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WHO is for dinner tonight?

WHO is for dinner tonight?

When it comes to FOOD, the most common argument from the semi awaken people is the fact that it doesn’t matter WHAT food we eat since ALL is LIFE. Animals are sentient and so are the plants.
In response to this aspect, and for all people who are not able to make a difference between a BEAN and a COW, for those who cannot distinguish the difference between an APPLE and a PIG, for those who can’t tell the difference between and ORANGE and a TURKEY, between a TOMATO and a CHICKEN, between a CABBAGE and a LAMB, between a CARROT and a DEER,  I came up with the idea of a TEST which can be done by anyone, in order to EXPERIENCE BY THEMSELVES, firsthand what FEELS NATURAL for us to eat and what doesn’t, when it comes to FOODS.

Indeed, PLANTS are sentient living beings too.
Just like everything else in Creation, they are INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS.
Also, what we breathe in order to exist is called LIFE FORCE or Cosmic Energy or PRANA or CHI and it is all INTELLIGENT LIVING ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS.
The question becomes: how can we live as cosmic beings in a limited biological body and sustaining ourselves by causing the LEAST amount of harm.
Otherwise, if all is perceived as THE SAME, we should stop breathing altogether in order to avoid destroying the LIFETRONS we take in, or, since there is “no difference” between this life form and the other from an ENERGETIC point of view, let us all begin consuming ONE ANOTHER and see how THAT feels.
While we strive to understand the depths and mysteries of Creation all the time, we can use basic, evident, available means and tools of learning and experiencing which can readily offer us instant feedback on things we are not quite certain about when it comes to important decisions and realizations of truth.

Here is very simple way for you to find out which way is the right way to eat:
take a trip with your children (or niece/nephews) to a nearby fruit orchard and a vegetables field...while you guys walk, pick a fruit or take a vegetable and observe your feelings and your children reactions...OBSERVE the APPLE’s or a CARROT’s reaction when picked or plucked…observe the APPLE TREE’s reaction when you pick its fruit or the EARTH’s reaction when plucking vegetables…then, after washing it, eat them with your children...spend some time and feel the energy around and observe your inner state of feeling, your heart rate, state of mind and that of the children in your company…take some food home and consume it while observing how your heart, mind and body feels like during and after eating it

then, take a trip to a nearby slaughterhouse (where all the "organic, humane, free range raised" animals end up), WITH your children or nephews/nieces and try to spend 10 minutes in the parking lot where the trucks with animals arrive, observe the process of unloading the animals, then ask those in charge to allow you and your children to be part of some slaughtering process for 10 minutes...then, buy some meat and cook/eat it when u get home...while in the slaughterhouse parking lot and during the process, observe your feelings, your state of mind, your heart rate and your children's reactions...
Compare it with the same back in the fruit orchard and vegetables field

now that you've imagined this scenario even remotely close to the reality of actually BEING there in person, in BOTH scenarios, you've got yourself an error proof answer about whether or not eating organic, “humane raised” meat and animal products is natural for human beings...by being PRESENT at the very source of our foods and checking HOW WE FEEL and how our children react should be a no brainer in finding out the TRUTH...PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

And, if you decide to actual experience this TEST, you can start with a VIRTUAL Tour, in order to save up time and gas$$

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