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What vegans actually eat


This page has been particularly inspired by a deranged influencer's post mocking VEGANS

Even if he is surrounded by them AND he's been exposed for close to a decade to ANYTHING veganism related.

For some unexplained mystery, despite writing 2 books on spiritual and human healing, self development and for self proclaiming of being some form of <therapeut> he suddenly decides to mock VEGANS and the most important spiritual, planetary, social and human MOVEMENT of our known history.

This very pic 


shared on other retarded channels was what he shared on his page, page which is followed by thousands of unsuspecting naive humans of whom SOME of them (less and less) remain lured by his deeply deceiving facade of being ANY kind of <specialist> on human psychological traumas and healing.

Of course he had received a sobering message from me but nonetheless, HIS type being quite rare in terms of the depth and crass level of ignorance, BLIND LEADING THE BLIND category, THIS elephant in the room also needed to be properly addressed and acknowledged EN MASSE.


THAT is the Question  

Because ignorance is not the Lack of Knowledge

but only

an UNconscious decision to reject knowledge 


PLANT BASED Burgers, pizza, sausages, meatballs, cheese, ice cream, deli, gyros, meatloaf, whipped cream, butter, ham

Cruelty Free (Vegan) Burgers, pizza, sausages, meatballs, cheese, ice cream, deli, gyros, meatloaf, whipped cream, butter, ham, Sheppard's pie, lasagna

Google it in IMAGES and links...

TENS of versions and recipes...

In whatever language or culture

HOME BASED mostly but MANY store bought also...


Vegans didn't give up old, comfort foods because we no longer liked them...

We've just had OUR epiphany awakening moment and suddenly realized that a LIVING BEING'S LIFE is FAR more important than a moment of selfish palatable indulgence...

Fortunately, the transition can NOW be made INSTANTLY with LIMITLESS PLANT BASED, CRUELTY FREE alternatives to EACH SINGLE comfort food we grew up with and still love... 

Because until we could all become AGAIN FRUITARIANS (as we were DESIGNED)

And EVENTUALLY BREATHARIANS, countless billions will still be killed IF we remain indifferent and ignore the elephant in the room...


Which comes with a CAUSAL (karmic) price right back to us anyway...

Real karma...

If we could live LONG, HAPPY, HEALTHY Lives without EXPLOITING, HARMING, KILLING and EATING other beings, WHY WOULDN'T WE??


Golden Rules of Creation:

Do not harm

Do not kill

"To decide if something is humane, ask if you would want it done to you" · ~ Andrea Kladar ·

The future lies in OUR hands. 



(Talented) artists have sold their soul for 15 mins of Earthly fame

Humanity sold THEIRS for a STEAK or BURGER


The difference between ANY politician and an <ordinary> person is that politicians SELL themselves and compromise EXPENSIVELY...

For money and political <power>...


THE HUMAN ON THE OTHER HAND, sells him/herself for FREE or at most for a steak, a cutlet on the grill or a slice of pizza...

while WE hire them on big wages from our slave money so we can then vilify them, we forget about the ONLY person on whom we can exercise control...US



The Lie We Live



The best speech you'll ever hear 







How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle



Ancient Veganism



“HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked








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