sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012


No, vegans didn't run out of ways to encourage and invite fellow earthlings to consider reducing their animal products food intake and eventually become vegans, which is a natural, gradual, evolutionary direction where we've already started to move towards...
it is very much scientific research, study and experience
and common sense...
so, if world peace, environmental destruction reversal, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and compassion are not strong enough motivators for people of the world to consider this highly beneficial life style and attitude change towards the world around, MAYBE these below will...
HOWever and WHYever our directions and motivator factors, as long as some SHIFT is taking place...
Live and LET live! Happy Valentines to all humans and animals and beings of this planet! 

Could Vegan Be the New Viagra?

Atkins Diet and Erectile Dysfunction

Vegan Valentines
Valentine's Day!
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