marți, 17 ianuarie 2023

unEvolved sophistication

 We dine in style

We speak with eloquence

we dress with elegance

we invent with brilliance

we compose, paint, sing and dance with sophistication

we use calculus with laser precision

we self project with pomposity and pretentiousness

we've mastered the art of scientific, philosophical and literary

we've created advanced and fast communication technology

YET, humanity at large, we've remained intentionally, willingly and
unscrupulously oblivious

to the most basic, simple concept and reality: that ALL BEings are
created EQUAL in their desire and rights to LIVE FREE, HAPPY, HEALTHY
LIVES among their own families and friends

we're conceiving, designing and developing phenomenal architectural
buildings and dwellings

We ambitiously aim for the furthest distant galaxies and trillions of
stars with our advanced telescopes


we remain intentionally blind to the ecological devastation and ongoing
extreme suffering all around us on this very tiny yet precious PLANETARY
HOME we temporarily COshare with myriad OTHER species

WE conceive and bring forth billions of human beings into this world


we exploit, kill and eat TENS OF BILLIONS other species EVERY SINGLE YEAR


We've created the perfect make up, YET the only thing we need is a Consciousness Make Over

while we still crawl in our collective spiritual evolution we try to run
physical marathons, going  and rushing to nowhere///

and THIS has been and remains to this moment the COSMIC ELEPHANT in our
Earthly room  


SPECIESM is the REAL cosmic pandemic


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