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Food and mood

Food and mood

Food and mental health

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates

We are what we eat.

Physically, mentally, emotionally and we now have overwhelming scientific proof that FOOD deeply affects our mental, emotional and behavioral state.  

Nutrition and depression

Vegan Diet Impacts California Prison (Absolutely amazing story)
San Bernardino County, CA — In the late 90’s, amid rising crime rates and finite lockup space, the private prison industry was looking like a pretty lucrative business opportunity for anyone who could take advantage. Having received a dire report from Georgia-based prison design firm Rosser International Inc., San Bernardino County was expecting a shortfall in inmate beds and a doubling of their inmate population by the year 2020. Against this background, the County began accepting bids for a 500-inmate private prison.
Terry Mooreland, CEO of Maranatha Private Corrections LLC was among the individuals who bid on the project. There was only one catch. Mooreland’s bid included a stipulation that if he was awarded the bid, inmates serving sentences at his facility would be offered a vegan diet.
As fate would have it, Mooreland won the bid and in 1997 began to build what became the Victor Valley Medium Community Correctional Facility in Adelanto, California; which is about 120 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Once operational, this facility saw remarkable results for seven years, before a dispute over inmate phone revenue led the State of California to cancel their contract with Mooreland.
It is unbelievable that something as silly as phone revenue could cause a State to end one of the most remarkable prison success programs in the country, where inmates got out and stayed out. At the time, the State of California had a recidivism rate of 95%. This is the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested. The Victor Valley facility enjoyed a recidivism rate of less than 2%.
So, what was the key factor behind this success? A vegan diet.
In a video-taped interview obtained by Vegetarian Spotlight, Victor Valley nutrition services coordinator Julianne Aranda explains that “what we eat not only affects us physically, but it affects our mental attitude, our aggressiveness and our ability to make good decisions”. In interview after interview it was clear that the NEWSTART program staff was in agreement that the mind and body must be cleaned up in order for the inmates to achieve positive behavioral changes.
Initially, although the State of California was very supportive of the NEWSTART concept, they told Moorland they didn’t believe that even five inmates (of the 500) would accept that kind of a diet. In fact, they told Moorland that inmates would probably “burn the place down before they became vegetarians”. However, once the program was in progress, the opposite became true. On average, 85% of the inmates chose the NEWSTART side while only 15% chose the CDC program.
The remarkable behavioral changes could even be seen outside in the prison yard where according to prison officials, nobody “owned” or controlled the yard. Typical lines drawn between blacks, whites, hispanics, gang members and other groups were non existent. On the NEWSTART side, everyone played basketball together and had great fellowship. The CDC side of the house had the same racial divisions experienced at any other prison.
In testimonials, inmates assert that the surprisingly good-tasting food led them to feel better, have greater energy, increased stamina and reduced problems with acne. Indeed the effectiveness of a vegan vegetarian diet in rehabilitation has been scientifically validated.
Although the State of California apparently preferred to pursue phone revenue over rehabilitated inmates, the success of the Victor Valley facility gives us something to think about. Could this kind of a diet help us in raising our children?


Eat, Think, And Be Healthy - Raw Food The Optimal Brain Food

How Foods Affect Mental And Emotional Health

Healing Mental Illness With Raw Food Nutrition

 Manic Depression (Bipolar) and Raw Food, episode #531

Mental Benefits

The correlation between people who eat meat and violence

From 1984 to 1994 the number of youths under 18 who were arrested for murder tripled, according to the Department of Justice. It is time to look beyond the sociological roots of this trend to consider the profound changes in our food supply as a possible cause of violent behavior. We need to rethink our dependence on processed foods and animal products filled with toxic chemicals, antibiotics and steroids. Rather than directing all our attention to bitter debates on gun control and the violence in the entertainment industry, let's also consider the pressing need for a cleaner environment and a vegetarian diet. Food should be good for physical as well as moral health. The Indian science considers food to sustain not only the body, but also to maintain the purity of mind and the soul. Just as alcohol affects the state of a person's mind, so does every item of food and drink affects one's psyche. The very tendency to kill an animal or bird for food gives a person the tendency to commit violence. It reduces one's sensitivity, compassion and kindness.
Meat eating contributes to a mentality of violence, for with the chemically complex meat ingested, one absorbs the slaughtered creature's fear, pain and terror. These qualities are nourished within the meat-eater, perpetuating the cycle of cruelty and confusion. When the individual's consciousness lifts and expands, he will dislike violence and not be able to even digest the meat, fish, fowl and eggs he was formerly consuming
In my eleven years of vegetarianism it has become quite evident that vegetarian families have far fewer problems than those who are not vegetarian. If children are raised as vegetarians, every day they are exposed to nonviolence as a principle of peace and compassion. Every day they are growing up they are remembering and being reminded to not kill. They won't even kill another creature to eat, to feed themselves. And if they won't kill another creature to feed themselves, they will be much less likely to do acts of violence against people.
I believe that most violence stems from anger, and that most anger can be traced to frustration. The most basic, and yet invisible, frustration comes from feeling continuously dissatisfied at the cellular level. Add this to the negative emotional states resulting from allergic/addictive reactions and you have an ongoing potential for violence.

Many mental and emotional problems have been related to dietary intake. Manic depression (bipolar disorder), schizophrenia and some apparently psychotic disorders have responded favorably to dietary intervention. Who knows how many violent acts towards others could have been avoided if the dietary connection had been known.

Individuals suffering from manic depression can become extremely violent, even uncontrollably homicidal, during the manic phase of their cycle. At the other end of the cycle, the depressive phase, they can become equally suicidal.

A toxic person generally has an acid pH level which results from the ingestion of animal proteins, refined sugars and cooked fats. These foods are poorly digested and create toxic residues, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream. Conversely, the more alkaline the body, the more serene or calm the individual. Increased intake of living foods (fruits and vegetables) helps to create an alkaline pH level.

Animal products do not possess the nutrients needed to satisfy human enzyme requirements. Their increased use results in toxic, devitalized and violence-prone individuals. By increasing the amount of fresh, raw foods in the diet, and reducing the intake of toxic, allergenic and acid-producing foods like meat and dairy products, each person can experience a much more positive, non-violent emotional state.

http://www.tstrain.com/Page.html  Aside from telling me they felt better, the vast majority said they became sensitive to the fact that they were causing pain to animals by eating them. This is amazing. Just by not eating meat for a week or two, people who had eaten meat all their lives without a second thought - who never associated the food they were eating to a live animal who gave their life and suffered - were somehow now looking at meat eating it an entirely different light.


Nutrition and brain function 

Eat your way to higher consciousness.

“The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.” Mahatma Gandhi  

"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields." -Leo Tolstoy 

 “We need never look for universal peace on this earth until men stop killing animals for food. The lust for blood has permeated the race thought and the destruction of life will continue to repeat its psychology, the world round, until men willingly observe the law in all phases of life, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’” –  Charles Fillmore, “The Vegetarian,” May 1920

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love." Pythagoras, mathematician

Compelling our children to eat animal foods gives birth to the “hurt people hurt people” syndrome. Hurt people hurt animals without compunction in daily food rituals. 
We will always be violent toward each other as long as we are violent toward animals—how could we not be? We carry the violence in our stomachs, in our blood, and in our consciousness. Covering it up and ignoring it doesn’t make it disappear.  
The more we pretend and hide it, the more, like a shadow, it clings to us and haunts us. The human cycle of violence is the ongoing projection of this shadow.
Dr. Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet)   
We now have mass media, medical community, professional sports, politicians, ex-animal farmers turned vegetables farmers and vegan activists, parents, children, schools, grass roots movements, tens of millions around the world and Hollywood on the VEGAN movement and from here it only grows exponentially, as the linked materials below will show you.
Vegan food and vegan movement heals our minds, bodies and the entire planet with all of her ecosystems.
It is the only truly sustainable, healthy, compassionate evolutionary stage for of planetary healing.
We hope you will join usJ

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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


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