourselves to walk though...
the mall was huge with many unusual decorations, sacred geometry architecture and flowers arrangements...
all very beautiful and brightly coloured...
concerned for the children's safety, I've changed my initial projected direction and followed them to make sure they are safe...
at some point we've lost sight of each other...
there were many people in the mall of many humanoid races...
just outside the mall there were public gardens with fountains, music and Turkish style outdoor public baths...
every bath had a family in it, laughing singing playing enjoying life...
among one of the families there was a tiny dog
I've slowly and carefully approached that particular family...
I didn't want the locals to "know" I was not from "around there"
as I've approached them, the DOG SENSED I'm an "alien" based on my VIBES...
he started to slightly growl until I've telepathically transmitted that I'm just passing by and mean no harm...
he left me alone and only got some long stares from his humans companions...
I've moved along in a busy intersection, lunch time mid day...
Many people all ages all races came and went by casually dressed with back packs...
can't remember the type of transportation they were using...but it was some terrestrial...
all around there were mini food stands with all sorts of foods including a large variety of deli meats...
I was shocked to see so many meat based foods
as a vegan I was wondering why such quaint and civilized peaceful people are so meat obsessed still
since TECHNOLOGICALLY they appeared far more advanced than us...
as I've finished my inner question an instant telepathic answer came through...
ALL of the food on display, INcluding the meat ones were produced by FOOD REPLICATORS...
NO ANIMALS were raised, harmed, exploited and killed for those foods...
it's been further explained to me that there are still MANY planets where their inhabitants still enjoy the taste of certain deli meats BUT they no longer support killing, exploiting other beings, therefore they are using TECHNOLOGY instead...
SUCH is the time quickly approaching our planet...
for too many reasons to count:
ethical, spiritual, ecological and health...