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Humanity meaning


Day 1827, Year 6

Most of us never give this any thought, but why are we so invested in being the superior species? It's because, without really realizing, we equate superiority with survival. We survive with greater levels of comfort because of the tools we invented. But that really is the only difference. For despite these tools, our conditioning hasn't changed. We still behave like predatory, opportunistic, vicious and selfish beings, just with shiny cars and central air conditioning. These tools give us ego, they make us dangerous. Dangerous for each other, and dangerous for other beings who have as much right to mother Gaia as us.

Our ancestors have been here for 6 million years, modern humans for 300,000 years and 'civilization' for 6000 years. Yet, in all that time, our superior species did not learn how to love? We can hate, rave and rant, fight war after war, destroy our ecology, pollute our rivers and skies but we cannot love? We can bitch about our relatives colleagues, neighbours, friends and enemies but we cannot love? We can butcher innocent beings, hold them captive in terror, take their freedom away, make their children orphans, snatch children from their mothers, eat their suffering flesh but...

...we cannot love?

Superiority comes from wisdom, compassion and kindness, at which point it is no longer superiority, it becomes humility. Our tools should be shared with all beings, to make all lives comfortable. That is wisdom. I begin Year 6 of a journey of silence that is equal parts, penance, rigour and devotion to my non-human brothers and sisters. But it is my devotion to you that makes me write this, because I know you are capable of unconditional love.

For my birthday today, I ask only that you love all beings like you love yourself. And because we are not sitting at home solving world hunger, alleviating poverty, eliminating child labour or any number of other evils, please start making this world a better place by choosing a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle. It's the very, very, very least we can do.

I love you all as I love myself. May we be forever free from ignorance and suffering. ❤OM 💗


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