marți, 3 ianuarie 2023

Intelligence vs stupidity


Wanting to share this article about human stupidity and reading its heavy speciest overtones, I couldn't share it...


Reading this otherwise intelligent expose on the few degrees of human stupidity

I couldn't help but picking up on this article's author oversight of what is a 9TH degree of stupidity/ignorance

which is SPECIESM (of which he himself suffers and greatly)  


he overdoes himself by inserting speciest presumptions ignoring the many underlying and not quite reachable to the 5 limited senses perceptions and experiences of the REAL, subtle nature of Creation which requires a bit more spiritual finesse, thirst for more knowledge and experience and a bit more finely tuned extra sensorial spiritual apparatus


He starts off and continues to label PLANTS and ANIMALS as undeveloped and stupid

mainly acting on instinct and reflex...

Instinct is intuition, our very inner tutor, our SPIRITUAL GPS

even if for the negatively, predatory genetically manipulated carnivorous beings, their SPIRITUAL GPS is malfunctioning...

unlike for most other benevolent, non predatory species



Based on his wrong assumptions AND proudly insisting on displaying HIS OWN 9TH DEGREE OF STUPIDITY aka speciesm, it becomes rapidly clear that he's got a long way ahead before he can declare himself the expert on stupidity levels detector and analyzer...


And this only because the intelligence and complexity within plant and animal kingdom can only be tapped into and understood via non physical sensorial senses, which he evidently lacks


Interestingly enough, I'm sure he consumes dairy products EVEN IF it is LEVEL 0 intelligence level for humans to understand that human adults are Thee ONLY specie who STILL insists that OTHER species milk is made for HUMAN ADULTS and not for that specie BABY...


this very same intelligent human, if challenged into a basic discussion of human anatomic, psychological and spiritual makeup with regards to exploiting, killing and eating other sentient beings, he'd find (I'm sure) all the <intelligent and right> arguments to justify HIS luster and appetite for consuming and ingesting OTHER beings bodily secretions and body parts disguised as FOOD (which he downplays as ANIMALS)


Before proclaiming himself as stupidity analysis guru, he needs to continue on self-developing outside of our immediate and easily observable HUMAN STUPIDITY REALM...

But for that, no amount of psycho analysis and sociological/psychological expertise is necessary

Only an open mind, self scrutiny and sincerity plus some basic common sense


Sadly, he compares humans with the intelligent SHEEP and here is where he is wrong, as all others using the very speciest term SHEEPLE (apologies to the magnificent and Intelligent Sheep)


Animals Consciousness and Intelligence


and let's not forget the HIGHLY complex and intelligent nature of PLANTS, able to reproduce/replicate themselves into a brand new lifeform even after they are being plucked or harvested weeks after, able to HEAL humans and other living beings with Intelligent life force properties 


The amazing INTELLIGENCE into a SINGLE SEED TO produce COUNTLESS more of itself once planted...  


and we've only scratched the surface...


So, Darren here needs to stick to study and analyze human stupidity alone and endeavor to get himself started on deepening his understanding of all other life forms and living beings before he is able to start comparing


Given a REAL CHANCE outside forced, brutal and violent so called domestication and millennia old abuse, WHO KNOWS HOW the beings called animals WOULD HAVE DEVELOPED under far better growing environmental and spiritual conditions?

They never stood a chance to begin with since the <intelligent?> human specie and its controllers stepped on this planet...


Probability Comparison: Most Intelligent Animals


Rethinking Thinking: How Intelligent Are Other Animals?


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