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Family Not Food




In the name of Tradition and CULTure, many horrors have been and are still committed, every day, all around the world. 

Slavery, Religious animals sacrifices, human genitalia mutilations, children and women oppression, human exploitation...

As we are evolving technologically, aka using more and more advance forms of telecommunication and transportation, we are also obliged to evolve our consciousness, to evolve Spiritually. 




A truly FREE world cannot include the freedom and happiness of a SELECTED race and continue to use violence against, exploit and consume countless other species. 

The Cosmos keeps on evolving and EARTH with all her inhabitants is now at the threshold of unprecedented physical and spiritual evolution.


Our spiritual evolution needs to really catch up with technological advancements. 

So HOW is all this reflected in our relationship with FOOD?

As harsh as it sounds and feels, truth is, humans continue for most part to have a somewhat schizoid relationship with food.

How is that? 

Cognitive Dissonance...


As David Jack James, one of our fellow vegan activists put it


Vegans should keep their opinions to themselves and stop trying to force their beliefs on you? If you consume meat, dairy, and eggs, then you are literally forcing others to suffer and die for your beliefs. If that’s not forcing your beliefs on others, then what is? 
And do you get upset about people who mistreat and slaughter dogs? Do you speak up for the suffering dogs, and demand that people stop harming and killing them? But you pay for the exact same treatment to chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, and other animals. Does that make sense?
All of these animals are emotional beings with central nervous systems, inherent worth, and a desire to live. There is no moral justification for treating what you consider a “food” animal any differently than you treat what you consider a “pet.” If you don’t want dogs to suffer and die, then is it ethically consistent for you to contribute to the pain and slaughter of other animals—for nothing more than taste pleasure or convenience or tradition? Is that who you really are? 

When asking questions and presenting factual information, vegans are often accused of judging and forcing their beliefs on people who aren’t vegan. “Stop judging me!” “Stop attacking me!” “Stop trying to force your beliefs on me!” But vegans are merely speaking up for the animals, who are the suffering victims of unnecessary choices.
If you feel judged and attacked by a vegan, then perhaps you should ask yourself WHY you feel that way (perhaps GUILT...because you know exactly what happens to the animals who suffer and die to create and become your food?).
The irony is that YOU are the one who is actually forcing your beliefs on others because you are deliberately choosing to pay for others to be exploited, harmed, and slaughtered for your personal taste pleasure. You think that’s ridiculous? Then why don’t you eat dogs? Why don’t you consume canine bodily secretions?

You are making a judgment about specific species. You are deciding who should suffer and die: According to you, dogs and cats deserve to live free and happy, but chickens, cows, pigs, and turkeys deserve to be exploited and killed. You are making judgments based on nothing more than your personal preferences. You are forcing your beliefs on specific species who are then forced to endure pain and suffering and slaughter...for what? Just for your pleasure, convenience, traditions, and cultural habits?
Vegans believe that we are not superior to others, which is why we do not force anyone to suffer and die for us. In fact, we KNOW that we are not superior. We have no right to cause pain and suffering to others, or to take away anything from anyone, especially peace or freedom—or life itself. 




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