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FDA Approves First Lab-Grown Meat Product


Things are so strange and changing SO fast these days on planet Babylon, EVEN the powers to have been (cabal) are seemingly attempting to END animals exploitation for food production.


WHICH of the lesser of 2 evils humanity will choose?

The time to FACE our demand and consumer supported unimaginably cruelty filled food systems of any size at global level, is here.

Is LAB GROWN eat the solution?

Lab-grown meat actively relies on animal exploitation and animal ingredients. Lab-grown meat currently exploit animals because efforts to research, create, and scale lab meat require that flesh biopsies be taken from living animals regularly for the purpose of extracting stem cells from them.


With SUCH main stream news, expect a flurry of controversy on every social media outlet


Even IF we have now countless HOME MADE versions of ALL our traditional, comfort foods, from meatballs and burgers, to pizzas and omelettes, ice-creams and any other deli/meat and dairy in between


IDEALLY, forced domestication, farming, exploitation and killing of Any SENTIENT BEING FOR FOOD, FASHION AND MYRIAD OTHER USES SHOULD BE OUTLAWED FOREMOST FOR CRUELTY reasons, even before the environmental reasons and definitely before any other reason.


For decades, humanity has NEVER questioned the SOURCE of its meat, dairy, eggs and fish foods production, NOR the authority of FDA for their drugs consumption 


But THIS will be the very first time when BOTH the lab grown meat AND FDA authority will come under meticulous public scrutiny and will be passionately and bravely challenged


SURE there is an ever increasing population segment who are FINALLY waking UP to the horrors of ANIMAL BASED FOODS industries and farming, large, small, local, national or global as well as the MANY FDA questionable actions behind our approved drugs

BUT not ENOUGH of us are doing it and certainly not SOON enough


Considering the already well established and proven FACTS that:


-ANIMAL BASED FOODS production and locations are literal HORROR hellish places who are systematically causing holocaust, torment, torture and violent deaths to TENS of BILLIONS of BEINGS each year OR for a better visual 200,000 E A C H  S I N G L E  Minute



-Such real life horror places are FILLED with infectious microorganisms, germs and parasites, being imbued into humanity’s steaks, dairy, eggs and fish based foods, causing ZOONOTIC DISEASES for decades



-Animal based foods whatever the SIZE, however small, they are causing extreme environmental harm and destruction, WAY BEYOND the climate change controversial agenda 






-Considering how HUMANS WERE NEVER biologically nor psychologically designed to eat flesh and other beings bodily secretions



-Considering how this planet is making SIGNIFICANT and RAPID technological advances YET our VERY CONSCIOUSNESS is dragging its feet, light years behind and its TIME we catch up 


-Considering how this planet is screaming to break free from her own imprisonment, not only at the cabal’s hands but also at the cabal’s HELPERS, we the people


-Considering how ALL SENTIENT BEINGS want to live free, healthy and happy


One could already conclude that SUCH step into gradually PHASING OUT this global and local monster behind our COMFORT, TRADITIONAL FOODS, has arrived. 


FAR from perfect in such imperfect world, we ALREADY have multiple CRUELTY FREE alternative methods of FOOD production, skipping all together any and all forms of animals exploitation AKA Speciesm

AT LEAST until the FOOD REPLICATORS are here


 We already have the ideal food system solution – VEGANIC agriculture!

While more options and alternatives to meat and dairy aren’t bad, they are not and cannot solve the root issues of animal oppression and speciesism. Especially when such alternatives like lab-grown meat actively harm animals and uphold speciesism.

We don’t need to depend on a new technology with unknown risks and benefits to transform the food system. The good news is we already have the ideal solution – which is a VEGANIC food and agricultural systems. This brings together the best of all worlds. It’s the most ethical, sustainable, and healthy food system that truly supports local communities and is anti-speciesist at heart.

Veganic agriculture brings the power and control of our food supply back to the hands of the people. Veganic agriculture is a clear rejection and alternative to the large corporate food system which is killing people, animals, and destroying the planet. Lab-grown meat is not and cannot be veganic.


and ADVANCED FARMING food production


Growing Winter Organic Produce


ORGANIC SOIL nutrients and products




This is because HUMANITY at large still prefers the SLAUGHTERED BEINGS body parts and secretions VS. WHOLE, PLANT BASED FOODS.


Ideally, govern MENTS (those GOVERNING the minds of humans OR the same who have created this killing for living model of eating for us) should LEGALLY stop SUBSIDIZING any and all animal based foods production facilities and Re purpose, redirect THOSE FUNDS towards creating PLANT BASED MANUFACTURING facilities, ALTERNATIVE, PLANT BASED  PROTEIN AND DAIRY facilities, shutting down ALL slaughterhouses and FINANCING plant based farming as well as ADVANCED plant based farming.


Until we can evolve enough to LIVE OFF Life Force (chi, prana, cosmic energy), we have the INTERIM phase to tackle and liberate all beings from our plates and our lifestyles, using cruelty free alternatives for our foods and fashion 


But for those who will still CRAVE MEAT and cannot conceive or accept that ALL BEINGS SUFFER as WE ARE, as OUR PETS are

and egotistically INSIST on EATING MEAT and animal foods

while they ignore the ALREADY COUNTLESS cruelty free versions of meat, meat deli, dairy, eggs and fish plant based protein alternatives,

SHOULD governments be genuine in their intention to end the animals holocaust and planetary ecocide they need to decide to dismantle their VERY own Frankenstein original model of eating which is imprisoning, genetically modifying and altering the beings called animals in our plates and our consciousness with OUR help by stopping the DEMAND for CRUELTY DERIVED FOODS, produced through killing and exploiting living beings in any way, including lab grown meat.


SURE it would be a DREAM for all of us to wake up in a world where HUMANS are sincerely waking up and retaking charge of their own SOULS, MINDS and actions and uproot the very evil system that we were born into and which we have sustained all these decades BUT the mind programming and fear of social acceptance by questioning and rejecting the STATUS QUO it seems to continue to override COMPASSION, FREE THINKING, EMPATHY AND COMMON SENSE.



We have literally become the VERY parasites destroying OUR HOST, Mother Earth and countless sentient beings IN the process, it was about TIME for some drastic changes.



Until humanity decides to give up violently produced foods (meat, dairy, eggs) or a lab grown steak, there are COUNTLESS of in between alternatives.



IDEALLY, we should’ve SKIPPED THIS LAB GROWN MEAT step  and go STRAIGHT for the HOME MADE or even store bought COUNTLESS cruelty free PLANT BASED MEATS, DELI, DAIRY, EGGS AND FISH alternatives, no matter the country or the culture.



These links provide all needed information for anyone who decides in the core of their consciousness that they are ready to change and no longer feel like partaking in the age old style of living, despite the technological advances.


The beings we call ANIMALS have been created and brought here LONG before humans, WITH a very specific purpose


How about us? The human animal model? WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE HERE?

To destroy?


It’s time we end the WAR ON LIFE, today. 



It’s time we recognize that while we fight for OUR freedom rights from cabal rule, we need to also stop being THEE cabal to countless other beings


or else, we haven’t earned our freedoms yet 



It’s time to remember our TRUE nature and how we’ve ALWAYS been able to self sustain on CRUELTY FREE FOODS  


IF we ONLY had 2 UNIversal principles of conduct and  basic steps for our personal and collective spiritual evolution, it would have to be





FARM ANIMALS beauty, intelligence and consciousness in VIDEO




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