luni, 25 octombrie 2021




Compassion and Sympathy, are gifts from God and are innate in all us humans. It can be enhanced. It can also be neutralized as apathy and indifference. But it can also be reduced, diminished, and reversed towards savagery and cruelty through society's norms, culture, tradition, and critical religious indoctrination.

Compassion and Sympathy involve allowing ourselves to be deeply moved by the pain and suffering of others, so we can desire to help alleviate or prevent that suffering, especially those who are meek and unable to help or defend themselves.

Compassion and Sympathy are our strongest instinct. Let us cultivate these virtues. Let us not allow society's norms, traditions, and uncritical religious indoctrinations to take these God-given virtues away from us.

Let us be kind to every kind. Let's Go Vegan.

We Were Born with Compassion & Sympathy.


Rodney Felix    



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