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Cruelty foods and consciousness


From a thread on FB


Does eating meat lowers consciousness? 


Humanity is spiritually, psychologically and biologically designed to live off PLANT BASED FOODS

We’ve always lived like that, INCLUDING the NATIVE AMERICANS, before the old tradition of cultivating real foods and eating them has been deliberately destroyed, as with ALL ANCIENT, CONSCIOUS CULTURES, as broadly described in the first link although the controllers have manipulated our reality to the point of abnormal becoming the accepted norm

Here is proof   


CONSCIOUS LIVING means the AWARENESS and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of interconnection of all life...  

Higher vibrational dimensional consciousness and cannot survive in a suffering and violence imbued reality...


 Ingesting agonizing and violent adrenochrome infused dead matter and energies, from sentient beings who have been forced into domestication, exploitation, untimely violent death, brutally kidnapped from their own families, into death trucks going into the hellhouses known as abattoirs, cannot be Good for any being, soul, consciousness, the planet and Creation


But then again, we ALL KNEW this deep down, even if now in the age of information, ignorance becomes a choice with equal causal consequences...


And No, no being just gives up her life for us to violently steal...


and free will to do as we chooses does not include the stealing or violating the free will of another being to live as free and happy as we strive...


And no Source Creator/s in their right mind would create for the purpose of destroying and suffering either...

What IF it was YOU?   


This is for anyone who is still confused on the vital topic, permeating our collective and individual existence:  


SOLUTIONS and plenty

Until we’ll become breatharians, there is REAL FOOD produced straight through and by Mother Earth

Difference between plant based and animal foods   



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