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Plant sentience




Is similar to teaching Mozzart to a Tone Deaf person. 

First we crawl, then we learn to walk through countless stumbles, Then we Walk

And THEN we FLY…

Until then, Let’s KEEP ON WALKING straight




Learn to pronounce


adjective: sentient


    able to perceive or feel things.

    "she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms"



capable of feeling








having the power of perception by the senses; conscious.

characterized by sensation and consciousness.


a person or thing that is sentient.

Archaic. the conscious mind.   

Someone sentient is able to feel things, or sense them. Sentient usually occurs in phrases like "sentient beings" and "sentient creatures," making it clear that things that don’t have life don’t have feelings. Explain that to a pet rock.


Sentient comes from the Latin sentient-, "feeling," and it describes things that are alive, able to feel and perceive, and show awareness or responsiveness. Having senses makes something sentient, or able to smell, communicate, touch, see, or hear. Whether or not plants and living things other than animals and people are sentient depends on whom you ask. 







Can plants feel pain?

Given that plants do not have pain receptors, nerves, or a brain, they do not feel pain as we members of the animal kingdom understand it. Uprooting a carrot or trimming a hedge is not a form of botanical torture, and you can bite into that apple without worry.


Scientific research shows that plants possess these same attributes. Plants are conscious, sentient beings. In 1973, The Secret Life of Plants, by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird documented experiments that showed plant sentience.Jul 23, 2019  

and my message to Regeneration International




About this article from your organization about PLANT SENTIENCE, we'd like to clarify some important aspects  


We live in a reality where we need to breathe and eat. Cosmic energy, known as Life Force, Chi, Prana etc is made of intelligent, conscious energy.

ALL life forms are forms of cosmic consciousness in infinite variety.

Meanwhile, we need to breathe to exist so we pull in from cosmos CONSCIOUS, INTELLIGENT energy, for our bodies.


Plant based foods are what we need as the lowest compromise with regards to SENTIENCE, for several reasons, in relation to our IMMEDIATE SENSES:

-plants do not run

-plants do not bleed

And while we are far from grasping the SUBTLE aspects of plant based foods when they are plucked from the trees, bushes and soil, we still need to eat potatoes, rice and beans, grains, fruits, seeds, nuts and herbs, until we will evolve enough to LIVE OFF COSMIC ENERGY ALONE...aka breatharianism


We cannot run marathons while we still crawl in our spiritual and humane development and evolution.


We need to deal with the most OBVIOUS reactions OF our foods to our IMMEDIATE 5 SENSES and tackle the most BASIC of such reactions without involving SCIENCE that much to prove that animals RUN for their dear lives when approached with a violence and scream in sheer terror as they are killed, unlike the FOODS we HARVEST and replicate themselves every year even after being harvested.

More details here  


So while we continue to strive for improving our humane condition in human bodies and work on our spiritual healing and evolution, eating EARTH PROVIDED FOODS is our best and only option for now versus forcefully domesticating, exploiting, killing and eating sentient beings who have only accepted to be imprisoned through electrical prods and violence and fear, unlike humans who have freely handed out its sovereignty and freedom.


We are far from possessing the subtleness, the higher and deeper senses alike, the spiritual finesse and sensitivity to PERCEIVE the complex energetical network of the PLANT BASED FOODS we eat BUT we can instantly SEE, HEAR and FEEL THE TERROR, SCREAMS AND BLOOD of the beings we call animals when subjected to stress, fear violence and killing.


Until the time we'll evolve enough to master many other non readily detectable complex networks of the plant, mineral, elemental kingdoms, we still have the FREELY provided FOODS straight from mother Earth arms.


The future of food

The End of my message


Very interesting approach to SENTIENCE of our food choices

I do not believe that there is any evidence whatsoever that plants are sentient in the sense of being subjectively aware and able to experience pain and suffering. I do not believe that that there is any evidence that plants have minds that prefer, desire, or want any state of affairs. But I am not presently interested in debating whether plants are sentient.


Rather, I want to argue that claims about plant sentience have nothing to do with any sincere interest in plant sentience. The real interest in plant sentience is in challenging the claim that we cannot morally justify continuing to exploit the billions of cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, fishes, etc. That is, the plant sentience argument is, in a nutshell: we can’t avoid exploiting sentient beings because plants are (supposedly) sentient so it’s fine for us to keep exploiting nonhuman animals. In other words, your salad involved killing sentient beings so go ahead and enjoy that steak.

II. Look at What Recognizing Sentience Has Done for Nonhuman Animals: Nothing


The evidence for plant sentience is non-existent in my view but is, at best, highly speculative. The evidence for animal sentience is certain. Indeed, our recognition of animal sentience is so well-established that we have laws — criminal laws — that reflect the moral principle that we should not impose “unnecessary suffering” on animals and that we should treat them “humanely.” None of these laws, and the moral ideas that animate them, would make any sense whatsoever if animals were not sentient. You cannot impose “unnecessary suffering” on a being who cannot suffer.

According to the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, all mammals and birds are undoubtedly sentient as are cephalopod mollusks such as octopuses. There has long been scientifically sound evidence of the sentience of fish and fish sentience is now widely accepted. Yes, there are philosophers who find consciousness to present all sorts of puzzles, and there are still a very few who deny that animals are conscious, but there are philosophers who tells us that our own consciousness is just an illusion. But this is all academic in the worst sense of the word. There is no real controversy about the existence of animal sentience. Yes, we may not be sure about clams and mussels but there is no doubt about the overwhelming majority of the billions of animals we exploit.

We all claim to embrace that it is wrong to impose “unnecessary suffering” on animals, but we don’t need to consume animal products for optimal health. So, by definition, we impose unnecessary suffering on the approximately 80 billion land animals and the unknown number of sea animals (one trillion being the lowest estimate) we kill every year for food. To put this in perspective, we kill more animals every year for food alone than the number of human beings who have ever lived on the planet. Not only is all of this suffering and death unnecessary

In sum, our recognition of certain animal sentience has had no significant effect on our behavior. But it does make us, or at least many of us, most uncomfortable. As just about any vegan can tell you — and this vegan will certainly tell you — one’s mere presence at a dinner party at which one is not partaking of the animal products served — even in the complete absence of any proselytizing —virtually guarantees a hostile reaction from other guests who will almost certainly remark about and lament the death of the vegetables on the vegan’s plate. Do any of those guests really think that the vegetables suffered? Of course not. But plant sentience makes those guests feel good about chomping on all of the animal products served.

IV. But What If Plants Are Sentient? Answer: Eat Plants


But let’s play along for a minute. Let’s assume that plants are sentient; that they, like sentient humans and nonhumans, are subjectively aware and have minds that prefer, desire, or want not to suffer and to remain alive. What should we do if that were the case? Well, first, we would need to decide whether we were going to choose to starve to death. Second, if we decided that we were going to say alive, what should we eat?


The answer is simple: even if plants are sentient, and are thereby subjectively aware, we should continue to eat them.


The simple and indisputable fact is that it takes many times more plants to produce the same quantity of animal foods. Take a look at this chart:

As the chart indicates, when you eat that kilogram of beef, you are consuming 25 kilograms of sentient plants who, according to Carol Kaesuk Yoon, wanted to live. So if you really thought plants were sentient, and decided that you were not willing to starve to death but wanted to act as morally as possible, you’d consume the plants directly. You certainly wouldn’t suggest that plant sentience is a reason to not be vegan.


A related attack on veganism is that, because animals are incidentally and unintentionally killed in the process of planting, growing, and harvesting crops, those who eat plants are just as morally culpable as those who eat animals because the former are also responsible for animal deaths. Putting aside that this argument ignores that human activities (such as building roads and driving on those roads) result in humans being incidentally and unintentionally killed but we still have no problem distinguishing those deaths from murder, it ignores the plain and indisputable fact that eating animal foods means that we have more acres under cultivation than we would have if we were all vegans. As the chart below shows, if we were all vegan, we could reduce the acreage under cultivation for plants by 75% — from 4.13 billion hectares (one hectare is 2.47 acres) to one billion hectares. Think about that. If plants are sentient, eating only plants saves one hell of a lot of plants and it reduces dramatically the number of animals who are incidentally and unintentionally killed.


I know that many vegans find the “plant sentience” argument to be maddening. As someone who has heard this argument probably thousands of times over the years, I understand the frustration. But I always see an opportunity for further discussion. That is, it’s such an appallingly poor argument, the fact that anyone makes it means that they are troubled by the exploitation of animals but have little to say. They can often be persuaded to think seriously about going vegan. In this regard, the “plants are sentient” argument is similar to the “Hitler was a vegetarian” argument so those concerned about animals are likely to be genocidal maniacs. First of all, Hitler was not a vegetarian. And even if he were, Mao and Stalin ate a lot of meat so any attempt to link genocidal conduct to diet is a nonstarter.


In sum, the “plants are sentient” argument is not about plants. It’s about nonhuman animals and it represents nothing more than a feeble and ultimately incoherent attempt to deny the moral imperative of veganism.


WHILE we debate our very senses, including common sense weather or not eating potatoes, rice and vegetables is the exact same thing as slicing the throat of a sentient being and cooking its body parts as food

While SCIENCE debates experiments with various old and new apparatus

ONE thing remains clear for the TIME being:

We are far from being so spiritually evolved and equipped with such fine, sharp extra sensorial senses in order to access the DEEP, intricate and highly complex inner networks within the plant kingdom. Plants could be sentient, extremely intelligent and able to do many other things which we remain completely oblivious about. That’s when we need to rely on our IMMEDIATE 5 senses, ready to provide us INSTANT clear, non-debatable RESULTS and VISUAL, AUDIBLE proof that chasing, forcing, chaining,. Electrical prodding and shooting or killing by any other method any sentient being who has and will ALWAYS choose to RUN for their safety and lives, remains a most barbaric and senseless act.


We don’t need scientific experiments and studies to SHOW us data, or what our VERY EYES AND EARS can readily provide for us. Time to stop the pretense we care about plants when we savagely murder countless beings in an endless holocaust. Pluck that potatoes, pick that apple, harvest those grains and rice, each time and the EARTH will still provide it for us time and time again through the SAME TREES, CROPS AND SOIL, year after year.


Let us OBSERVE, ACKNOWLEDGE AND MASTER the OBVIOUS until we’ll develop ENOUGH inner consciousness apparatus of our own to discern and distinguish the FOODS we can eat with the LEAST harm as an intermediate compromise UNTIL we’ll spiritually evolve enough that wed only LIVE OFF COSMIC LIFE GIVING CHI NECTARS.

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