joi, 13 iulie 2023

McDonald Karma is Humanity Karma


The billionth burger was served in 1963 on the Art Linkletter TV show. Other milestones, according to the official company history, include 5billion by 1969, 15billion by 1974, and 30billion by 1979.May 3, 2011  




Aug 31, 2022 — According to the USDA, in May 2019 2.94 million cattle were slaughtered in the U.S. This equates to roughly 95,000 cattle being killed per day ...


Cattle become frantic as they watch the animal before them in the killing-line being prodded, beaten, electrocuted, and knifed.



Sep 15, 1977 — At 100 pounds per cow, that means that the company sends some ten million of the gentle creatures to their doom every year.



How to make a smooth, natural transition to a vegan lifestyle


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