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Thou Shall Not Kill by Rev. BJ Stannard Part 1 of 4 

Introducing Native Foods Vegan Cafe -- BOULDER, COLORADO (video)

The St James Ethics and Wheeler Centre debate - Intelligence Squared: Animals Should Be Off the Menu '

LONG version

The meat and dairy drug: not food, not fashion and not a fad - it is a drug (Philip Wollen) - Animal Rights Zone

Native Foods Vegan Cafe -- Boulder Colorado Opens! (VIDEO)

Veggie Grill to Open Two New Locations

This Week’s Famous Quote

“Let's just call things what they are. When a man's love of finery clouds his moral judgment, that is vanity. When he lets a demanding palate make his moral choices, that is gluttony. When he ascribes the divine will to his own whims, that is pride. And when he gets angry at being reminded of animal suffering that his own daily choices might help avoid, that is moral cowardice.”

~Matthew Scully (born March 30, 1959), American author, journalist, and speechwriter

A Thorough View of the Devastation Caused by Factory Farms

Factory farms are almost everywhere around the world and the negative consequences of raising animals this way are becoming more evident. A new 163-page report titled "What's on Your Plate: The Hidden Costs of Industrial Animal Agriculture in Canada" shows clearly the terrible impacts of Canada's industrial animal agriculture practices. Among the issues addressed in the report are: poultry waste fed to cattle, pigs pumped with growth-promoting antibiotics and mounds of manure dumped in ditches that lead to incredibly high costs to public health, the environment and rural community development. To read the report please visit What's on Your Plate: The Hidden Costs of Industrial Animal Agriculture in Canada

 We need to realize that God’s creation cannot continue to suffer such abuse in our hands. The time has come for each of us to do our part in healing this world. But healing cannot occur unless we stop exploiting God’s animals as if there were not consequences for it. After all, we should never forget that we reap what we sow.

Have a blessed day!
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 Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association
Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World

"I became vegetarian in August of 2005, two months after I had turned 12. I made this decision after learning more about the dog meat industry in Asia. I learned about the inhumane methods of slaughter, but I was primarily upset because of the breed of animal that the butchers killed. I have a dog, and I had always strongly opposed cruelty to animals … or to pets, at least. But it made me think: Hath not a cow eyes like a dog? Hath not a cow organs, dimensions, senses … and if you prick them, do they not bleed? It all depends on what species I wanted to include as livestock. I realized that I had two choices: I could either stop eating cows or start eating dogs. After realizing that it’s really the same, I couldn’t justify any other option."

Amazingly clear-headed and well-spoken young graduate. Please read the entire interview and then share. This world could use about a billion more Allison Schrefflers.

Subway Listens to Vegans
Subway, the largest fast food chain in the world, is listening to the increasing number of vegans. Thanks to animal advocacy group, Compassion Over Killing, Subway is offering three new all-vegan sandwiches: Sweet Riblet, Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean locations in some locations in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Please visit Vegan Subway: Sandwich Chain to Introduce Three New Vegan=Friendly Subs in Beltway Locations  
People are choosing more plant-based foods because of the innumerable benefits to all Creation, so it’s not surprising that even fast food chains are starting to cater to vegans. After all, soon we’ll be the majority!... That is, if we truly want to apply Jesus’ teachings of compassion, mercy and love.

I think it’s important that we support restaurants that offer vegan dishes to let them know they are on the right path.

This Week’s Video

Every day is a gift and needs to be lived joyfully and mindfully! Gratitude 

Have a blessed day!
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Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association

Fake Chicken That Could Fool a Hen

Twitter Co-founders Invest in Beyond Meat
Twitter cofounders Evan Williams and Biz Stone are investing in Beyond Meat, the vegan meat company that has come up with the recipe for what seems to be the most similar veggie-chicken meat on the market to real chicken flesh. The market for meat analogs is growing rapidly and these businessmen seem to know where the money is going to be. Please visit
Twitter founders are investing in vegan meat

Turns out, Biz Stone is a long time vegan

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone talks about turkeys and Farm Sanctuary

I think that not only the money but also the hope to save the planet from devastation is on plant-based foods. The evidence is overwhelming: meatless meals are good for our bodies, God's animals and the environment.
Message received through
Christian Vegetarian Association

Have a blessed day!
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Lorena Mucke
AND - the number of vegans seems to be growing...

Vegucated trailer

Protein Content of Green Vegetables compared to Meat?

A Poignant Riddle: Are Cows Herbivores or Omnivores?
May we contemplate deeply the riddle of the cows we dominate for food! Are they really the omnivores they’ve been forced into being? Are we?

For Our Children’s Sake: Why We Urgently Need To Change The Way We Eat

A couple of hopeful articles... - 10% of population creates a tipping point -

AND - the number of vegans seems to be growing...

Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain

“Because the heart beats under a covering of hair, of fur, feathers, or wings, it is, for that reason, to be of no account?”   ~ Jean Paul Richter
 MFA Exposes California Auction Atrocities to National Audience

Study Shows Dairy Cow Intervention Relieves Clinical Depression

What Is The Nonhuman Rights Project?
Large Demonstration in Paris Calls for the Closure of Slaughterhouses

Prayer Circle for Animals Weekly Update
Our prayers for all animals continue to circle the earth, to
uplift humanity's consciousness, and to bless the animals themselves.
 Thank you for joining people around the world who are praying this
prayer in many different languages but all with the same love:

Gracia Fay Ellwood's recent Editorial in her online journal "Peaceable Table" is entitled "The Living and The Deceased: Part I: A Cloud of Witnesses." 

In it she tells the story of a pig named Gabriel whose cries of pain after his murder were heard by the family while they were dining on his body.  This event caused most of the family to stop eating meat.

Gracia Fay discusses other important and intriguing evidence suggesting life after death for both human beings and animals. I think most of us feel intuitively that prayers for animals after they have died are essential on many levels.  The editorial takes it a step further as Gracia Fay implores us to also pray for the people involved in the cruelty.  Rather than add to the violence in the energy field, it is our job to effectively reduce it by sending love to the perpetrators as well as the animals. 

"Prayer for animals and their exploiters and killers might be seen as the inner side of our this-worldly work toward the dismantling of the evil systems.," she writes.  And here we are, joined together, as the article advises, carrying forth the vision of a world free of violence toward all life and praying as One for Love to overcome all fear in all hearts. Thank you for being a precious and powerful part of the Prayer Circle for Animals.       
       May all beings, including all people, be happy and free.
        With Love, peace, and gratitude from Judy

Please visit the website often to see updates and special prayers, and also to join in our "A prayer a day for animals" which features a prayer for a different group of animals each day of the week. It is also a place to send ideas or prayer requests.   Please forward this widely so that we may continue to add more people to our ever-expanding worldwide circle of compassion.

Real Men Eat Vegan
Eating animals seems to resonate more with masculinity; however, as the writer of this blog, vegan bodybuilder Joel Kirklis expresses well, eating meat is not for men who want to rise above and strive for an ethical and compassionate life. He says, "In my opinion, real men are those who stand tall to protect the weak and defenseless. Real men choose integrity over peer-pressure. Real men don’t harm and kill others for pleasure or “sport.” Real men fight for justice and refuse to participate in the needless exploitation and oppression of others."  Please visit Real Men Eat Vegan 
What better to enhance our compassion, nurturing and protective instincts than a vegan diet? We truly reflect God’s love when we stand for those who suffer and are defenseless
 Have a blessed day!
<><  <><  <><
 Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association 

Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan, puts the protein myth into perspective rather nicely when she says: “The strongest animals on earth are plant eaters. Every creature we’ve enlisted to do the work we couldn’t handle — the horse, donkey, elephant, camel, water buffalo, ox, yak  — is an herbivore… whose huge muscles were built from plant protein, and whose strong bones got that way, and stayed that way, from grazing on grass and eating other vegetables.”

AUSTRALIAN doctors are being assured their patients will benefit if they adopt a diet that's free of meat.

More Evidence about the Benefits of Veg Diets

Once again, a recent study published in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), shows that well-balanced plant-based diets are beneficial for children and adults.  Nutritionist Dr. Rosemary Stanton, who had written an accompanying editorial to the research papers, said: "The evidence is quite good that people who follow a vegetarian diet are likely to have less heart disease, less colorectal cancer, less type-2 diabetes and they're less likely to be obese." Please visit Doctors reassured about vegetarian diets

Do we really need any more evidence that plant-based diets are good for us? Adopting a plant-based diet is a win-win situation! Compassion, healing, reconciliation, restoration, celebration, peace, love, justice… the list goes on and on. 

Have a blessed day!
<><  <><  <><

Lorena Mucke
Christian Vegetarian Association

Another beautiful earthling goes vegan.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s TV show on HLN this morning featured a segment about Michelle Pfeiffer adopting a vegan diet after watching “The Last Heart Attack.” There was a clip of Dr. Esselstyn from that show, and the complete interview with Pfeiffer will be on CNN’s Piers Morgan show tomorrow at 9 p.m. EDT. She said she had high cholesterol to start and dropped it 83 points after only two months eating plant-strong. Looks like the word is getting out there, slowly but surely.

 Michelle Pfeiffer goes vegan (VIDEO)

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Try Plant-Based Diet

Dear ones,
A quick reminder about this month's exciting programs held at Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ont.
On Sunday June 10, 2012 at 11am we invite you to join myself, the people of the sanctuary, and the beautiful rescued farm animals (incl. Jinx the famous goat, Timmy the donkey, the cows, sheep, and the 2 cute new baby piglets!!) for an inspirational talk and meditation service, as we facilitate deeper connections, transform, laugh, learn, and heal together in the presence of nature, uplifting inspirational words, music, and each other. Here is all the info on what, where, donations, and important note re lunch:

The International Association
of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers

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