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Letter to therapists

Dear therapists,

I am writing to you as a therapist, as someone who is trying to alleviate suffering in the world, because recently I experienced a big wakeup call which has revealed to me one of the fundamental roots of human unhappiness and suffering, and yet this had been hidden to me my whole life, and many people do not see it, perhaps you are not aware of it either and yet it very much affects your work and people's health and wellbeing in many ways.

I am part of a group of volunteers who are creating a diverse grass roots movement for relieving suffering and devastation, for humans, animals and planetary ecosystems.

I truly feel that the information we are sharing with you and with many other therapists, will greatly benefit your work.

Food and mental health (a fascinating awakening journey)

It began when I watched some footage of what is happening to animals on factory farms and abattoirs, the level of violence and suffering simply has to be seen to be believed. After viewing the footage I became vegan and have experienced such a transformation in consciousness that I now see our human mental health is very much linked to what we eat.

I've also witnessed many other people undergo this same shift in perception after changing their diet to a cruelty free one, and altering their perspective of other animals, stopping seeing them as simply resources to be used for our pleasure, to beginning to see each animal is a soul, a living being, who has the level of consciousness of a three year old child, in terms of their ability to recognize their names, form deep relational bonds, feel love, enjoy playing and running around.

This is a shift from a head based perspective of beliefs and rationalizations which deny the suffering of others so we can gain at their expense, to a heart based perspective where we are intentionally living to avoid harming and reconnect to our capacity for compassion and wonder, love and awareness of the value of life and wellbeing of others, has a profound effect on our own happiness and wellbeing.

We torture confine mutilate and kill hundreds of billions of souls each year. The rest of wildlife is destroyed by hunting, shooting, poisoning and otherwise killing all other species who are deemed a threat to ''livestock''. Entire ecosystems and wildlife animals are killed as their natural habitat is burnt to the ground to raise ''grass fed'' cattle or to grow crops to feed the cattle.

24,000 people a day starve whilst the demand of wealthier nations for grain to feed their cattle out prices the poorer nations on the world food market.

We are destroying the very planet we all depend on for survival, literally, and imminently. Top EU, UN, and NASA climate scientists say animal agriculture is causing 50% of global warming, is burning down our rainforests at an acre per minute and poisoning our oceans. All their studies show we only have a couple of decades left before we are pushed into ecological catastrophe directly caused by a ''meat and dairy'' diet.



If we turn to a vegan diet now, the gasses given off by animal agriculture will quickly clear our atmosphere (within ten years) and the planet will begin to cool and heal. Rainforests will stop being destroyed, the earth begin to cool and heal itself. The oceans will begin to clean themselves, and the soils will no longer be dangerously eroded.


The development of character is the process of forgoing personal pleasure in order to avoid causing harm to another or exploiting them in any way. Vegans often report increasing abilities to recognize exploitative selfish or manipulative behaviors in self and other and begin to move away from these into healthier ways of being and relating. They report increased levels of honesty, integrity, sensitivity and compassion developing in all areas of their lives. The simple but fundamental and revolutionary act of acknowledging the cruelty and violence they've been unwittingly participating in their whole lives, radically transforms their consciousness. The intention to be kind, to do no harm helps people to develop a healthy self esteem and confidence; from simply knowing they are actually, truly doing their best to not harm anyone, ever.

This intention to do no harm, quickly becomes the intention to do good in the world, people's lives, focus and intention becomes more meaningful and purposeful. This too is beneficial to their emotional and spiritual health.

So I'm writing to you to ask that you will in your personal and professional life, in your own intention to alleviate suffering on this earth, consider this crucial issue.

Physiologically we are identical to other herbivorous animals and thrive best nutritionally on a healthy whole food diet with no animal ''products''.

For the sake of the animals who are suffering so very much, for the sake of the future of life on earth, and for our own wellbeing on every level, I implore you to please don't take my word for it, to take some time to view the links below and to begin to be part of the solution on this earth, the alleviation of so much suffering and destruction. We need everyone who is remotely capable of it, to actively choose to no longer participate in this violence towards other species, and to speak out for the animals and for this vital social change in every way they can.

We now have mass media, science and medical community, professional sports, politicians, ex-animal farmers turned vegetables farmers and vegan activists, parents, children, schools, grass roots movements, tens of millions around the world and Hollywood on the VEGAN movement and from here it only grows exponentially, as the linked materials below will show you.
Vegan food and vegan movement heals our minds, bodies and the entire planet with all of her ecosystems.
It is the only truly sustainable, healthy, compassionate evolutionary stage for of planetary healing.
We hope you will join usJ

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,
Manuela Arhire and the World Peace Diet team

Food and mental health (a fascinating awakening journey)



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