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FREE WILL revisited

Is Eating A “Personal Choice”? Hardly
By James McWilliams

And my view on it:

The gift of FREE WILL has been bestowed upon us based on using it to learn, experience and grow

It is 2 fold:
It can help or it can destroy

When used in LOVE, BALANCE and HARMONY with the Universe, the advantages are limitless

When used according to the GOLDEN RULE: Do no harm to other (UNIVERSAL OTHER, not only to HUMANS)
It creates endless possibilities for positive spiritual growth and expansion

When used against the Universal Golden Rule, it always comes attached with equal karmic backlash, as a safety and protective measure for Creation

FREE WILL it means who we chose to be friends with, the hairstyle we choose, the clothes to wear, the books we read, shows we watch, etc... 


Many use the FREE WILL argument when it comes to certain foods we eat
ANY ANIMAL based food such as MEAT (fish included), eggs and DAIRY from sentient LIVING BEINGS whose FREE WILL to live FREE, HAPPY and HEALTHY has been stolen and denied by human capture, imprisonment, objectify  and kill IS NOT part of FREE WILL

ANY food which comes from STOLEN life and denied FREE WILL of another BEING is NOT FREE WILL

On the other hand, FOOD FREELY OFFERED by our Creator THROUGH Mother Earth such as FRUITS, VEGETABLES, GRAINS, NUTS and SEEDS is in harmony with everyone's FREE WILL because IT IS OFFERED, not through a STOLEN/TAKEN INTERRUPTED, TORMENTED LIFE

Picking fruits, nuts seeds, vegetables, grains doesn’t destroy the trees nor the Earth. This is the only FOOD that is in accordance with the Universal FREE WILL.

Are the Universal Golden rules to be observed and respected at all times by ANYone towards ANYone.

And these UNIversal rules extend and expand towards ALL living beings. Whatever shape or form they may inhabit at any given time throughout a constantly evolving expanding UNIVERS.

God did not create UNIversal LAWS with CLAUSES, EXCEPTIONS, AMENDMENTS and small print. They apply for ALL beings towards ALL beings, HUMANS INCLUDED.

Sooner or later, as you shall discover below and through your very own future experience, each soul is accountable and responsible for his/her very own karmic deeds, to which we will give account when our time is up.

Consuming, using any animal based foods and products holds us karmically responsible for direct or indirect  participation to the animal holocaust, presently taking place on our planet. The slaughterhouses, animal farms and animal farming industries have been created and continue to exist with our on going financial support. They will start to exist only when we stop consuming and buying animal sourced "foods".

Spiritual karmical universal tribunal cannot be bribed nor deceived nor bypassed. With US being the supreme judge, we will also benefit from a jury of guides who will help us easier evaluate our spiritual, human, karmic checks and balances so that proper, fair, just evaluation can be made with regards to all involved. Our experiences will repeat time and again until we get it right. 

WHO gets to decide WHAT BEINGS’ LIVES are worth LIVING and whose are NOT? Are we playing false Gods TO OTHER LIVING SENTIENT BEINGS created by the REAL GOD MOTHER FATHER Creator?

The scriptures are saying that man has dominion over Earth and all of her resources and lifeforms. The man's aggressive and authoritative dominance with a spiritual superiority complex over all other lifeforms is a heavily distorted and completely out of tune with the Universal truth which is that: humans were selected and agreed to come here as DIVINE GUARDIANS, caretakers and protectors of Mother Earth and all other Divinely created lifeforms. The ALL loving Creator force would never appoint his/her children to abuse and destroy his other children. Chose LOVE!

ALL is energy and life

Those who raise a few chickens and a cow on their large, picturesque farms, try when you collect the eggs from your chickens to ask them if they agree to let you take them (involve THEIR free will in your choice to take their eggs)

And don't forget to ask the cow in your care if you could BORROW some of her milk which has been created and destined solely for HER BABY CALF

Through their infinite KINDNESS, they seldom OBJECT but this doesn't mean that we are ENTITLED to abuse, take advantage and use their SENTIENCE...which is completely unfamiliar to most human kind and CONFUSE their SENTIENCE with stupidity

Animals are incapable of punishment or retaliation

it is at least mind boggling and astonishing how the gentle giants (cows and bulls) we've brutally kidnapped, using shocking cruel methods, bred and "domesticated" for selfish use AGAINST THEIR FREE WILL), with the amount of PHYSICAL POWER and MIGHT they do possess, they don't retaliate, defending themselves, putting man in his place where he should be... 

instead, they allow themselves to be continuously abused and tormented PREFERING TO ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE ABUSED, USED AND KILLED THAN FIGHT BACK AND CAUSE HARM, EVEN IF IN SELF DEFENSE...too very few animals do this...

If I was the Creator, I sure would make some changes when it comes to FREE WILL...

Humans were gifted with FREE WILL not to FEEL FREE TO HARM but to respect other Earth inhabitants and use it for BENEVOLENT purposes...

but, make no mistake that even if you "only" buy your meat, eggs and dairy from supermarkets who carry an enormous quantity of tormented energy filled foods and you are not a slaughterhouse worker nor you buy your food directly from its "source" aka slaughterhouse (hellhouse) nor you hunt, there are karmic debts constantly accumulating in your consciousness and path, with every piece of cheese, glass of milk, stolen egg, chicken breast, steak, chicken wing and hamburger from sentient, conscious sentient beings whose free will has been denied, transformed into objects and who suffered terrible lives and unimaginable deaths...

Our "free will" is no more as long as IT IS AT THE EXPENSE OF ANOTHER's FREE WILL being denied...

The harsher the sources of our "foods" the harsher our karmic debt and backlash...
Directly proportional
Cause and effect

Whether we do the hunting (killing and stilling) or we hire hitmen to do it (animal farmers and slaughterhouse workers) on our behalf, maintaining their profits and salaries on OUR PAYROLL via CONSUMERISM, it still accumulates into our SPIRITUAL BANK as KARMIC DEBT, as "out of sight out of mind" may illusory seem...

Ingesting day in day out tormented, cruelty traumas, IT BECOMES US
and we carry those frequencies within every atom and neuron of our bodies and minds...

It already can be seen on our FACES...
What do you see, even beneath the short, most times forced smiles?
Fear? Doubt? Lack of trust?

The animals’ terror filled fears and lives is being transmuted and resonated through us, in us, all around us, into the planetary ether, becoming the energetic soup we consume every minute, round around as a never ending cycle...
We surely reap what we sow, whether we know it, deny it or not...

As we awaken to being slaves at the hands of the ex-powers to have been, aka Old World Dis-order and started to stand up for our right to exercise OUR DIVINELY INHERITED FREE WILL , so we should also awaken to how WE have BOUGHT INTO the system and BECAME our fellow earthlings ILL-uminati.

Thus, should we succeed in liberating mankind from the mankind oppression, we should free our fellows sentient beings in animal bodies we currently still use and abuse for our food pleasures, fashion and entertainment.

As we come out from the MATRIX, the time to also come out of the MEATRIX/AnimalATRIX has arrived.

ANIMALS are our spiritual brethren and friends not our FOOD, clothes, furniture, shoes and objects.  

And it is all SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITY, hand in hand, for one without the other cannot exist 

Karma and Free Will

Planetary healing from the ground up

The NATURAL foods for humankind TEST
When it comes to FOOD, the most common argument from the semi awaken people is the fact that it doesn’t matter WHAT food we eat since ALL is LIFE. Animals are sentient and so are the plants.
In response to this aspect, and for all people who are not able to make a difference between a BEAN and a COW, for those who cannot distinguish the difference between an APPLE and a PIG, for those who can’t tell the difference between and ORANGE and a TURKEY, between a TOMATO and a CHICKEN, between a CABBAGE and a LAMB, between a CARROT and a DEER,  I came up with the idea of a TEST which can be done by anyone, in order to EXPERIENCE BY THEMSELVES, firsthand what FEELS NATURAL for us to eat and what doesn’t, when it comes to FOODS.
Indeed, PLANTS are sentient living beings too.
Just like everything else in Creation, they are INTELLIGENT CONSCIOUSNESS.
Also, what we breathe in order to exist is called LIFE FORCE or Cosmic Energy or PRANA or CHI and it is all INTELLIGENT LIVING ENERGY CONSCIOUSNESS.
The question becomes: how can we live as cosmic beings in a limited biological body and sustaining ourselves by causing the LEAST amount of harm.
Otherwise, if all is perceived as THE SAME, we should stop breathing altogether in order to avoid destroying the LIFETRONS we take in, or, since there is “no difference” between this life form and the other from an ENERGETIC point of view, let us all begin consuming ONE ANOTHER and see how THAT feels.
While we strive to understand the depths and mysteries of Creation all the time, we can use basic, evident, available means and tools of learning and experiencing which can readily offer us instant feedback on things we are not quite certain about when it comes to important decisions and realizations of truth.

Here is very simple way for you to find out which way is the right way to eat:
take a trip with your children (or niece/nephews) to a nearby fruit orchard and a vegetables field...while you guys walk, pick a fruit or take a vegetable and observe your feelings and your children reactions...OBSERVE the APPLE’s or a CARROT’s reaction when picked or plucked…observe the APPLE TREE’s reaction when you pick its fruit or the EARTH’s reaction when plucking vegetables…then, after washing it, eat them with your children...spend some time and feel the energy around and observe your inner state of feeling, your heart rate, state of mind and that of the children in your company…take some food home and consume it while observing how your heart, mind and body feels like during and after eating it

then, take a trip to a nearby slaughterhouse (where all the "organic, humane, free range raised" animals end up), WITH your children or nephews/nieces and try to spend 10 minutes in the parking lot where the trucks with animals arrive, observe the process of unloading the animals, then ask those in charge to allow you and your children to be part of some slaughtering process for 10 minutes...then, buy some meat and cook/eat it when u get home...while in the slaughterhouse parking lot and during the process, observe your feelings, your state of mind, your heart rate and your children's reactions...
Compare it with the same back in the fruit orchard and vegetables field

now that you've imagined this scenario even remotely close to the reality of actually BEING there in person, in BOTH scenarios, you've got yourself an error proof answer about whether or not eating organic, “humane raised” meat and animal products is natural for human beings...by being PRESENT at the very source of our foods and checking HOW WE FEEL and how our children react should be a no brainer in finding out the TRUTH...PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?
PLANT or ANIMAL based foods?

and, if you decide to actual experience this TEST, you can start with a VIRTUAL Tour, in order to save up time and gas$$

Brookfield Apple Orchards


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