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My contribution to WPD the MOVIE <3
 Please feel free to use as little or as much as you feel and seem fit for the greatest movie of all times in the makingJ <3
What started as a simple outlined sketch of ideas ended up as this large body of materials which I had to put it as a blog page in order to make its transmission as simple as possible and accessible to Will, Jesse, Nan, Louise and others who wish to take a look at, share and use for creating new ideas through it.
I now realize how much is being left unsaid and unknown to the public at large about our food choices and world peace & spiritual healing.
 The “challenge” as I’ve discovered today is not the lack of materials for the movie but how to sort throughout such vast body of source materials and compile the most impactful ones, without getting lost in this ocean of incredible resourcesJ
With enough invested time, passion and energy, the WPD MOVIE magic is so very possible.
THANK YOU beautiful spiritual family for creating this sacred space,  for being here and now where we can speak our language freely, which is so healing for all of us <3

Thank you Will Tuttle for creating the World Peace Diet Spiritual Masterpiece.
Thank you Madeleine Tuttle, Judy Carman for being the Angels by Will’s and animals side and for being among us here and now.
Thank you Nan for being such an open and clear channel for the Divine in order to have received this most brilliant idea of WPD the MOVIE.
Thank you Jesse for being here now at the right time, with your film making talent and ideas and for offering to produce this Spiritual artistic film masterpiece.
Thank you beloved spiritual family in fur and feather bodies for being the LOVE force behind this project and our guides in TRUE world healing.  Please forgive us on behalf of all humanity for all the pain, known or unaware of, we have ever  caused you.
This project is dedicated to all of you!
We LOVE YOU deeply and eternally!

Indeed, as mentioned by Jesse, it is a great idea to create a VEG movie with compassion and inclusiveness towards and of our human peers who have not awaken from the MEATRIX yet. Too often, some vegan friends get caught up in the aggressive and finger pointing/blaming mode.
At times, it becomes easy and almost tempting for us to become too righteous and pin them down for continuing to be part of the problem. And I too am guilty of having at times been too defensive and too righteous in this regard but only after I’ve initially shared with LOVE intention the good VEG message only to be mocked at sometimes verbally attacked.  I now have developed error proof methods to make them observe in silence the materials I’m sharing with very little backlashJ

It is also to them, the nay sayers and all knowers that I owe through gratitude the blog I’ve created, for without their intelligent, legit questions and inquiries, I could not have been blessed with the need and resourcing thirst to dig as deep as I did for such “bulletproof” arguments which have the potential to convert the most ardent meat and dairy defender and addict into a happy, permanent veganJ
Finger pointing works for the same powers to have been that contributed the most to the very problems we face today.
ALL of us have been born into a trauma based culture, with most loving parents feeding us animal flesh since we were too young to defend ourselves and know better. Our entire national cultures, religious, birthday, birth, wedding and retirement celebrations have been created eons ago and passed down through many generations around a body of another being, right in the middle of a dining table surrounded by happy laughing singing families, sharing IN the flesh of another being as MAIN dish, with REAL food as SIDE dish.
It is no wonder why it is so hard to cut through the dogma. It is in our very DNA, passed down through planetary, national karmic journeys, time and again for eons.
That’s why it is FANTASTIK that we now have MANY MANY VEGAN VERSIONS of ALL of our TRADITIONAL FOODS:


It only takes 3 drastic and or major reasons why (in my observation) anyone would give up the nostalgia and addiction to this old lifestyle:
-HEALTH reasons (life and death situation) or HEALTH genuine passionate  
-SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (the only one who guarantees permanent results) 
-BEAUTY (the ones obsessed with anti aging) who would do anything to reverse the aging process, including giving up animal products
In order for humanity to break through the MEAT and DAIRY hypnosis and addictions, based on my personal observations, one would need to find her/himself in any of these 3 categories…

So, a movie that will offer a fair space to all would be fantastic but whet is far better than this is that WPD is taking the awakening to such HIGH while DEEP level that it far eclipses all other motivators in such a profound way that it is SELF SUFFICIENT in itself…for once you get the WPD message, all else become truly easy and natural to follow
Through WPD the MOVIE, people would help themselves and eachother to AWAKEN and HEAL by covering the CULTURAL OMNIVORISM TRANCE (as Will Tuttle so brilliantly shared) from a historical point of view down to what has become of it, today.
HUMAN OMNIVORISM myth debunked 

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

“HUMANE” MEAT myth debunked

Healing ourselves and helping one another to awaken and heal from the OMNIVORISM TRAUMA we’ve been born into and recognize/treat it as the most serious SPIRITUAL DIS-ease as it is, the very ROOT cause of ALL other mental, emotional, physical, social, planetary imbalanced conditions. This in my inner view, would make a most powerful NUCLEUS ESSENCE of the WPD the MOVIE.
It’s not an easy task to accomplish through a movie that needs to capture billions of hearts and souls who are still living the trauma, but it truly has the potential to become one of the most remarkable footprints on our planet for countless generations to come.
A movie that would get a SPIRITUAL OSCAR straight from our Creator <3 

Unlike the common belief (Neanderthal), the ORIGINAL human was in fact designed to be BREATHARIAN and the first humans here lived off PRANA. It was only after some very powerful galactic events that MEAT EATING (“killing for living”) has been gradually introduced. This topic is extremely complex and shocking and I can see why it wouldn’t CATCH on the average audience but perhaps a very brief mentioning that humans were originally VEG and some breatharians since the beginning, wouldn’t hurt.  I’ve enclosed some resources about it here and below again. Breatharian healthy looking people who didn’t touch food for YEARS, including breatharian pregnancy (for those who affirm that VEGANism is “extreme”).

In WPD, Will is sharing how “we don’t have the psychology nor the physiology to kill and eat meat” so it could all be tied in together in a way to be noticed, even is not fully understood yet. Planting NEW yet AGE OLD information back into human consciousness.
Considering that there are now over 10,000 breatharians in our world, perhaps and after all, VEGANISM won’t be perceived AS extremeJ 

Until now, ALL VEG movies have been created with either extreme graphical images or the HEALTH aspect as center point with some references about the environmental aspect.
NONE  of these movies has ever in a noticeable way (or any other way) mentioned the COMPASION, SPIRITUAL aspect/implications of a plant based diet/lifestyle in a non graphic, evident way.
I personally see this generation of VEG movies as the
1st  generation of VEG movies, drawing audiences in through the SHOCKING CRUELTY& PHYSICAL HEALTH aspect.
MOVIES (the HEALTH aspect)

REAL AWAKENING FROM THE MEAT MATRIX (the shocking cruelty aspect)

2ND generation of VEG movies has already appeared and it’s called:
“A delicate balance”

Through this new movie, the focus switches from a PHYSICAL HEALTH aspect focus to a predominantly ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH aspect and including the PHYSICAL health as well as a bit more attention on the ANIMALS welfare/compassion aspect as well.
Which is a great step forward.
A great step forward because this movie is making way for the
3RD generation of VEG movies
which are in a whole new category on their own, becoming the NEXT LEVEL VEG MOVIES which are created with PRIMARY FOCUS and PRIORITY, on the SPIRITUAL HEALTH of the planet and all her children, humans included.
3RD generation VEG movies of which “WPD the MOVIE” is the wayshower.
3rd GENERATION VEG MOVIES which are created with our overall SPIRITUAL ASPECTS & IMPLICATIONS  of our PHYSICAL way of eating MAIN FOCUS, making the PHYSICAL HEALTH and BEAUTY aspects SECONDARY, the BONUS aspect.
Reversing polarities.
Highlighting the SPIRITUAL aspect importance by making HEALTH and BEAUTY secondary, which in themselves are extremely powerful motivators.
Creating a NEW SPIRITUAL awakening revolution through our FOOD which is better than NEW AGE because NEW AGE didn’t focus on the FOOD aspect of our spirituality and more on other aspects with some here and there attention to food.
Because many people on the spiritual path still consider it normal to consume the flesh of other beings as long as prayer and gratitude are involved and because many healers still ingest agony and trauma energies from the flesh they consume, passing it on to their clients through their healing energies and hands, without connecting the dots, this movie would also become the movie that awakens the awaken and heals the healers.
This movie would also have the potential to awaken the priests and help them remember and reconnect with the ORIGINAL and SUPRESSED teachings of the masters such as Jesus who have blessed this planet with their non violence and ALL INCLUSIVE LOVE teachings for ALL life. Whose teachings have been distorted and twisted in order to suit the dark agendas that dominated our planet and the local Universe for too long.
Religion, Animals and VEGetarianism

Christian Vegetarian Association (the reviving of true Christianity)

There is room and potential to take this movie to unparalleled heights and depths, it all depends how you guys seem fit to be best in order to reach out as powerfully yet as accessible as possible.
Depending on the various subtopic, more or less time can be allocated to either expand or brief touch upon each such topics or select only a few.
I am just throwing it all in, as I have already put it in my blog starting awhile back.
It’s all up to you  guys how much or how little prefer to use for the movie.
However is gonna be, I am sure you’ll be guided to the best script under the direct guidance and mastery of the biggest movie producer of them all: our very Mother Father from heavensJ
Absolutely, ALL aspects would receive their honorary and much needed importance in the movie but the very one aspect that has been deliberately and/or or UNknowingly  AVOIDED  is the very core aspect that started it all. The very aspect that is ultimately healing all other aspects. The very root cause of all other problems. The very root cause that needs to be acknowledged and healed first before all others can have an ever lasting effect.
And absolutely,  WPD the movie would also share with its viewers images and clips and sources for the MOST DELICIOUS vegan foods ever which resemble and taste as good as the traditional meals do, inviting the viewer to share in the NEXT level of joy and reason of celebration ALL life by including ALL in our parties and celebrations. Having our vegan pizzas and burgers and eat them too, only without the underlying, suppressed guilt. And if this is not a truest reason to celebrate, dunno what isJ

And because nobody made the VEG BEAUTY MOVIE yet, WPD the MOVIE might as well include a chapter of it as wellJ
Beauty and Longevity

Next chapter in my vision is to show how more and more ANIMAL FARMERS themselves are AWAKENING for SPIRITUAL reasons and healing their traumatized souls by GIVING BACK to the planet through becoming VEGANS, becoming FARM ANIMAL RIGHTS activists and VEGETABLES/FRUITS GROWERS all around the world
One of the few awakening stories is told by this inspiring young man
 The EX-pig farmer turned out BROCCOLI FARMER

In the blog I’ve created, there are many related quotes, links and clips that can be used as resourcing material:

Animal farmers awakening and healing

In THIS PARTICULAR LINK, it’s shared with the animal farmers, ALTERNATIVE MEANS of EARNING a very decent living YEAR ROUND, 24/7 even in the DEAD OF WINTER by growing oranic vegetables and fruits through an astonishing NEW BREAKTHROUGH project, very easy and inexpensive to build, called the GEODOME, where NO ELECTRICITY is being used to create GREENHOUSE TROPICAL TEMPERATURES of 27 Celsius INSIDE while outside there is -17 Celsius.

This is vital because until this, THE ONLY excuse for animal farmers was “earning a living” by raising animals for food.
Now, as the world evolves and advances in all areas, we pretty much are running out of excuses in every area why we need to continue with the old way of life.
Regardless of how ROCKY the soil is or how cold the weather is, with the GEODOMES, one animal farmer can erect MULTIPLE LARGE GEODOMES wherever he is and raise vegetables and fruits YEAR ROUND.
Growing Winter Organic Produce

ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products

It would be absolutely fantastic to feature quotes of (from this link)
Animal farmers awakening and healing
 and short interviews with some of the North American ex animal farmers featured in the movie/s below for the WPD movie, or using some footage (about other international ex-animal farmers turned fruits and vegetable farmers from the already existing movie, the PEACEABLE KINGDOM, which is also in the same link and some of the stories of other ex animal farmers from these links
ANIMAL FARMERS AROUND THE WORLD ARE WAKING UP! El Reino Apacible ( Peaceable Kingdom) ¼ Why Former "Livestock" Farmers Are Becoming Vegetable Farmers, Animal Advocates & Vegans  Courageous Pig Farmers Transition to a Peaceful Lifestyle (1/2) Peaceable the journey home MOVIE

NEXT CHAPTER in the movie would be to feature as many FARM ANIMAL SANCTUARIES as possible, even if for a brief few minutes each and short interviews with their creators/founders.

This will highlight the IMPORTANCE and REVERENCE that is being given to LIFE by such sanctuaries where such a small percentage of the many billions of animals are being rescued and tenderly cared for by other humans.
Such chapter in the movie would be very important because humanity continues to remain disconnected from even wondering WHERE our foods come from, HOW are they “produced” and become available on the supermarket shelves.
Showing that behind each BURGER and ROAST BEAF there was a sentient COW…how behind each VEAL PARMIGIANA and glass of milk and slice of cheeses it was a magnificent sentient living breathing CALF whose life has been untimely robbed…how behind each ROASTED HAM was a playful, funny, intelligent, kind PIG…how behind each RACK OF LAMB was a Divine, astonishing, pure, loving playful vulnerable LAMB.
Most farm animals sanctuaries also offer various HEALING programs for underprivileged children, such as the GENTLE BARN programs.
Also, there is a great project called S.O.U.L. ACADEMY
created by my dear friend and spiritual sister SHIRI JOSHUA, which is a world renowned human animal communicator, writer and healer.
Through her project, mission and book a NEW paradigm in spiritual healing is shared through Service Oneness Unity Love between ALL kingdoms of LIFE with teachings FROM the ANIMALS for HUMANITY. With the ANIMALS as OUR SPIRITUAL GUIDES in planetary healing.
Some of the teachings from the animals as shared in her book could make a powerful impact on the HUMAN COLLECTIVE.
The animals book through SHIRI, called:
The Animals' Messenger: A TALE OF TRUTH AND PURPOSE
is a treasure resource with quotes SO powerful and healing, we could surely come up with some of the most compelling ones for the WPD movie.
Before hearing how a WPD MOVIE can be created, I’ve told Shiri how she must be a time traveler ending up here A BIT TOO EARLY simply because HER MESSAGES were SO OUT THERE FROM OUR FUTURE and how humanity is not spiritually equipped enough to PROPERLY RECEIVE THEM, to TUNE IN to them. YET.
Now that the WPD movie is in the works, I feel it’s time.
My friend SHIRI’s dream still is to travel the world sharing the ANIMALS TEACHINGS.
In fact, to share CHRIST TEACHINGS through the animals. To share with the world how the ANIMALS are HERE to REMIND HUMANITY of these TIMELESS CHRIST TEACHINGS of Unconditional, pure LOVE for ALL life. Which humanity has long forgotten but animals never did, despite the ongoing trauma and holocaust humans declared against their kingdom. To remind HUMANITY that WE ARE ALL DIVINE ESSENCE in different bodies in our eternal SPIITUAL EVOLVING JOURNEYS. Who better than our beloved family in temporary furry and feathery bodies to remind us what they’ve always known and acted upon: Unconditional LOVE and FORGIVENESS.
Pure Christ teachings.
And this is Shiri’s page on the blog I’ve created. She could happily make a short appearance through a short interview in the movie if needed.
S.O.U.L. Academy

The next  chapter in the movie could be ARRANGED INTERVIEWS with the VEG PIONEERS such as JOHN ROBBINS
whose work “A DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA” ties in equally and amazingly ALL aspects: ANIMAL COMPASSION, PHYSICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL health plus EX-ANIMAL FARMERS TRAUMA. A man who gave up WORLD RICHES, as an ex- HEIR to the BASKIN & ROBBINS fortune in order to gain SPIRITUAL RICHES by following his soul calling and passion of healing our world, promoting COMPASSION AND HEALTH through our food choices.

In his book, DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA, the EX-PIG turned BROCCOLI FARMER story is being told.
The next chapter in the film would be something of equally huge relevance. It is all in an album I’ve put together, inspired by the very WPD essence
through this album, and its pictures, it clearly proves and shows how NO DOMESTIC animal was BORN DOMESTIC.
How in fact EACH and EVERY single “DOMESTIC” animal was once upon a time a SENTIENT BEING created to LIVE IN PEACE and NATURE, until MAN interrupted the NATURAL FLOW OF CREAYION, by kidnapping,  breeding, “domesticating” aka  imprisoning, objectifying, resourcing  and trading EX animals from the wild (natural environment) for endless useless needless purposes such as commodities, food, accesories, shoes and clothes, furniture,“sports” aka senseless mindless acts , “entertainment”, experiments, work, financial gain, bets, etc.
No, WE have “domesticated them”. Which puts now a WHOLE NEW perspective on things.
Equally, as if this was not enough, we take, use and apply the VERY SAME principle to ALL OTHER lifeforms:
We fish from the wild and convert them into AQUARIUM FISH, we kidnap birds from the tropical forest and trade them and caged them for selfish personal pleasures, we BREED flowers and sell them for birthdays, weddings and funerals instead of ENJOYING them IN THE FIELD, we now BREED CHRISTMAS TREES, use them for 3 weeks and them discard them like trash…
Then, IF you guys decide to slightly get into it: we now take this highly destructive and self destructive pattern and CONTINUE ON to HUMAN KIDNAPPING, BULLYING, SLAVERY, CHILD PROSTITUTION AND TRADING, USING CHILDREN IN WARS, ORGAN TRAFFICKING, etc…
I know it is a very tough call to decide on HOW we can mix and match this whole big picture without falling onto the BLAMING side of story but MAYBE with some heart mind storming, a common denominator in order to highlight this hugely important aspect of our reality can be shared through the movie in a GENTLE, LOVING way.
You know how countless millions MALE CHICKS are being killed each year because they can’t PRODUCE EGGS? The mass holocaust against a specie because of its SEX not being compatible with the PROFIT industries? The food industry “GENDERCIDE”? Same with MALE CALVES?
Here is the HUGE, mind heart eye opening thing that maybe not even all vegans are aware of: HUMAN GENDERCIDE
In India, China and many other parts of the world today, girls are killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called "gendercide".

It's a Girl Documentary Film – Official

 abandoned simply for being girls.
The United Nations estimates that as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of “gendercide” or female infanticide.
According to Marina Porras, “female infanticide is the intentional killing of baby girls due to the preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of females.”

Helping the WORLD to CONNECT the dots. Sadly but also happily it’s not hard anymore with such overwhelming available materials.     
Once we can plant THIS connective SEED into the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS by presenting PARALLELS in animals & human kingdomes, the domino effect has started.
From this particular link
any chosen image can be used or inspire footage for the movie without the EARTHLINGS type very graphic imagery but strong enough for the HYPNOSIS and TRANCE to be shattered. To help them MAKE the CONNECTION beyond point of no return. Once THEY KNOW, they cannot UNknow. Undo-ing the TRANCE with a gentle yet COLD shower.
EVERY single time I post this link and related messages, there is HUGE DEAFNING SILENCE that follows my posts with NO LIKES. Meaning that the people are OUT of arguments and rude comments for a change. These type of powerful messages provides true FOOD FOR HEART, MIND and SOUL and gives them something very deep to take home and sit on it. At once, I sense CHANGE occurs even if not admitted or immediately recognized.  

Another valuable chapter idea for the movie would be to get hold of some VEGAN BODYBUILDERS/ATHLETES who have chosen the VEGAN LIFESTYLE for COMPASSIONATE REASONS. Most of them I feel they did it for compassion rather than physical reasons.


This is also very powerful because it shatters the MACHO ALPHA MYTH figure in our world about REAL MEN NEED MEAT.
The COMPASSION, HEALTH & PHYSICAL STRENGHT at once, being all possible by adopting a PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE. It proves that HEART is the most powerful “muscle” of all.

Another chapter would be: 


any aspect to connect the spirituality and meat eating in our children would be important because children are at the mercy of their adult parents and victims of the meat inducing trauma to their very souls let alone the physical health

How else we can HEAL our planet, the animals, humans, plants? How else we can forgive ourselves and each other?
Water is one of the central materials that determines the conditions of life on Earth. Water makes up eighty to ninety percent of all living organisms.

Masaru Emoto water messages

 Planet, animals and humans CHAKRAS

GRATITUDE  PRAYER to my physical body (and to heal our planet)



The Law of RESONANCE (or WHY and HOW each of our actions affect the WHOLE of Creation)

The most healing and powerful links in the blog, in my opinion:
World Peace Diet

STORIES that change the WORLD


WHY VEGANISM is healing the world

How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle 

additional resources for film materials if needed:

For those who believe that VEGANISM is “extreme”J


WORLD PEACE (many relevant quotes that can be used for the film)




COMPASSION and Animals

ANIMALS and PEOPLE healing



Veganic agriculture/permaculture




FAMOUS quotes



Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


2012 PHENOMENA (we are ASCENDING and MAJOR transformations take place in our world and beyond)

YUMMY looking REAL FOOD for attractive images in the film (besides the VEGAN PIZZAS and BURGERS images widely available on internet): 

VEGAN Deli amazing world

The RAW FOODS magic



LIVING foods vs. DEAD foods

Supremacism, elitism, specism, racism, how it all began

Planetary healing from the ground up

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