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Lamb and Lion

Lamb and Lion

In Creation, predatory behavior and consciousness is a temporary imbalance which is now being healed and transmuted

  **True Story** The Vegetarian Lioness~

To create CERTAIN BEings with the purpose of Killing OTHER BEings


 To create CERTAIN BEings with the purpose of being Killed BY OTHER BEings
 it would be the most wasteful, primitive use of Omni intelligent, Omni loving AND Omnipotent SOURCE ENERGY... 

 Killing for Living would be the most SELF-DESTRUCTIVE mechanism in Creation

There are many more ways to sustain Creation, through REAL FOODS and ENERGY with no need to kill one another in order to live...

Word gets around through certain less main stream materials and information sources that certain beings with previous God LIKE powers and abilities have volunteered to clear all surplus energetic status (N-plus) and also have started to create LIFE in 3Dimensional realms, BEFORE the energetic blueprint was ready, hence the endless anomalies have created the current conditions we are now recognizing and healing with irreversible, positive and permanent effect...

those ex-powerful beings have become extremely damaged in their consciousnes over time, have consciously detached themselves from SOURCE of ALL life and started to use genetic manipulation and advanced negative technologies and methods to alter the ORIGINAL peaceful nature of certain beings in certain parts of Creation and so temporary predatory mentality and behaviour has been born, only through a very limited number of beings... 

For most part, vast majority of population here is not equipped yet with enough abilities to grasp the big picture of when, how and why things get so out of hand in lower dimensions of Creation
however, the millions years galactic battles are coming to an end very soon and we shall be able to access through the authentic akashic records all the missing puzzles of our age old dilemmas and confusion regarding the predatory and carni/omnivorism myth...


keeping our past experiences as references of how to never ever repeat our past errors to which each of us has participated, one way or another, directly or indirectly

The purpose of Creation is to CREATE, LOVE, IN-JOY LIFE, LEARN, GROW and EXPAND
The stories below are living proof that even the most ferocious beings are made of LOVE at their inner core and respond with LOVE when they are being shown LOVE 

In AGARTHA (Inner Earth) where our Lemurian and Atlantean ancestors live for 40,000 years is said how they share their habitats with many types of amazing beings, among which non carnivorous felines and no predatory being

Why is this message is so important?
Simply because we've been born into and indoctrinated by amnesic cultural conditioning, one generation after another,  which shaped a false perception of COSMIC, UNIversal REALity, accepting without the desire to question, the myth that the strongest gets to survive, cultivating a WAR MONGERING, bully-ing (MIGHT is RIGHT) mentality which prevails the most vital aspects of our existence, shaping our realities which need to be acknowledged, changed and healed

This message is very important to process through our consciousness because it is the foundational block to help us review and heal our interconnections with the other fellow non predatory earthlings and spiritual family we view and use as objects, commodities, food, wear and profit, it helps us to heal our relationship with NATURE and ultimately with our fellow human kind, making way for expanding our horizons and preparing to meet and greet countless galactic beings as our planet gets liberated   

We are EVOLving in every way and the time to heal our SPECIEsm which is the root cause of all other ISMs such as RACism, SEXism, SUPREMACism, FEMINism, ELITism has arrived…
The WAR on LIFE is coming to a permanent irreversible END…


May ALL BEings be FREED and HEALED!

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