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Welcome to Take Heart! We are delighted to bring to you the daily CVA e-newsletter with devotionals, discussions, inspirational quotes, health tips, recipes and much more. Your comments are very valuable to us and we hope you enjoy every edition.
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Lorena Mucke
Coordinator Christian Vegetarian Association

Animals and World Religions has just reached the shelves.
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God is pleased with all who believe in Jesus Christ and desire to conform their lives to His will; and in that conforming, we are filled with the love of God.

It is a love that does no harm to any part of God's creation, but instead protects it from harm.

It is love that lets us see through the sins of each other to the person that God desires us to be, just as we also want to be accepted.

And when we look upon each other in this way, we will be at peace with each other.

And when we look upon the animals in this loving way, we will once again be at peace with them. This is one of God's Christmas gifts for us.

Are we willing to accept it? Peace is something we must share with each other in order to experience its true value, and that is exactly what the shepherds did.

This Week’s Famous Quote
“This is dreadful! Not only the suffering and death of the animals, but that man suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity—that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself—and by violating his own feelings becomes cruel.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Veganism Opposes Speciesism
Angel Flinn, Director of Outreach for Gentle World, and Dan Cudahy author of Unpopular Vegan Essays: Unpopular Essays Concerning Popular Violence Inflicted On The Innocent, write about the many ramifications that speciesism has in our world and explain why ethical vegans oppose it.

Veganism, they say, transcends the gender, race, religion, politics and of course, species boundary. Flinn and Cudahy explore the discrepancies in Christianity and Buddhism, for example, when some or most of their respective followers try their best to find loopholes to excuse the exploitation of animals.
Please visit:

God's animals are exploited unnecessarily by humans and sadly most Christians support this exploitation even though it clearly contradicts Jesus' teachings of compassion, mercy and love. One would expect Christians to be the leaders in opposing animal exploitation. Is it that our own benefit and pleasure trump Jesus' teachings?
It is time to align our choices with our faith.
Have a blessed day! <>< <>< <><

Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association

Welcome to Take Heart!
We are delighted to bring to you the daily CVA e-newsletter with devotionals, discussions, inspirational quotes, health tips, recipes and much more. Your comments are very valuable to us and we hope you enjoy every edition.

World Hunger: A Plant-Based Diet Is The Solution

With a population projected to reach nine billion by 2050, it is obvious we need to find a better way to feed everyone. A diet based on meat, dairy and eggs is clearly not the answer because it devotes most of the land, grain and water to raising animals instead to directly feeding people. Please visit

“For I was hungry and you gave me food.… Jesus as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me” (Matt. 25:35, 40 RSV).

Yet, while a billion people suffer from malnutrition, approx. 40 percent of the world’s harvested grain is fed to animals being raised for slaughter and in the US alone the figure is about 70%. Transition to a plant-based diet is the most effective way to reduce hunger in the world and to allow the poor to have access to affordable, healthy food choices.

Health Tip

Deana Ferreri, Ph.D., explains why it's so important to counteract the negative effects of sedentary jobs where prolonged sitting is associated with increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and overall mortality.

She suggests, aside from regular exercise, to take "frequent but short bouts of non-exercise activity, like standing up from your desk to stretch, taking a quick walk around the office, standing up while taking a phone call, walking to a colleague’s office instead of sending an email, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator."

Former Buffalo Bills Player Adopts Dr. Esselstyn’s Diet

Adam Lingner, former Buffalo Bill player from 1987 until his retirement in 1995, had been diagnosed with a clogged artery putting him at risk of a heart attack. Following his stent procedure, Lingner decided to keep his arteries clean by following the plant-based diet recommended by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.
To read the article and watch the video please visit

It’s sad to hear of anyone who battles a disease; however, Mr. Lingner is a good example by showing that many times the alternative to medication or surgery is simply a well-balanced plant-based die, that not only does it help to prevent many chronic diseases but to also reverse them.

This Week’s Video – Jeffrey Mason: Does “humane meat” exist?

Jeffrey Masson, bestselling author of many books on animals including "When Elephants Weep", discusses in this video excerpt the concept of "humane meat." Please visit

Vegetarianism on the Rise

A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive by telephone within the United States on behalf of the Vegetarian Resource Group indicates that vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise, as well as the number of people choosing some vegetarian meals. About 16% of the people surveyed said that they eat vegetarian meals half of the time, and between 2-3% of the people said they eat a plant-based food (vegan diet).
To read the article please visit

With the raising awareness about the inherent cruelty of factory farming and the negative effects this has on our health, God's animals and the environment, it is no surprise that more people are choosing to eat plant-based diets or at least replace some of their meals with veg options. This, indeed, is good news for God's creation.

America’s Double Standard

While Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," a topical event-driven show that airs every night at 7 ET on HLN, believes Michael Vick should not be allowed to ever own a dog, she thinks that he might get away with it by arguing that he’s been a victim of a double standard.

Velez-Mitchell rightly highlights the incredible inconsistence that is well-accepted by most Americans of treating some animals well and others as commodities (farmed animals, fur animals, etc.)
To read the article please visit

The horrendous treatment of farmed animals is indefensible. From an ethical and spiritual point of view, a dog, a cat, a pig or a chick should be treated the same way. However, in today’s society, sadly, even Christians try to excuse or rationalize the obvious inconsistence of having some animals as “pets” and others as “food”. It is time that we all align our most-inner values and beliefs with our food choices.

This Week’s Video: “Be Veg” Toronto Subway Ad Campaign 2011

This video shows a glimpse of the effect that one thousand "Why love one but eat the other?" ads running on Toronto subways have on riders. The "Be Veg" Toronto Subway Ad Campaign 2011 has been touching hearts and getting people to think why their food choices really matter. Please visit
Toronto Subway Riders Come Face to Face with Farm Animals

This Week’s Bible Verse

(RSV) 1 Peter 4:10

“As each has received a gift, employ it for one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace…”

A steward is someone who’s been entrusted with something valuable. We are indeed stewards of God’s Creation: our bodies, animals and the environment. However, as believers in the teachings of Jesus Christ, we have also been entrusted with the privilege and responsibility to be good stewards of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel of love, compassion and mercy.

I believe that the best way to show we care about and embrace Jesus’ teachings is to put them into practice, so it is through our lifestyle, choices and actions that people can observe what it truly means to be good stewards of God’s Creation.

A Compassionate Life

A beautiful and inspiring piece written by Marcia ‘Butterflies’ Katz, a compassionate person who chose to adopt a vegan lifestyle 33 years-ago in order to alleviate as much suffering as possible in this world due to human and animal exploitation, gives us a glimpse about her wonderful journey and how it has affected her life in many deep ways as well as the lives of other beings. Please visit

How encouraging and inspiring it is to learn that choosing a compassionate lifestyle is not only attainable but fulfilling! As Christians, our role as stewards of God’s Creation takes us also on a journey filled with love, compassion and justice; even thought it might mean to go against the flow.

More Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Diabetes, stroke and heart disease are among the leading causes of death in the United States, and new studies show that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps reduce the rate of these diseases significantly. To read the article please visit

Once again scientific evidence supports the notion that a well-balanced plant-based diet is ideal for our bodies, as it is mentioned in the book of Genesis. Taking care of our bodies honors God.

Health Tip: Snack Smart
Snacks are a great way to refuel. Choose snacks from different food groups and easy to have in hand, for example: nuts, fruits (dry or fresh), peanut butter and crackers, fruit and energy bars, etc.

This Week’s Famous Quote

“I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was a vegetarian.”
~ James Cromwell, American film and television actor

Serious Concerns about the Overuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farming

The excessive use of antibiotics in animal agriculture is increasing the number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Just in the European Union 25,000 patients die every year from infections caused by drug resistant bacteria, and The World Health Organization says drug use in farm animals plays a 'significant role' in spreading antibiotic-resistant salmonella and campylobacter infections in humans.
To read the article please visit

The unthinkable is actually happening. Thousands of people die every year of infections that could be treated if antibiotics were not used irresponsibly by the factory farming industry. I think it is time for Christians to spend less time praying for healing and spend more time paying attention to their eating habits. Supporting the factory farming industry only sends the message that corporations can continue engaging in unethical behavior that brings sickness and suffering to God's Creation.

Do “Happy” Cows Really Exist? Not in Agribusiness

This is a beautiful story about being awakened to the reality that there is not such a thing as "humane" meat or "happy" cows. The author of this piece, Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati, shares how interacting with farmed animals helped her to make the connection between life, death, suffering and choice of food. Thanks to Bruno, a bull who was raised in a small dairy farm, she made the step from vegetarian to vegan, realizing that no animals should ever die unnecessarily just for taste and profit.
Please visit

God's animals avoid death as much as we do. Unfortunately, farmed animals always end up being slaughtered for their meat, dairy or eggs. It's only through a plant-based diet that we can avoid participating in the senseless, heartless and uncompassionate exploitation of God's farmed animals.

Raising Livestock Increases Hunger World-Wide

This article explains very clearly why raising cattle is not the answer to solve the problem of hunger around the world. The people of the Horn of Africa raise cattle and other livestock they cannot feed and water, and cannot even afford to slaughter. Mainly, livestock are their currency.

Heifer International is one of the many organizations that push the raising of livestock in poor and underdeveloped regions, such as the Horn of Africa.

On the other hand, agricultural economists warn that this approach is unsustainable because the “land area suitable for agriculture, length of crop growing seasons, and yield potential-particularly along the margins of semi-arid and arid areas-are all expected to decrease."
To read the full article please visit

Farmed animals raised for food use up much of the agricultural land, grain and water making animal agriculture unsustainable. As the world population increases it is evident that unless humanity transitions to a plant-based diet, the generations to come will experience even more hardship that what the world experiences now.

This Week’s Video

In this short excerpt, bestselling author John Robbins, explains why eating animals is so devastating to our health, our souls, our ethics, God's animals and planet Earth. He encourages people to choose hope over despair emphasizing that it's never too late to do what is right.
Please visit John Robbins: Don't Choose Despair

May all beings enjoy love and peace this holiday season… Merry Christmas!!!

Want to Help People Without Hurting Animals?

Many people are eager to donate to organizations in order to help many humans in need. Unfortunately, many of these organizations, although their mission is honorable, sometimes they hurt animals in order to achieve their goal.

The Heifer Project is an example in which the goal is to feed people but the means include the exploitation of farmed animals. On the other hand, there are also many organization that help humans without exploiting animals, such as Food for Life and Sustainable Harvest International, among many others.
To learn more about this subject please visit

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

This is a heartwarming story about the re-homing of tens of thousands of battery-caged hens who got a second chance due to the European Union-wide ban on battery cages which comes into force on January 1.

These hens, who would have otherwise lived in barren battery-cages unable to even spread their wings, known suffering daily and ultimately slaughtered before their second birthday, are now in loving homes enjoying life for the first time. To read the full article please visit

Egg-laying hens are certainly abused relentlessly by the factory farming industry and the people who support it. Maybe this Christmas season will warm the hearts of people and help them realize that there's nothing Christian or honoring to God in the egg industry.

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