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People have been known to take extreme measures to avoid letting go of bad habits. I think this explains the success of a book which claims that people with certain blood types, including a large segment of the human population, need to eat meat. Science has found no links between blood type and dietary needs in other species. The horse family includes sixteen different blood types, but we don't have to know the blood type of individuals to know what they need to eat. The story is the same for all great apes, including humans. All of the other great apes eat little or no meat. World renowned paleontologist Dr. Richard Leakey regards modern man, our ancient ancestors, and our closest living primate relatives, all, essentially as herbivores. When asked about the author's claims in the blood type book, the founder and former head of the Nutrition Department at Harvard School of Public Health, Frederick J. Stare, MD, said "He could just as easily have chosen to link food with eye color - and...have been no further off target..."

Challenges to the Plant-Based Diet in the 90's:"The Zone" and "Blood-Type" Diet Fads
by Michael Klaper, M.D.

Debunking the "Zone Diet"
Enter the "Zone":
A Giant Leap Backwards

Charles R. Attwood, M.D., F.A.A.P.

via Don Robertson
"Eat Right for Your Type...contains just enough scientific sounding nonsense... to actually seem convincing to the uninitiated...D'Adamo has pieced together the outrageous hypothesis that blood type determines which foods an individual should or should not eat...Browsing through what at first glance appears to be a fairly impressive list of references, we found none that seem to support a connection between diet and blood type...He could just as easily have chosen to link food with eye color – and have been no further off target..."
- Frederick J. Stare, MD, Founder and former Chairman of Nutrition Department at Harvard School of Public Health

It's crazy how people will read one book and choose to make it their dietary bible.

The "Blood Type Diet": Fact or Fiction?

ATKINS diet exposed  
Another great resource on a popular diet myth comes from Dr Greger. He generously offers a whole book online debunking Dr Atkins. For a paperback version of his book order "Carbophobia" from this website. Love the Title.

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