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Fix the World project

Fix the World project
Hello Hope and Fix The World project and movie partners,

I've received through American Kabuki, link to the Fix The World movie and was getting excited to watch and prepared to share it with my both facebook groups as well as with my networks that I've developed in my 17 years of planetary  healing activism

all this until I've watched PART 2

I've watched with joy and hope in my heart its PART 1

then, upon minute 41 of PART 2, my heart almost stopped in disbelief and confusion...I actually had to play and replay several times, those short minutes, to make sure that what I was hearing was what it's been said

within that moment, I've realized that you guys have remained somewhat behind with the latest fix our world priority topic/area
and this is the proof of the fast changes that you have overlooked in your project and the reasons for such huge changes  are many, but foremost importantly, the saving our ecosystems aspect of it, is paramount...this is what needs to become priority in our fix the world methods because all other aspects stem from it: the ecological, hunger, peace, health, spiritual
We KNOW our world is massively EVOLving when

but sadly, your outdated proposal has already been preserved through the film

yet, hopefully, after you guys had a chance to review the materials below that I'm forwarding to you, the movie will be edited/updated to the current fix the world related subject matter, accordingly

if, after reading these materials  you decide that no editing is necessary and you remain firm on your old paradigm, the world around us will inevitably change in the direction that it's supposed to, by default and your movie/project will retain its old paradigm belief, going in our history with promoting many great ideas but also, with an outdated, unrealistic belief system re. our GLOBAL SCALE FOOD PRODUCTION which already had its 5 minutes of popularity and already undergoing a massive transformation, of which you guys are not aware of, as the movie reflects

we need to promote responsible and educated methods of fixing our world, in every sector

our food choices and production methods affect every aspect of our planetary ecosystems, therefore is imperative that we invest proper and sufficient time in educating our selves in this vital matter, which takes place as priority before all else, as you too shall discover through the materials below

going through these links, you will be able to connect more dots and discover that the rabbit hole runs far deeper than you've thought
so, within
min. 41 of PART 2 of
Fix The World movie

you, Hope, say that "people demand GMO free foods, healthy, organically grown foods and that all livestock should be raised in opened fields, to naturally graze and be respected as the sentient beings that they are, by being humanely killed"

these very last 2 words "humanely killed" and the word "livestock" are the very words that caught me by a huge surprise, to put it mildly, coming from such a passionate freedom activist such as yourself, and the fact that all of your project's partners have associated themselves with this aspect also

propelling my realization that none of you beautiful souls have truly awaken to the most devastating aspect of our planet

no amount of financial, technological, educational, social, recreational freedom can suffice and satisfy us, if we will have NO PLANET to continue our lives on

your project proposes solutions for 7 billion and growing populace

before becoming industrialized, the food production was small scale, escalating
into what has become today

by going back and STARTING IT ALL OVER AGAIN at the population growth we undergo, we simply start and encourage the very same process, all over again, only at far larger scale

we now need to educate ourselves about completely NEW methods of producing sustainable food for our world population, which are amply explained in detail below
the first and subsequent links in the materials below will provide that, with no shadow of any doubt,  your proposal re. GLOBAL food production is beyond  unattainable, at even a far lesser scale, let alone at global scale, as well as offering multiple real solutions to our food production which will afford us to actually save our planet in the process in true, healthy sustainable ways

it is vitally important and necessary that you and each of the project's partners take some time to review these materials in the blog that I've put together, hoping to further awaken  those most awaken wayshowers among us and merge as a true collective in the one and only direction we ought to take as a human race in respect and relation to our very HOME PLANET and Creator's beings in every form

to best grasp the bird's overview of the materials below, it would be best to first read each link's title, before opening them individually
 it is our spiritual karmic responsibility to become fully informed, awakened and responsible wayshowers, once we've placed ourselves in public positions

the shocking effects of animal foods production, both small and large scale on our world's ecosystems
MEAT and the ENVIRONMENT (humanely raised or not)

walking those further steps down the rabbit hole

FOOD, the most dangerous weapon of mass control (even most awaken are caught by surprise learning these shocking truths behind our food matrix)

ANYone who publicly promotes "humanely raised food and killing" is invited to take this test :
The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST

And read/watch these

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky

Philip Wollen : Animals Should Be Off The Menu debate | Subtitles in 18 languages

REAL SOLUTIONS for our food CRISIS AND PRODUCTION, at global scale

OLD food industries go extinct while NEW ones are born

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle 



ASCENDING while KILLING for food?
Killing "humanely" with LOVE and compassion? A call to all wayshowers
FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO


Eating Meat and its effects on Spiritual Vibration Frequency

World Peace Diet

Food and mental health

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