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What if it was YOU


What IF?  

What IF it was YOU?

Born on a farm with SOME freedom but as a female, once you were pregnant and had your baby girl, she was forcefully stolen from you right after birth and separated to become a MILK machine, just like you...

and if it was a BOY, he was stolen from you and sent to slaughterhouse to become VEAL...


OR WHAT IF YOU WERE BORN ON A PRISON FARM AND artificially INSEMINATED (RAPED) and once you became pregnant and your breasts were filled with milk, brutal machinery was attache to your breasts and forcibly milking you day after day until you'd get too sick and infected, medicated and continue on year after year until you could no longer stand on your feet and sent to slaughterhouse after 1/3 of your natural life span.

And what IF it was you, born as a MALE calf to a Mother Cow or sheep or goat and considered NON profitable for the industry and sent to slaughter days after you were born?

Or a MALE baby chick grinded alive for the <mistake> of being BORN A MALE in the equally abusive EGGS industry?


And WHAT IF it was YOU or your LOVED ONES and friends, pushed by electrical prods IN and OUT of the DEATH truck going to the hellhouse (slaughterhouse), witnessing your loved ones, friends and countless other sentient beings, JUST like yourself, awaiting your horrific death, in line? No MATTER HOW <humanely> you were raised

Would YOUR SOUL be AT PEACE for dying in such horrible conditions and environment? 

We could go on and on indefinitely with the horror stories behind humanity's <comfort? foods...

These movies are made to open up humanity's EYES, HEARTS, SOULS AND MINDS to what TRULY TAKES PLACE behind every morsel and slice of meat, dairy, eggs. 

What IF it was YOU, your children and family going THROUGH THIS terror, torture and torment? Ending with a violent death? Would YOUR SOUL be at peace? 

Would you be <honoured> to be stripped of your life so brutal and needlessly?

To give up your only Earthly <possession> called life?

Would YOU STILL support this monstrous farming and food industry practices? 

Or are we better off to acknowledge the CAUSALITY law or (real) karmic laws of Creation? 

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